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    • CommentAuthorsteevo
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2013
    @allana - Yeah, let me take a quick look over everything again and I'll get it to you by this weekend. Would you prefer separate files or one big one that includes everything (like I sent you for last time)?
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    No probs with the delay, it's done when it's done :)
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2013
    Either's cool by me. If you want me to compile the separate ones, or standardize the format, let me know.
    • CommentAuthorsteevo
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2013
    Ok, I'll be working on it tonight. I'll send over what I have and give you all the pertinent information when I email that over.
    • CommentAuthorsteevo
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2013
    Hey Allana, I sent it out on Monday night, you received my email, right?
    • CommentAuthorsteevo
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2013
    Alrighty, everyone that sent in a story should have gotten edits back today. If I have somehow missed anyone, please let me know.