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    The Antiwar Comic: The Real Borderlands

    I write comics like this over at The Webcomic Factory. We have lots of different comics, including comics about Sports, Politics, Guns, Relationships, Kids, Comedy and more.
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    got hired for a test run on a three panel funny to poke fun at silicon valley types, my webcomic debut it's live here
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    I've thought about trying my hand at a webcomic for years, but I have a horrible feeling the result would be something like Sonichu.

    Not quite as bad as Sonichu, but close :)
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    @purple wyrm, give it at shot, if you hate the end result you can delete it or work on it till your happy with it
    • CommentAuthorandrewj
    • CommentTimeJan 7th 2013

    Lets keep this going - BINARY is a Modern Crime webcomic, updated in chunks.
    Loads of fighting working towards a definite conclusion.

    2. PAPER TIGER is the latest installment of the 8 parts. Have a read.

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    Heh. Ultrasylvania has its own thread here on Whitechapel, and we literally just launched Volume 2 today. Good timing.

    Some sample pages of what's come before....

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    2012 was a quiet year for me, webcomic-wise. We've finally got more Invisible, Inc. cooking, though.

    Invisible Inc by Brendan McGinley and Tomas Aira

    Invisible Inc by Brendan McGinley and Tomas Aira
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    Bit late to this thread, but you'll want to check out mine, The Cattle Raid of Cooley. It's an adaptation of a very old legendary Irish war/coming of age story, done with what I hope is a literary rather than an adventure approach, and drawn in an improvisational style in red biro. It's hard to pick a representative page, so here's a recent one.

    The Cattle Raid of Cooley page 185
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    Hi! I've got a comic, Earth Council, that is being published in the Camosun College Nexus student newspaper, both paper version and online.
    The Nexus has first rights, but after they publish an episode l post it on my Earth Council Comic blog & on Twitter at EarthCouncilCom. The comic started out as an independent project for an art class. Now, I'm using it to realize my life-long dream of creating a comic lol, and also to ease myself into Photoshop familiarity. Honestly, the comic is a bit ridiculous.

    Here is Episode 1.
    Earth Council Episode 1. LOVE IS IN THE AIR1.

    I'm new/old to Whitechapel. Old, because I used to lurk and follow it back when Ellis & Duffield were producing Freakangels, new because this is my first real post as myself! So, hi everyone!
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2013
    Camosun College? Another Victorite on Whitechapel? Who'd a-thunk it. Hello and welcome/back!
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    @Morac Thanks! Cool, i think there may be a few people around here from Van or Vic.
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    My webcomic is now six weeks old. Free, fun weekly anthology series in the vein of the old pulp comics. 12-15 page short stories. The first six installments of the first story titled "Dick Ruby and the Case of the Little Green Men is up and going strong. Would love for everyone to check it out, and if you like, give us a retweet on twitter/mention on facebook.. or just tell a friend.

    And here is the latest page. Come check it out from the beginning..

    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2013
    experiMental Theatre has been around for a while, but recently i started a new experiMental Record - MAD SCIENCE! with Dr. Nick
    MAD SCIENCE! cover

    I've been trying to figure out a summary description, so far the best i've got is "A steampunk science-fantasy alternate history meta-fiction combining Eastern and Western history and legend lore." Or something like that. Though the cover is in colour, the comic is in black & white (with the occasional weekend colour special, separate from the main story). Here's a compiled image of the first four strips. #35 ran today, so you can see a bit of how the story is shaping up. Or, at least, how threads are coming together:
    Sample Mix

    This Link will take you to the start of MAD SCIENCE! with Dr. Nick, should you wish to check out my latest form of therapy.