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    Then there is Tony Stark over in Captain America.

    First thing you notice, he wears a suit or a shield uniform. He does not wander about in power armor while at the office. He does not hide his face behind a metal mask. The reader sees the man, and that man is suffering.

    This is not the portrait of a character who has seized power, sneering that "the best is yet to come", no this is a man with a job he does not want but has to do. This is not a man who cavalierly sacrificed friendship on the alter self righteousness, no this is a man who lost his best friend over a argument he still does not understand why they had.

    This is a man who felt he did the right thing and now he hates himself for it. You can see it in Steve Epting's art. The weight of the world is on this character's shoulders now. I talk allot about Brubaker but Epting knocks it out of the park each issue too.

    The "Iron Man" runs Shield as a penance, the only way to justify what he choose to do is to make sure the world is a better place each day. And to make sure the wishes and ideals of a fallen friend are respected and carried forward.

    Ed Brubaker simply says "[his] Tony Stark is an honorable man."