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    The amount of talent here is nuts. Lots of inspiring work here.

    I just wrapped up and printed the second issue of my self-published comic zine thing, Burst Reach. Here's the cover:

    I've got a friend who does a bunch of zines for local writers and artists, and I talked my way into doing the cover for it too:

    I love getting to do lo-fi, weird black and white art like this. It's a nice change of pace from the usual thing.
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    @NeilofSteel - Hadn't seen your work before. Excellent stuff though. Love the Nic Cage slant to things.
    @mercurialblonde- Those are beautiful! I'd missed your work a lot. Really pretty stuff. I'm intrigued about them too.
    @AnimatedTrigger - I love the lo-fi halftone stuff. It really suits your linework. Very effective. Interesting images too.

    I've done a couple of DC character images recently, for a laugh:

    A Superman Redesign
    Superman Redesigned
    A Green Lantern Redesign
    The Green Lantern Redesigned
    Superman Saves A Plane
    This one I did for my girlfriend (she's peruvian) and was on the real-life counterpart to this plane on it's first flight from Europe to Peru.

    I've a couple of preliminary pages for some work I'm doing to show ye. This is kind of a prequel to a comic I'm writing in my spare time. First comic work I'll have shown here to, here it goes:
    Irish Myth Comic
    Irish Myth Comic
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    @Lordofthejungle: very nice. I can see the influence of both Frank Miller and Alex Ross.
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    @Greasemonkey - Thanks! Well spotted buddy. I like Ross' approach to painting but I feel he over-references his figures and faces, so I avoid it for those. He's a massive influence on my approach to lighting though. I hadn't realised the similarities to Miller, but now that you mention it, I'm definitely influenced by his panelling, I think it's hard not to be. Some conscious influences of mine would be Dermot Power, Kev Walker (2000AD artists), Mike Mignola and Frank Quitely.

    I don't usually go with a lot of black inks, but if I had to blame someone it'd be Pia Guerra's fault more than anyone elses. :P
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    Alex Ross has a stable of friends and family he uses as models for his work, so his over-referencing (which is not necessarily a bad thing if you're pursuing a certain style) is probably the result of his being very familiar with his models.
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    @lord I enjoyed the warriors pages, is that all digital?

    @mercurialblonde I really like traveling around your drawings. The one with the red glove was great started at the face, an anxious expression, who is this girl? Move to the hair and hat, thats a cool pattern, follow down the back of her head cross over to her chest and dark shirt. My eye is drawn back up to her shoulder by the strong lines and white space, a chance for my eye to rest before I wonder... What is that on her shoulder? My eye then follows down her arm, are those scales? Is that snake? Yea its a snake, oh red glove KNIFE! SHE'S GOT A KNIFE! Haha that was fun. Great drawings.

    Trying to do a few close up faces.
    A young Chris Walken.
    I got a fever!
    and the only perscription is more cow bell!
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2012

    Oda 1

    Changing up my styles + super busy with life = less public art updates. This will change. ;)
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    @Greasemonkey - I don't mind it too much when it comes to facial expression, it's more when he does characters in action poses, sometimes you can see they're a bit too posed and relaxed. That kinda pulls me out of it. But the guy is definitely incredible and i'm not dissing his ability.

    @initiatezao - Thanks. It's all digital but i thumbnailed it all up in pencil a bit first, then blocked that in really rough on PS after. I like the Walken.
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    @HEY, WOW! i´d like to see your ground mural-painting live : )

    @Initiatezo, awesome work! loving your girls in shorts... & Mr. Walken of course : )

    @Paul & Fred, HAHAHA!!! i´m really enjoying your collaborations : )

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    Well who am I?


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    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2012
    A6 pencil and ink sketch - Total Recall (available to buy here: ):
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2012
    story board still.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
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    @LordoftheJungle: That one of Superman with the 747 might just be my new favorite Supes painting.
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    @Alan Tyson - She who must be obeyed would feel me remiss in my duty if I didn't say it's a 777. :P But seriously, thanks a million man. Glad you like it. :)

    @mojokingbee - Nice comic page! Hell of a lot more tasteful than most comic book sex scenes. That's some good mutant-motley-crew too. Glad to see you're still knocking it out. :)

    @initiatezao - Lovely work.

    @Yskaya - Great colour and composition.
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    Hey everyone, long-time lurker, infrequent poster!

    I'm not sure if this is an appropriate venue for self-promotion, so if it isn't please don't hesitate to tell me to take my hawkin' elsewhere.

    With that being said, I was fortunate enough to have a comic book script of mine illustrated by the ever-mighty Mojokingbee and I'm now doing my part to share it with the world. Here's the promo:

    On Mars nothing’s impossible.

    Which is great if you’re an artist or a dreamer. But Farmer Murdock is one of the planet’s most hardboiled detectives, and as such he’s spent his entire career cleaning up messes that Earth never could’ve imagined. Lucky for Murdock, he’s only got one more mission before he’s free to spend the rest of his days sitting on the beach, digging his toes into red sand, and drinking himself into a stupor.

    The catch? Murdock’s been tasked with assassinating two of the planet’s most beloved statesmen. Oh, and he has to do it in the planet’s most popular nightclub.

    Written by Allen Drinkwater and illustrated by Manny Hernaez, OMNI: A God-Awful, Small Affair is twenty-six pages of neon grime, rock’n’roll science fiction, and miraculous violence.

    While I'm satisfied simply to be able to say that I've managed to write a real funnybook, I'm much more satisfied in being able to look at twenty-six consecutive pages of Mojokingbee art. `Tis glorious.

    Anyways, head over to Omega-Level to check out a preview and snag a copy!
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2012
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    did a quick robin sketch last night
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    Here's a poster I just finished:
    Belltown Pageant 2012

    Here's something in progress, it's Charles Nelson Riley as a pilot.
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    @initiatezao IS THAT ON NETFLIX!? I need to see that. I love that style.
    @MoAli: Yes please thank you, more please thank you. I'll probably enjoy the remake, even as a pine for that scene from the original

    I did this yesterday and decided to color it. It's another character design for the Barbarian comic. I wanted some sort of cross between Ukyo in Samurai Showdown, and Seigfried--ended up in a very peter Chung place, which I won't complain