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    • CommentTimeJul 24th 2012 edited
    The Boo: That bug is still persisting. And the weather is not helping.

    The Hurrah: I went to a film evening last night. It was 'The Way', a film about Camino de Santiago (The Way of St James, a pilgrimage route since the 8th century) and we had the film evening in honour of St James' Day. And there was an additional bonus: I won a spot prize and a bottle of wine!

    @Everyone: The film was asking the question: what makes a true pilgrim? The people in the film were thinking along the lines that a true pilgrim had to suffer hardship along the pilgrimage and live like beggars living off Christian charity. But after watching the film I wondered if a true pilgrim is a pilgrim who actually gets something out of his/her pilgrimage, whether it is a miracle, what they were seeking - or needing, healing, confidence or just extra fitness. My sister thinks that a true pilgrim is someone who simply takes time out for themselves.

    Does anyone have any thoughts?
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    @allana - that is the ass.

    @taphead - thankee sir!

    @flecky - Talkin bout things you like to dooooo.... You are doing amazing things with little to work with, my friend. Impressive, I say!

    @David Lejeune- I say HOORAY! Fuck, you finally get to be free of a place you hate, and even if the next few months are horrid, you needn't feel the self reproach that you might have if you'd taken it upon yourself to quit, AND you get the added bonus of unemployment to keep you afloat! This is a POSITIVE THING!!
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    Welcome back, Flecky.

    That is all.
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    Someone for whom the pilgrimage is a voyage of personal and spiritual growth and change, and who come out of the other end slightly more whittled to a shape, renewed and unburdened? That's how I've always seen to purpose of pilgrimages.
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2012
    Yeah welcome back Flecky, really fucking cheered me up seeing you had returned to the fold. Bravery in the face of oblivion. Keep sending us postcards please.
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    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2012
    @Rachael, Kay and texture: Thank you! My minions are dancing in their pen and soiling themselves with excitement. Apparently, they like you.
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    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2012
    Since this is still up and running:
    The Boo: After months of being under and unemployed, neither of the wife and I are no longer eligible for unemployment. We have six days to get the hell out of our apartment, where we've been for the last eight years.
    The Hurrah: The friends who have rallied at the eleventh hour to help us out. Also, that we're getting out of here. While there have been good moments, I feel the energy/vibe/general feeling of the apartment building is toxic. We've been trying to get into a better place for months, but not able to swing it due to the boo above. Also I have a book out. Yes it's through Amazon and not a big name publisher, but dammit, I sat down and pounded out a frigging novel start-to-finish.
    The Applause: To Fauxhammer for losing the weight. To Rachael, for continually working through your health issues. And to the rest of you reading this who get through the day on shear guts because you have to.
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    Well, while it's here...

    - Family has been stressing me out. They're going to South Africa soon and just are NOT good people to travel with. I'm usually pretty relaxed when it comes to mentally preparing for travel and the whole packing and getting on a plane part, but it just FREAKS them out.

    - I'd say weight stuff, but that's been getting better with diet and exercise.

    - Waiting for the results of my annual HIV test and, while I KNOW I have nothing to worry about I always get this irrational fear that I ended up getting cut with a blade soaked in HIV-positive blood or something silly and forgot about it. Stupid as hell I know, but until I get the results (Saturday or some time next week) I'll be a bit on edge.

    - Dating a fella who I've known for about 12 years and am really happy.

    - Been trying out some new beers, including some from the craft beer section of Molson, which has been kind of controversial, but damn they make good beers.

    - Special dinner coming up on Saturday, where I'm bringing a bottle of DeuS. Should be a lovely time for all.

    - Mom and I are getting makeovers tomorrow morning!

    - Feeling very awesome from all the support after my last post on here. Thank you, folks! :)

    @Flecky, good to see you back! Keep keeping us posted on things, yeah?
    @lex, congratulations on the yummy cum!
    @JoeB sorry to hear that you're getting kicked out. Even though the vibe isn't good, being forced to leave is horrible.
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    @Joe B - Danke! Moving sucks, but you'll probably be so glad once you are in a positive atmosphere.

    @Oldhat -
    - Dating a fella who I've known for about 12 years and am really happy.

    Me too! High five! :D
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    @oldhat there's a few clinics in toronto that offer rapid HIV tests, though some you have to book in advance. the hassle-free clinic is pretty awesome.
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    @dispophoto, oh, I know. It's not like I think anything is wrong, just on edge a bit. I can wait a couple of days. :)
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    @Oldhat, makeovers, you say? PICTURES ARE MANDATORY.
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    @Joe B: I know the feeling about being unemployed. Self-employment and using the Internet to make a living seem to be the way to go to beat unemployment and recession these days. It's the way I have been going.
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    quick Boo update that requires additional ventage: Not having any luck finding a place back in California. People not exactly reacting well to the prospect of me not having totally solid job prospects (been sending out applications like a motherfucker all week and haven't gotten a single call back. Yet. I realize that most the positions I'm applying for are ones where they'll be taking resumes for a couple weeks and then going over them for a week and then calling people, but I want to be called back NOW, dammit), and not understanding that Unemployment will pay me more than enough to cover $700/month rent (and that's in the hopefully unlikely event that I even need to collect Unemployment, since I'm getting paid through September), and even if it didn't, I have enough savings that I could pay that out of pocket for a year no problem, because I have no outstanding debts and spotless credit and despite appearances am ridiculously frugal. Very annoying and kind of freaking me out, because I do not want to spend two of my last five paychecks on rent here in Phoenix. May end up having to stay at my Dad's for a couple of weeks, and I would really really rather not because his house is stinky. It's also worrying me because I'm afraid people are going to look at my resume, see I live in Phoenix and decide that either A. I'm not going to want to relocate, or B. I am going to expect them to pay to relocate me, and toss my resume out. Also: not working is making my brain crazy. Usually it would be full of Work Stuffs, and now it's full of Not Work Stuffs, which is going to bring on depression and anger and other Bad Brain Things if it goes on for much longer.

    The yay? Despite a total lack of evidence, I think I stand a pretty good chance of getting a job at Disney Interactive that is essentially the same as the job I just had, and it seems like a pretty decent company to work at. (Totally not setting myself up for crushing disappointment, no)

    Hooray the People: @oldhat: Pictures, yus! @JoeB: That's rough. I feel kind of like an asshole for my venting.
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    Fuck it...

    Boo - I lost it earlier, and started to throw things around my flat. Smashed a few things, took a bullshit sedative and feel asleep. I don't think I've reacted like that for fucking years. Been obsessing about how my family were never really there for me as a kid - I'm not a wanker, and don't blame them for my addiction, but when I was homeless as I teenager they were utter shit.

    I hate people at the moment. Please, fucking kill me before I do something stupid; just do it quickly.

    Yay - At this moment? Abso-fucking-lutely nothing!

    Empathy - @oldhat - Thanks, mate. @JoeB - I'm sorry to hear that.

    EDIT TO ADD: Unless you have a slave (which I don't have at the moment), the smashing of cups on walls is not advisable, as you just have to clean up the mess sometime in the future. Does someone want to marry me? I promise to behave.
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    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2012
    @DavidLejeune, don't feel like an asshole for venting. If anything, make sure you're making it clear to them that you're willing to relocate, and if they can cover part of it, great, if not you'll still move. And I hear you about not working, my wife and I have been able to get into decent to good jobs with no trouble in the past. I had a phone interview for a call center job yesterday, on an hour of sleep in two days and three trips sixty miles out of town to store some of our stuff with friends. It went great, but now I have to see if I can make a five am start time when I'm living in Vancouver, WA and the job's in Beaverton, OR and I'm using public transportation.
    @oldhat- congrats on the dating. It's been a struggle getting out, but we're dumping a lot of stuff which is good, for every couple of steps forward there's been a big obstacle, but we're working through it.
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    Already mentioned it elsewhere, but finally got a three year old financial kerfuffle sorted out, if not completely solved. This makes life infinitely times easier. On other fronts, so far all the signs with this one girl point to good now, so we'll see if I'll end up being a part of a poly bunch, or if I just found a great new pal to hang around with, which is more than acceptable also. Also my Dr. Housefication was apparently put on hold, the knee knitted itself back together well enough that I don't have to keep popping codeine based painkillers.


    I'm seriously starting to get old in that I'd really like to have an inkling of where I'll be working a year from any given time. It's been a bit hard to get back to work after the holidays, since I know for a fact that this job will end in the turn of the year so there's no future in there (it's a finance thing, the project will end on 31.12. and my position will just cease to exist). In the last 12 years I've been unemployed like two days, so I'm pretty confident something will pop up, but I'd just like a little bit of predictability in my life. Doesn't do good things for my head either, since at the best of times I'm a bit hyper, and feeling that you'll have to be on red alert all the time for job reasons doesn't really help that. I have wanted to switch jobs and fields for quite some time now, but don't really know where, what and how. I'm going to try and get a research diver certification this autumn, but unfortunately you can't live with that in here. The work diver certification costs more, but I'm eyeing that speculatively... Then life would be pouring concrete and welding shit underwater...

    Also I really need to get my brain to fucking buckle down. Can't go through life like a super ball in a tumble dryer, son.

    GO GO GO!

    @flecky: Stay strong, man.
    @oldhat: Congrats on the datery & other fun things
    @DavidLejeune: Good luck with the Disney stuff!
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    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2012
    I think I finally have a man friend,one of my friend's BF has seemed interested in hanging out. Which is cool 'cause usually just make girl friends and was worried I wouldn't know how to behave. Plus he hooks up the caffine drips, and might have a friend of a friend's apt for me to move into.
    Also rock climbing is paying off physically now.

    Tidal Obsidian Crash:
    After graduating, trying to find places to live/jobs to work/people still around. In a temporary sublet now, that seemed amazing, but the other subleters trashed amazingly quickly. Just leave them to themselves and do my own thing. Been there two months, about ready to get out as soon as I can.
    So out and about Friday, I get home, its super dark and deserted. Turns out the guy who said he would take care of the utilities Haven't seen any of them since, though I did hear screaming around 3 am of a drunk conversation from the 2nd to 3rd floor. Emailed the Landlady so I could get one of there numbers to call.
    It was harsh realizing how much I use electricity for, hot water for showers, can't even old school it by warming a pot of water, stoves dead, refrigerators dead, rotting food. That I kind of have to go to bed with the light or stay out until Starbucks kicks me out.
    CC'd on a pissy email saying he set up an account and it should be on monday(today).
    I've recently found out it only takes like 15 minutes to set up online or on the phone.
    Hoping, so hoping its on when I get home, but after lying my way through a conversation with the Power Co, they don't have our property listed as having an account, I could set one up, but I know I'd never see the money from four of the five.

    AppleSauve/sauce (I missed the first time.)
    @Vornaskotti: Do you weld? I've been eyeing getting myself more experience in that regard, and love diving.
    Grats about the Kerfuffle, knee, and getting off the painkillers. Oh Vike you make for a strange world indeed.
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    I've welded when I was in car/metalwork school something like 18 years ago, so not really. Apparently any skill in dry land welding is just hindrance for the underwater stuff, I've been told.
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    The second job, while only every other week, makes me dread that every other week. I know my attitude is partially to blame, but it's that same in a rush because you're always behind and then clock out and get back to work because overtime is not allowed sort of job. Sure, we're supposed to take breaks, but I shorten my unpaid 1/2 hour lunch (which I've started doing part of my work during) because I want to do everything possible to get ahead. I hate these kinds of jobs, where if you're remotely behind, everyone else suffers. Sure I get paid more per hour (thanks to the union I'm sure), but it's still a stressful mess. I'm just glad I do work weekends, which means I never work the same time as my boss, who is notoriously scary. Maybe I've been spoiled by the family atmosphere of my main job, but this just sucks. I'm applying for a job at the bakery in the local grocery store, so hopefully I'll get hired and get to quit the shitty one. Until then, I gotta suck it up. Also, not completely happy with my budget, but then I suppose, not many people are.

    Counseling seems to be helping. My main job is generally wonderful. I'm trying out a new nutrition based weight loss thing that helps me get more protien - the one thing I am really bad at getting in my diet. I'm hoping this will help me lose weight, and maybe even gain energy, two things that I am very unhappy about. Maybe my creative drive will reappear! I kind of doubt it, but it would be nice. And I'm learning new songs on the uke and they both got great reactions from my musician friend, so major happy feelings from that.

    Other People Are More Interesting:
    @oldhat: I'm delighted for all the awesome going on in your life. And I'll second dorkmuffin's request for makeover photos. :D
    @flecky: Feeling like shit is pretty shit. Sorry to hear it. I hope rehab improves things in a major way.
    @Vornaskotti: Kudos on getting your budget stuff figured out. I'm crossing fingers that job figuring out goes as well as possible and you can come up with something you'll love.
    @DavidLejeune: Best wishes and luck on getting back to California and getting the Disney job. It can only get better from here, right?