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    • CommentTimeJul 20th 2012
    @bunny "wasband" rules
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeJul 20th 2012
    Two of my friends recently honeymooned in Ireland and found this...

    and thought of me and my podcast.


    My life fails to suck.
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2012
    Nicely done @Ren

    Watched Batman Rises. *curls up in a ball and rocks back and forth with a shit-eating grin plastered on* Yeah, I guess it could have been better. But lemme just say, FUCK it was good. }:>
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2012
    @phill_sea It was delightful dancing with you!
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2012
    It is actually summer in the UK at long last! Had a wander around London this afternoon, it's always fun to see the groups of tourists enjoying themselves at the best of times, but with the Olympics bring a LOT more people in there were a whole range of new fun sights to see today.

    Regent Street is kitted out with all the flags of the world, in alphabetical order. It's a pretty impressive sight. But not quite as impressive as the several hundred rollerbladers that came past in convoy complete with police escort. Every phonebox I went past had a tourist in it posing for photos with their friends. There were some VERY large groups as well, all in matching hats and rucksacks.

    I know it's not the done thing to be excited about the Olympics but sod it. I am.

    @RenThing - that sounds like the sort of thing uncle Warren would drink...
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2012

    If I was ever to be in Ireland and then anywhere near him, I'd give him a bottle.

    In other news: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Made it to 32 which is kind of amazing.
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    I don't think Batman COULD have been better. A combination of minor components of Year One, Dark Knight Returns, Batman Returns, Batman Beyond, No Man's Land, and Knightfall, bringing the whole series back into feeling like a real trilogy, I thought it was BRILLIANT. (and I didn't like Ledger's Joker)

    La la la la la.

    After watching Batman at midnight on opening night, I spent the last three days with the fellow I'm dating, and tonight he's bringing me to see a theatre release of two ST:TNG episodes to celebrate the anniversary and remastering of the series. Eeeeee!
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeJul 24th 2012
    @RenThing: Belated, yet elated, celebration of inhabitation of the human anatomy. May your next vessel be a shift-ship, traversing the realms of the Multiverse.

    @Rachael and Raz: With you on my fun-time viewing of Batty. Something...twanged in ma heed through it, and I neuroflipped into happy-state.

    On Sunday, someone said I look like Christian Bale. On venom! :)
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2012
    Just shouting into the 'nets. . .

    M O A R Octopus T o d a y!
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2012
    In the letters column of the new issue of Saga, there's a picture of me bodyslamming my friend Nancy and a shirt for my old tag team. I thought that was pretty neat.
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2012 edited
    Vanilla malts, "American" Fries*, long walks, longer talks, sitting in a park and watching the sunset.

    Last night was pretty damn good.

    *Neither the person I was with or myself felt particularly patriotic towards America with those fries, although he DID question Obama's citizenship briefly.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2012

    That would be truly awesome. Cheers!
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2012
    Today i have been driving a dustcart. I am ashamed, truly ashamed of how good it felt to switch on those yellow flashing lights and sit there, knowing all those around me stuck in their various vehicles quite rightfully thought i was a cunt and were utterly powerless to do a thing about it until i deigned to move. MWAHAHAHAHA!
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    Visited The Hepworth, Wakefield - as well as the expected Babs sculptures there was an amazing Richard Long splashed on china clay waterfall covering a whole wall. Love his stuff.
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    Yeah, I like Richard Long. not seen any of his stuff for a while...

    nice day at the beach, nearly built the guinea pigs a nice big run, now have beer in the garden...
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2012 edited

    I was walking back home from a meeting. Suddenly, I was in the midst of a throng of humans cheering the Olympic torch on. Like that scene in Taxi Driver, when Travis is at the political rally, I stood with a massive grin on my face and clapped the bastard on.

    For about 1 second, I felt like a normal person.

    Being normal is overrated.
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    @Rachael and Oldhat - glad to hear you're finding someone who's company you enjoy (and @R - making out is awesome. At any age. At least if there's chemistry.)

    @Bunny - Glad to see you out of lurk mode. In those guys defense, I want to hang out with you too (speaking of, when you coming north again? I think one of us owes the other drinks) even if you were also to sexual pogostick me.

    @Ren - Always good when people think "I should share my booze with..." I hope the birthday was happy and all that.

    @Roadscum - You sadistic bastard!

    @Everyone - Inappropriate cuddles.
    • CommentAuthorCrusherJoe
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2012
    When you know you're being submitted, you can't really complain as an actor; you go in and do the best version of what they give you and then try to forget about it. I read for a Jennifer Aniston movie, and a Rufus Sewell flick called The Occult a while back, but didn't get either. Lots of little stuff along the way, too--indies and local commercials and such. Neither Iron Man 3 nor J.J. Abrams's Revolution has called but there's still time. But I officially have to shut up about not landing any gigs for a while: I got a regional commercial for Bank of NC, and three days of web content for Home Depot. If they pay me in time, I may be able to make it to Dragoncon, or possibly Baltimore Comic Con for a lesser investment.

    I didn't want to start a new thread yet, but if you have thoughts about Baltimore Comic Con, I'd love to hear them.
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2012
    I love Baltimore Comic Con. Big but not overwhelming, easy to find the people you want to meet, and a decent amount of smaller artists who aren't as well known. I never fail to have a good time.
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    had a lovely evening out with some fellow petrol heads. Didn't talk about F1 for more than five minutes, lol

    shame it came on top of a shitty day. that was actually strangely good. someone dear to me acted on their instincts and was true to themself. which as I've spent the last couple of years relearning how to do so myself is wonderful and bliss inducing to see in others as I really do know what it takes and what it means (compersion but for lives not relationships). Just wish that the 'we' that was beginning wasn't the casualty in that. But they have been so 'rar' all over FB whilst 'off their head busy' and utterly not talking to me at all the last few days I could see it was nicely done, quedos huge quedos for that.

    Then get one of those 'I'm stopping knowing you because ' emails from someone I only ever saw as an aquaintance; had no idea at all they thought of me like that. But I'm still responsible in their eyes...

    Just call me the celibacy fairy!

    But Life has to change here.

    I'm scared witless of how utterly dependent I am on DP, of how I might fail if I do (and thus end up not doing because what's the point to fail and leave us in a shithole) and all that. But to do anything about that in any sort of the ways open to me (and yes, that I'm actually capable of) I am going to end up hurting, neglecting, or whatever either/or/and DP or children. Or I suck it up, & bury me underneath whatever again (and will probably need a chemical cosh to do so) and do the perfect housewife thing. Which right now I dont think I'd manage to live through. Walking right now is tempting, but then I'd totally screw up a half dozen lives. But how else....

    *head**desk**not going near the kitchen*

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.