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      CommentAuthorcity creed
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2012
    So hey, not posted in here in a while. Right now I have ghastly virulent hugs for everyone who wants one, so this seemed like the place to come.

    I spent last weekend away, in a remote part of the west coast of Scotland. Myself and one of my best-beloved friends had been hired to cater the wedding of two other mutual friends of ours. He a tattoo artist of some renown, she a singer, songwriter and activist. For the last few years they've together been running one of the last remaining club nights in the country that's actually fun to go to. They are lovely people, with many lovely friends and I'd been excited/slightly daunted at the prospect of the whole thing since last year.

    I, along with a hired double-oven and crockery, was collected from glasgow by the groom on Wednesday. Within minutes we were so deep in a conversation about Jeff Noon vs Philip K. Dick that we overshot our turning and were forced to abandon plans to convoy on the road north - bear in mind we're basically wrestling a mississippi paddleboat through wet angry traffic. This pattern of events would become familiar as a series of missed turnings led us eventually on to a coastal road from which there was no apparent escape and we proceeded north slower than summer, at sea level the whole way. An unbelievably beautiful drive and a good chance to reconnect before the weekend. We arrived just in time for last orders too.

    That's when I met the Mexicans.

    The bride had spent several years in Mexico City with her mother doing activism work years ago and these were friends of theirs from then.
    Raoul, who kicked my ass at chess right then and there, Dodger, who is way the happiest MMA fighter I've ever met and Gustavo, who instructed me in the shamanic importance of Mezcal while we played pool in a darkened village hall and discussed, of all things, Tolstoy. At some point during this process I appear to have become committed to travelling to Mexico in the near future. I do not remember ever making this decision but it seems clear I have little choice now.

    Thursday, when it eventually started, was prep. Lots of prep.

    Ninety people attended the ceremony and reception on Friday afternoon, four different canapes, main course of spit-roasted hog which was carved to order top-tableside, plus all the usual roast dinner trimmings and a ridiculously awesome vegan alternative. I was going to post the menu in detail in the cooking thread, partly to show off but also in case anyone was curious about any of it, but that thread has lapsed until august.
    The ceremony and reception were on the Friday afternoon and the rest of the weekend was one big long party centered around the village hall, marquee and guests' campsite.

    Whitechapel, it was good.
    It was no ordinary wedding crowd - many of them came from a community on the other side of the highlands, let's call it the foundation - though there were others there from all over. Fine people, unadulterated good vibes and lots of happy hippy sweetness. It had been a long time since I'd seen most of these folks, I spent a summer around the foundation about five years back and made a lot of friends there. Other guests I knew from what I think the kids are calling the outdoor party circuit these days. So anyways there was lots of excitable hugging and shiny eyes and people being good to each other. There was also multi-phase inebriation, loud music and wild dancing, all to a thoroughly unwise degree.

    Honestly, the whole experience has made me feel nourished and refreshed and full of all the fucking joys of fucking spring.
    I think I forget, when I spend too long in the city trying to be serious and mysterious and wise among the successful folk, how utterly utterly crucial it is to have people around you who know your weaknesses and your idiocies and your dark places and still love you for being strong and smart and bright - and who aren't too afraid for their own ego to say so. I've realised that over the last few months, since at least early this year really, I had lost sight of something very important about myself. It's not that all my problems have turned to air (they really haven't), but I feel like I just remembered who I am and what that has to mean. And that just makes everything easier to deal with.

    I'm sorry if that all comes off a little too gushy - I'm unable to muster much cynicism at the moment. It's just that there are so few places or people in my little world to which I really feel like I matter or belong and this experience served as a timely reminder that it really doesn't matter that we are few and scattered far. It matters that we recognise and honour each other when we can, in the way that only we can.

    Thus: Hugs. Vile hugs. Ghastly and virulent.
    Hugs for you whitechapel, you are also such a place and such a people. Awful, beautiful and important in many ways, but mostly to each other.

    The post-weekend drive back down to what passes for civilisation here in Scotland is an epic tale all of its own, and for another discussion. If there's ever a Spinning Yarns thread on insane, beautiful, terrifying, cursed-by-awesome journeys I'll come back to it.

    @Alan - that video is great. Your dad is a very cool grown up.
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2012 edited
    Recent purchases of awesome...

    Screwdrivers left to right: 10th's, 11th's, Master's Laser Screwdriver
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2012 edited
    Lagavulin 16Lagavulin 16

    Final gift from the director. This after a bottle of very nice French wine. It was almost all worth it.

    (Image is coming up broken right now, Whitechapel continues to give me fits for this sort of thing. Image is here: Lagavulin)
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2012
    wait... $99 for FFVIII?!
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2012
    @City Creed: Sounds like a hell of a party man!
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2012
    In a case of incredibly awesome worlds colliding my friend's friend is also friends with @LexMachina, whom I met last night. \m/

    And a delightful young woman she is, at that.
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    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2012
    That's AU$

    Similar prices on ebay. They also had FF7 for $200 and FF9 for $150. I managed to get it for $80 worth of PSP game trade-ins (about 15 or so). Apparently, they're quite hard to get...
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2012
    jesus i downloaded 7 for a tenner off the PSN
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2012
    a: How long ago?
    b: I don't really like/trust PSN....
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2012
    sorry :( about a year ago?
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    I have a cold. its stopping the words working properly, the sleep working properly, the cackle working properly, ditto singing voice :-( Big fat misery. Died on my arse and not well last night - but was over reaching myself and can easily never ever go there again. Really sad because it was a collection of bits which whilst not hilarious (because I'm not, just not) usually potter through with a few laughs. This lot were just noses in wine and I couldn't penetrate through at all. I'd been to see a preview just before round the corner and was in a really good performance place etc. too.

    Not helped by the migraines being back with a vengence - lost lots of weight, discovered I am nasty allergic to something, and had a whole 12m since without them. Not the properly hurting sort this time, but the 'am I going mad' sort that eventually turn into a mild headache after 12 hours but only after they scare me witless and remove my night vision first... and then I accidentally read something about this as an expression of migraine and start to question the MH diagnosis of my teens wondering if it was actually this responsible for the rapid cycling mania and etc etc etc...

    Moan moan, whine whine. Going to run away a bit early to write stories before hopefully laughing my arse off this evening even if I am stuck going into Walthamstow on my own as DP is working and the only other person I'd want to ask isn't available either.
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    More kissing and more than kissing.
      CommentAuthorcity creed
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2012
    @texture - the very mountains jigged. I personally saw one shimmy, not sure which.

    Aaand I have just received a proper invite to go hang out at the beach in Mexico for a month around christmastime, inclusive of a free place to stay and all of the mezcal. All of it. Hug on that, vile huggers.
    I want to go so fucking badly, but it will be a question of money (somewhat obviously) and exam timetabling.
    It would be my first trip west over the atlantic, though I've been a long way east before.
    What you think Whitechapel? Who can give me a breakdown of those vegetarian options on the traditional Mexican Christmas menu? Will I definitely be arrested/imprisoned/shot/decapitated/enslaved/wrestled/barbecued/dumped in the desert by cartels/federalis/womenfolk/luchadors/angels/injuns/minutemen/UFOs or are less melodramatic outcomes feasible? Do I need to start taking levels in macho right now or would a few ranks of sensitivity serve better? Would a tattoo help? I fret-jest, I think. So many things to know, such a limited dataset of actual experience to draw on.

    @razrangel - That's a potent gift, its name alone a sigil that speaks of the spirit of the thing far louder than any picture of its shiny, ephemeral chrysalis could anyways. Slange va.
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    @Rachael - sober?!
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2012
    @city creed - where in Mexico? I hope you can make it! I genuinely don't know vegetarian Mexican food options. While the older style is largely vege, meat is has been the traditional anchor of meals for at least a century now. Well. There's always sweetbread. And the way the anthropology implies, the Aztecs largely ate leaves and rocks heavily doused in chilies of every stripe and ferocity.
    Probably won't be arrested/abducted/flayed etc, unless you play your cards perfectly. Or try to buy Mexican tar from a government official. Or if you're a journalist. Try not to be a journalist, especially in the North.
    Neither machismo nor sensitivity will help if you're especially white. Speaking Spanish will help, though likely you'll still have an accent, even if it's Castilian. Oh well. Some people at the open air markets will try to cheat you, maybe pick your pocket. Confidence in yourself actually does help, as does grace and a knowledgeable native guide. So... mind your manners, but don't be a doormat. }:>
    God I miss Mexico.

    That Lag is... I don't know. A treasure. I spent a lot of time griping that the stresses of putting on a play drove me to my bottle o' Balvenie. I was expecting something else on a par. I would feel bad if I allocated the Lagavulin as just drinking for when the day has been long and obnoxious. It should be... well. I don't know. It should be save for like a holy day. Feast of St fuckyouarsefaces or some'at. Pairs well with freshly slaughtered fatted calf, right?

    @Rachael - crowing and happy for you (and ignoring quibbles of jealousy)(yes I am!)(shut up!) Yay!!!
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    Last weekend was... um, different, but yesterday I'd classify as a rather great day. Started the day by reading interesting science stuff and some plant pottery, then the first date I've been to in 14 years and a change. An initial buttsniffery thing, can't remember the last time when I had been so absorbed in a conversation with a total stranger that I totally lost the track of time. Going to meet in an urban exploration trip next, I think. This was followed by a couple of mojitos and enjoying the sunny afternoon, then a really great RPG session, and some post-game beers and initial talks about converting one of my flash fic stories into a comic script.

    Well now.
      CommentAuthorcity creed
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2012

    I'm not sure exactly where yet. "On the beach" is the only thing I know for certain. All three of the guys who were over were from Mexico City so I imagine that will figure somewhere.

    Not being a journalist turns out to be one of my core competencies - no worries on that score.

    I was just kidding about the food really, though now I'm looking forward to some ferocious gravel chipotle.

    Speaking of ferocious gravels, I believe the Lagavullin marries well with night-time and naked flames. There's hallowing enough in that.
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    @ JP Carpenter - Yup. Sober!!! (Though delirious from sleep deprivation.)

    @razrangel - Thank you.

    @Vornaskotti - HIGH FIVE!

    So yeah. There's the silly giddy doofy thing. I mean, "making out"?! Seriously?! I'm like a teenager. That's a vile hug all it's own. Oh yes, am I doofy.

    ALSO, the night before last, a fellow I know treated me with a ticket for THIS:

    oh YES! and then took me out for an AMAZING dinner where we ate a ridiculous amount of fancy food.

    And yesterday, after literally 6 hours in a doctor's office where I was forgotten about, I got an upgrade on my glasses (for free!) and now my prism lens is an 18! And I can seeeeee!
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    I have not had much of the good to report of much lately so I've be lurky mclurkerson.

    My job officially loves my face instead of trying to consume it-. there are still the crazy ladies but at this point I am doing the "i keel you with my kindness and will be helpful at you!"
    I was making the teeth with my hands but now i am master of the CAD-CAM program for teeth! I"m all important and shit, they make me make phone calls....

    I have a date 0_o I am violently against a relationship right now and this person very much doesn't want one for various reasons so It all works out. I hung out with a few people who had said they don't want a relationship but it got kinda kingly on their end... Apparently If you tell a dude you just want to use him as a sexual pogostick and nothing else they want to hang around and stuff. *shrug* I come as advertised.

    So far the wasband doesn't have skin cancer so we are being optimistic it stays that way- and crossing fingers that they no longer need to turn him into a human sieve plus stiches.

    Also I am getting an ungodly amount of make-up work and keeping really busy. I really do need time to work on my house it looks like no one lives here! heh

    @Rachael SWEETNESS!!!!
    @city creed Epic sometimes it is great to have a good time around really cool peoples it is what the brain needs to be reminded that there are still some out there!

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.