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      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2012
    Oh crap! Of course! Didn't see it until you typed out RVRMY up there. Derp! Thanks!
    • CommentAuthor256
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2012 edited
    amazing stuff from everyone - as ever.
    @shortpants - love that cover.
    @d.miranda - decaying warthogs!
    @kyle - that wallpaper is gorgeous. love the max fleischer slum concept.
    @mercurial - your morrigan commission is absolutely stunning

    prototype of something I've been working on:

    canto no.1:

    (if it's not animating, something got broke somewhere)
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2012
    I need a new script, has anyone got one?

    Have a look at my stuff and see if the script will suit it:

    you can email me at:

    Here's one of my previous ventures into comicdom...

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    @256: Thanks!

    Just finished the inks and wanted to share them!
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    @ 256 - wow the animation really takes your work to another level, love it
    @JudgeFuz- awesome page!!! makes me want to jump through windows and chop peoples heads off, ( again )
    @ Kyle-latino- nice inks, I like the line work especially on the stairs

    Heres a detail from a 2 x 3 foot pen and ink drawing I've been working on for almost a month now
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    @Hey Apathy: Great piece. I'm still up for colouring your work at some point (although it'll have to be after I finish the Canvas From Hell that I've been working on since September 2010).
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2012
    @Kyle-Latino: I think Pride and Prejudice definitively needs more Kong.
    @Hey Apathy!: Brilliant and inspiring! Looking forward for the finished piece.
    I'm also super impressed by the size of @Jesse Rubenfeld's Sistine project.
    This thread is very stimulating.

    Here's an unimpressed Cynthia:

    and a picture of the thing:
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    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2012
    @Daniel - that's beautiful. Wonderful hands you draw, they really are spot on.
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2012
    moon pool wip

    sketch for acrylics on board layout.

    Thank you fredg & Lordofthejungle for the kind words. *tips hat.
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2012
    I'm still doodling the occasional pretty girl.

    And also ones that make my friends yell at me because they're too used to the pretty ones, and I like keeping them on their toes. :)

    • CommentAuthortnperkins
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2012
    Doctor Solar


    When I was a little kid in the 1970's, my Dad bought me quite a few comics... one of my favorites amongst them was the great and magnificent Dr. Solar! I was thinking of my Dad today, a man that I greatly miss in his absence. Here is a little silly random fandom for him.

    Doctor Solar is an American fictional comic book character. Originally known as Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom, he first appeared in a comic book published by Gold Key Comics in the 1960s. He has since appeared in other incarnations in books published by Valiant Comics in the 1990s, and Dark Horse Comics in the 2000s.
    • CommentAuthortnperkins
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2012
    Monkey Brain Comics: Awesome Adventures SDCC 2012 Preview...

    AwesomeAdventures 1

    AwesomeAdventures 2

    AwesomeAdventures 5
    Hey Folks,

    Here we have a preview of the upcoming comic project by Chris Roberson and myself, AWESOME ADVENTURES. I greatly look forward to announcing it's release with all due speed!


    "Awesome Adventure"Copyright © 2012 Monkeybrain, Inc. & Thomas N. Perkins IV. All Rights Reserved.
    • CommentAuthor256
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2012 edited
    @tnperkins - that image alone is better than the entirety of most recent Dr. Solar reboot I read. Would love to see some of the Gold Key stuff.
      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2012 edited
    @ tnperkins---just wow! absolutely amazing stuff

    Here's a cheap little promo I made for my art show this Sept. I'm going to do an exhibit of the video game and artworks I made in colloboration with Michael Peters.

    There will be an opening with drinks for those of you in Toronto, I'll put up the details once all the dates have been decided.
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    Great inspiring stuff as usual.
    Wenlock and Mandeville
    Our lovely Olympic Mascots up to their usual hi-jinks.
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2012
    Centey Force
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2012
    It's AUGUST. Go to the new AUGUST ARTIST'S THREAD....