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    Though most of the works were by people over a decade younger than me, I had my artwork in a show for the very first time, and that was cool.

    Also, I finally got a new domain for commercial work and started moving my old domains and server space away from godaddy finally, which feels AWESOME.
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2012
    • CommentAuthorrough night
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    Ok, this wasn't today, but it was very recently - I got my name legally changed to the one I've been going by for... so long, many of my friends don't know my birth name. I've been ogling my spanking new state ID with my new name and its lovely signature. I just voted with it, too, and got my voter registration updated right then and there; that very much made it feel real.

    Congrats, Rachæl! Teach those art noobs a thing or two.
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    @dork, AWESOME!

    Also, I now want artistic representations of the Blood Fairy. Flecky, Allana, David, Alan, Bill, thanks for the laughs, the imagery and COMPLETE VALIDATION OF MY CONCERNS OH MY GOD HE'S IN MY HOUSE WHEN I'M ASLEEP.
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2012
    @Rachæl Woo! Congrats! The first of many, I hope.

    @Dorkmuffin I am impressed.

    I haven't posted on one of these threads for a while, but I'm just overwhelmed with happy things in my life lately, mostly art related.

    I got asked to be in a show at an awesome art museum. I think I mentioned it before. I'd never been asked to be part of a show before, always just submitted to things like student shows and proposed stuff for student galleries. But this time, they asked me. And it's definitely not a student show. It's one of those shows where every time I think about it I just can't even believe that I get to be part of it when I still have a year left before I get my BFA. Today I got an email from the curator, saying that my idea for a new project for the show sounds great and he approves.

    Then yesterday, I got asked to be in another show. It's being curated by my ex boyfriend. Which is nice not just because I get to be in an awesome show with people I love at my old school, but also it just goes to show how much that friendship has improved. I need to transition to just calling him my friend, but then you won't know who I'm talking about. He also said something about another art thing, but he logged out of chat before I could ask about it.

    Also yesterday, I went to get things figured out for a fun workshop where they print large woodcuts with a steamroller at a local printmaking place, and got asked to be in yet another show. I just can't even believe my luck.

    This summer's been so great. Not living with my parents, working in an art museum, living with my favorite sister, everything is just wonderful. Every other summer since high school, I've been so depressed at the end of it, only able to make myself get up because I knew school would soon end the misery. And I still want summer to end so I can have print shop and press access again, but man. I can't remember a better summer in my life. I wish there was more of a particular fella in it, but all in all, I cannot complain about anything in my life right now.
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    Uh, never thought this would pan out, and still a bit suspicious, but apparently for my next trick I'll spend the next 6-12 months juggling a part time scientific research diver (natural sciences, AESD if you have to know) school, a full-time day job and finishing up my novel for publication. O_O Tadah! (I hope!)
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    @dorkmuffin: HAHAHAHA! Excellent!

    @Rachael: Good on you with the art thingy.

    @Vornaskotti: Don't forget to eat, busy man.

    @Fishelle: It all sounds it must be!

    @The Blood Fairy: Mate, I know life isn't easy, but constantly breaking into oldhat's home isn't going to get you the respect and acceptance you so obviously yearn for. Instead, come and see me tonight; I'll leave a ladder propped-up outside my bedroom window. Just remember, Blood Fairy, to wake me up before you go-go - it's not your fault your a horrible hobo!

    *I'll get me cape.*
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    Too late, been blazing through with 48 hour stretches with just a sandwich, and the yolk sack is also starting to get pleasantly lighter :P
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    Saw this on my way home after a pretty bad day.


    ...also I learned how to knit.
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    Behold the Billcave!




    And then all set up for productivity:

    This place makes me happy.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
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    Got two job callbacks today, both of them involving beer creation (one for a bottling position at a local brewery, the other for a pretty major regional distributor). Feeling pretty alright about that.

    Bill, that place looks like the coolest clubhouse anyone could ask for!
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    I got booked next month in New Orleans. My girlfriend and I are going to drive down and make a vacation out of it. I love visiting New Orleans, I have alot of great friends there I don't see nearly enough.
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    Alright, so, although I have been doing pretty well lately things have been bumming me out. In particular a lot of work things, family stresses and the fella being forced to work while having pneumonia and praying to be hospitalized so he can rest and recover (I've had my brother, grandfather and a few other loved ones die because of pneumonia so I'm VERY much on the edge).

    But in the middle of the night last night, one of the biggest thunderstorms of the summer hit my city and throughout the many times in a night where I would wake up, I was welcomed with flashes of lightning illuminating my room and booming, rolling thunder shaking my windows.

    For those who don't know, I adore storms. When I was a toddler my grandfather use to take me out on the porch to look at them and I have very fond memories of summer camp where I was wandering around alone in the middle of the night during one of the biggest storms that area has seen in 20 years or so (It destroyed the beach and a few trees nearby were taken out by lightning). I remember going to the docks and just watching the light show.

    So they have kind of a calming effect on me. And having a storm in the middle of the night just calmed me down and allowed me to get a pretty restful sleep.

    Little things, right?
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2012
    @oldhat - I adore thunderstorms. Last one we had here I opened the windows wide and leaned out as far as I could to feel it. They're nowhere near as common in the UK as elsewhere in the world, you might see one a year if you're lucky, maybe it's the rarity that makes them special to me.
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    The Billcave is a beautiful thing. Well done, man!
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    Things are pretty crazy right now. Mom called me the day before yesterday to tell me that her doctor found a cancerous tumor in her stomach. Yesterday the surgeon says there's a good chance it's not cancerous, but "that fat bastard has to come out right away."

    I'm flying to Chicago later today and fly back to Houston on Friday, just in time for my wedding on Saturday. My fiancé has to stay home because she has some prenatal & ultrasound appointments. But yeah. Everything's crazy & happening at once. And last night I pulled a back muscle. So awesome. 
    • CommentTimeAug 11th 2012
    So, my bookstore workplace won a free makeover. So that's cool. Also my Storytime drew a couple of new families. And I got asked to hold Storytime for a local group's Build Day just down from the downtown store. So that's all cool, too.

    And I've decided that it's time to move. I'll be hungry for a while, because the rent is more than I pay now and all that, but oh, I will be much happier.

    The part where my back is all tense and tired and hurty? Yeah. I'm putting it into perspective.

    Congrats and cheers to all!
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2012
    Handed in my final portfolio for my Masters in Creative Writing. A year's work - I handed in the polished first draft of about 1/3 of the novel I've been writing. Am now nearly finished with the manuscript - a few more chapters to flesh out, a final polish, and I'm sending it out to publishers and agents. Pretty happy with the work, and I've definitely learned a lot about process, time management, research and technique this year. It feels pretty good. Always satisfying to see a big pile of paper you have produced yourself.

    cover page 1

    cover page 2
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    Battering the shit out of the demons that lurk in my amygdala brain-cashew, 24/7. It might not sound like much, but to me it's full-on Armageddon with Teflon-plated robots screaming as they melt in the shallow end of a swimming pool filled with caustic battery acid - set to a techno remix of Wagner giving head to Hitler.

    It's not over until ze fat one wails.

    EDYDEAD2AD: Travelling to Stroud - it's somewhere on this island - on Thursday for rehab assessment numero two-o. This time it's personal...this time it's war! Gonna introduce 'em to a world of horror, Whitechapel style. Me an' Blood Fairy are sharpening our blunt needles on sandpaper to suck the life-force from any puppies that dare to sniff our stink when we do our visitation.

    *going madder by the second*
      CommentAuthorcity creed
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2012
    I fucking love you flecky. Go loud.

    I'm going to Greece for the first time tomorrow for two weeks with a few mates, one of them Greek. Corfu, Athens and Kythnos. I can't afford it in time or money. Stress is roiling about my body for about nineteen different reasons that would legitimately justify howling myself mute and I've been having horribly violent dreams every night that make me leap out of bed sweating when I wake up.
    Blase assurances about it all being okay when we get to the beach are doing nothing for me. Taking a fortnight away from everything I have to deal with just now seems like the most unutterably stupid thing I could possibly do. I haven't been abroad for about five years, which feels like a gaping void of missed opportunity, but I'm mainly going now because of a complex web of interwoven friend-loyalties that makes it even more cataclysmically destructive to back out. A team planning session last night turned into a contest between negativity and indifference, with me in the middle as the voice of optimism. Stupid, lovable, annoying meatbags. One day I will hunt them for sport, but not yet.

    Gah. Fuck it, you play the hand you're dealt. See you in a fortnight WC. Please forgive my first-world moaning. If anyone has a hug going, I'd bite their arms off. Figuratively of course.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.