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      CommentAuthorJon Lock
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2012
    Hey gang,

    Very happy to announce that another chapter of DEAD DAYS, the latest AFTERLIFE INC. miniseries, is now online for your viewing pleasure. DEAD DAYS presents a series of snapshots of the private lives of Afterlife Inc.'s board of directors.

    This time around we follow Temperance Jones - hardest working angel in the Empyrean and head of the afterlife's first trade union - as he enjoys a much needed evening of fun, family... and illicit gambling. Introducing Temperance's siblings: the Magnificent Jones Brothers! A nicer group of hideous monsters you couldn't hope to meet.

    Artistic duties this time around are supplied by Grant Perkins on pencils, with some truly stunning inks and colours from Nadine Ashworth. Letters reliably provided, as ever, by Michael Stock. Story by yours truly.

    Read it here for free!

    Dead Days: Temperance Page 1

    Dead Days: Temperance Page 3

    You can catch up on all the previous chapters of DEAD DAYS here. New instalments updating every fortnight. You can also learn more about the world of AFTERLIFE INC. and read all the previous series to date here.

    Thanks for the time. Hope you enjoy!


    p.s. should anyone be heading to Thought Bubble this November, I'll be debuting AFTERLIFE INC. Volume #2 (NEAR LIFE AND OTHER STORIES) on an unsuspecting public. I look forward to catching you there!