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    Just finished the second episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Game and shit... Now, seriously, if you like adventure games and zombie fiction at all, and want to see adult, nasty and at times surprisingly nuanced game writing, do yourself a favor and get this game. Like, seriously, do it.
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    Also, this looks fascinating!

    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2012
    Finally have the time, and the money thanks to a price drop at EB Games, to pick up a copy of Fable 3. I loved the second one, so I'm pretty excited.
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2012
    Neal Stepheson's sword fighting game CLANG, had made it's kickstarter target.
    Think this could be great.
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    I remain unconvinced that a 'real' sword fighting game can be made using today's technology. You're going to have next to no impact feedback, and it won't be able to track footwork at all.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2012
    @David: You're not wrong, but I'm glad someone's at least taking a whack at it, and from everything they've put out, they seem like they're really giving it some thought, which I can appreciate.
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    The thing is, other people who are much more experienced with the nuts and bolts of video game making have tried and ultimately given up and shifted the design back to the systems that we're all familiar with: gestures executing pre-defined moves, or button combinations doing the same. Because real sword fighting doesn't work without feedback, and consumers don't actually know shit about how to handle a sword, so the disconnect between what the player character is doing and what you're doing will only get larger the longer you play.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2012
    @andycon - Tomba was my white whale as well. It seems it was for a lot of people, I was looking it up online and there were a fair amount of comments along the lines of "oh man I loved that demo but never bought it and then forget what it was called and couldn't track it down!" I'm sad to hear that it didn't sell well and the company eventually shut down, but also glad that it was enough of a cult hit that it was released on PSN. I've been playing it nonstop for the past few days.
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2012
    @David, I actually agree and I found that the kcikstarter, while something I'd like to see go ahead, inspired me more to put some thought in to the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts.
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    Wow- Fallout 3 & New Vegas locations IRL vs in the game!
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    ive been playing FF6 (3 for us old timer US fans) for the first time since my initial play through back in 94-ish. what a fantastic game, and overall maybe my favorite proper FF (not counting side games/spin offs). im not a fan of anything past 7, and i think 7 gets a lot of love as 'best rpg of all time' from people who a)dont really play RPGS or b)that was their first (and everyone knows you never forget your first)

    the problem is that my wife is getting into SKYRIM right now and its causing some issues w tv time haha
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2012
    @joe - yeah, for many years I said 7 was my favourite for that exact reason (first one I played), but over the years I've changed to 6.

    Of course, if we count the spin offs, the original Final Fantasy Tactics on the PS1 (and later PSP, not the DS games) is the best by miles.

    Best RPG of all time though, at least Japanese ones, is Xenogears in my opinion. That story really got under my skin, it's stayed with me for years.
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    FFT on the GBA is the one ive spent the most time with...since you can just keep going infinitely after the game ends ive dropped like 200 hours
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2012
    FF6 is easily my favorite game of all time. I buy it and start all over again whenever it comes out on a new platform. Still working through the GBA version that has extra dungeons when you beat it.
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    Steam Greenlight is a new system that enlists the community's help in picking some of the next games to be released on Steam. Developers post information, screenshots, and videos for their game and seek a critical mass of community support in order to get selected for distribution. Steam Greenlight also helps developers get feedback from potential customers and start creating an active community around their game as early in the development process as they like.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2012
    @Joe - I think I still prefer the original PS1 game (and it's PSP remake, called 'War of the Lions') to the Nintendo ones. The story is more serious (Kotaku described it as the Final Fantasy equivalent of 'Game of Thrones' the other day, which isn't far wrong).
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2012
    Looks like the Android-based Ouya is off with a shot. I'd love to see something like this take off and allow more "risky" ventures to be taken in console game-making.
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    Finished off Dragon age: Origins yesterday, which was quite a long game by today's standards. Definitely a very good game.

    Moved on to the HD Devil May Cry collection. I've never played Devil May Cry and wow this game is amazing. I just...shotgun away all my problems to the sound of motherfucking rocking guitars.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2012
    Rhianna Pratchett is the lead writer on the Tomb Raider reboot.
    Well that puts a different spin on all the recent hoo-hah doesn't it?
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2012 edited
    I still want to know why there was so much hoo-hah about TR and not very much at all (at least that I saw) about the almost rape scene in GoT.

    edit to add: I'm not saying there should have been for GoT, just wondering why it's okay for one but bad for the other. Is it just because the TR one happened in the midst of other video game sexism so it became a cultural meme to hate on that one?