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    I had this happen to a coworker. Only he'd gotten jalapeno juice on himself after trying to prank a coworker by spiking their soda with it, and then had to use the bathroom.
    As with your tale, my fellows and I laughed at the guy's misery. I think it would have been less hilarious if he hadn't been such a jerk to everyone there; and some of his pranks were simply dangerous, and violations of health code. Jalapeno karma. Who knew?
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    I'm always reminded of, when talking about food-based anecdotes, of the times some very good friends of mine spent living together. This was in the 1980's and all of them were Glammies, they spent all their money on hair spray, make-up and booze as these were the important things in life. Since not eating made it easier to stay thin, so that spandex could still be worn and the ladies could still be 'schmoozed'. This lead to the sporadic consumption of coffee granule and toothpaste sandwiches.

    About 10 or 15 years later, the same guys lived in the same house together. Two were working and one was on benefits, the one on benefits used to be guilty of what could be called 'creative cooking' due to his lack of money and so would concoct odd meals with whatever was cheap or in the 'Going out of date' section in the local shop, oh and vast quantities of garlic. One of the other house mates was guilty of drunk cooking, but not just drunk cooking... Absolutely blind fuckfaced drunk apocalyptic cooking. This was no more aptly demonstrated by the time the other two house mates encountered the kitchen sprayed in blood which looked like arterial spray, melted cheese stalactites hanging from the ceiling that were dripping, a used greasy frying pan and him passed out on the sofa. Upon questioning he was found to be completely unharmed (confusing everyone as to where the large quantity of blood had come from), no recollection of having cooked or eaten anything.

    These days it's just 'normal working guy' and 'creative cooking benefits guy', I mentioned before that benefits guy likes garlic... The most recent incident was a couple of years ago. I used to go to their new house for tabletop roleplay games and general hanging-out, one time I went I knocked on the door and went in, to be greeted by the ALMIGHTY STENCH OF GARLIC. I like garlic quite a lot, but their house STANK of it, the wallpaper had absorbed the smell completely and it was suffocating to be in. Turned out that benefits guy had spent his day roasting garlic to eat, I insisted that ever door and window in the place be opened to try and aerate the house. His house mate then arrived home from work and wasn't best pleased, but he's put up with worse, like the mustard gas incident... But that's a story for another time.