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    Week of September 5, 2012


    Action Comics #0
    Age of Apocalypse #7
    Amazing Spider-Man #693
    Animal Man #0
    Archer & Armstrong #2
    Army of Darkness Ongoing #5
    Atlas Unified #0
    Avengers Academy #36
    Batwing #0
    Before Watchmen Silk Spectre #3 (of 4)
    Bettie Page in Danger #4
    Big Hero 6 Brave New Heroes #1
    Bloodshot Ongoing #3
    Bloodstrike #30
    Boys #70
    Cape 1969 #3 (of 4)
    Charmed #23
    Classic Popeye Ongoing #2
    Creator Owned Heroes #4
    Cricket Agent of Unicorn one-shot
    Crosstar #2
    Crow #3
    Damsels #1
    Dan the Unharmable #5
    Dark Avengers #180
    Deadpool #60
    Defender #10
    Detective Comics #0
    Dial H #0
    Earth 2 #0
    Epic Kill #5
    Executive Assistant Assassins #3
    Fairest #7
    Fashion Beast #1
    Fathom Vol 4 #7
    First X-Men #2 (of 5)
    Flash Gordon Zeitgeist #6
    Garfield #5
    Garth Ennis Jennifer Blood #16
    GFT Myths & Legends #20
    GI Combat #0
    GI Joe Vol 2 Ongoing #17
    Green Arrow #0
    Green Lantern #0
    Grimm Fairy Tales #77
    Guarding the Globe #1
    Harvest #2 (of 5)
    Hawkeye #2
    Hell Yeah #5
    Hypernaturals #3
    Invincible Iron Man #524
    Irresistible #2 (of 4)
    Lady Death #21
    Lookouts Riddle Vol 1 #1
    Love and Capes What to Expect #2 (of 6)
    Mighty Thor #19 Burns
    Mind the Gap #4
    Muppets #3 (of 4)
    New Crusaders Rise of the Heroes #1
    Night Force #7 (of 7)
    Penny For Your Soul False Prophet #7 (of 7)
    Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #1
    Phantom Stranger #0
    Planet of the Apes Cataclysm #1
    Punisher #15
    Road to Oz #1 (of 6)
    Robert Jordan Wheel of Time Eye of the World #29
    Savage Dragon #181
    Scooby Doo Where Are You? #25
    Smallville Season 11 #5
    Spawn #223
    Stormwatch #0
    Swamp Thing #0
    Sweet Tooth #37
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics #4
    Thanos Quest #1
    Thief of Thieves #8
    Think Tank #2
    TMNT Micro Series #8 Fugitoid
    TransFormers Regeneration One #83
    TransFormers Robots in Disguise #9
    True Blood Ongoing #4
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #14 DWF
    Vampirella #22
    Venom #24
    Wonderland #2
    Worlds Finest #0
    X-Factor #243


    Back Issue #59
    Back Issue #60
    Comic Buyers Guide #1694 Oct 2012
    Dr Who Magazine #450
    SFX #225

    Trade Paperbacks

    Aquaman HC Vol 1The Trench
    Astonishing X-Men Gifted Prose Novel HC
    Batman Knightfall TP New Ed Vol 3 Knightsend
    Benny and Penny Lights Out HC
    Fringe Beyond the Fringe TP
    Ghostbusters Omnibus Vol 1 TP
    Glory TP Vol 1 The Once & Future Destroyer
    Green Lantern War of the Green Lanterns TP
    Grimm Fairy Tales TP Vol 12
    Hugo Tate GN
    Hulk Smash Avengers TP
    Incognito Classified Edition HC
    Journey Into Mystery TP Vol 1 Fear Itself
    Manhattan Projects TP Vol 1 Science Bad
    Now and Then Cabinet Card Paintings of Alex Gross
    Prince of Cats TP
    Spawn Origins HC Vol 7
    Stand TP Vol 4 Hardcases
    Teen Titans TP Vol 1 Its Our Right to Fight
    Tezuka Message to Adolf GN Vol 1 (of 2)
    Thief of Thieves TP Vol 1
    Thunderbolts TP Like Lightning
    True Blood Eats Drinks & Bites from Bon Temps HC
    Ultimate Comics Ultimates by Hickman TP Vol 1
    War Goddess TP Vol 1
    Wet Moon GN Vol 6
    X-Men Legacy TP Five Miles South of the Universe
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    Comics I'll be getting in trade:

    Action Comics #0 -- I don't hear good things about this series. But I'm going to get it anyway,
    Animal Man #0 -- Read the first trade, preferred Swamp Thing over it, but I like how connected they are to each other.
    Dial H #0 -- This series looks fantastic!
    Invincible Iron Man #524 -- Nearing the end of Fraction's run...
    Swamp Thing #0 -- Read the first trade, I'm hooked.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2012
    Boys! Maybe Silk Spectre, as it's the only Before Watchmen title that's any good.

    I've been a good boy this week so I deserve THREE comics (or more!) but there are only maybe two I'd actually spend my hard-earned shekels on ...

    Speaking of which, (I KNOW "There's no crying in Whitechapel") but I'd be very interested to hear what my Whitechapel brothers and sisters think about Before Watchmen. (NOT the concept, not really even the ethical implications, the actual books themselves. I was somewhat onboard until Kubert died AND THEY PUT A FUCKING AD FOR THIS P.O.S. IN HIS GODDAMN OBITUARY and I'm still outraged over that so I haven't purchased any further 'episodes' since. From what I can tell, I haven't missed much - RORSCHACH was apparently laughably bad & Dr. Manhattan was "meh" at best. I LOVE Darwyn Cooke but MINUTEMEN ... I dunno. It's like watching your sister strip or something. There's something ... off, about it. (Ah, the ethical implications of such a project again!) So yeah, this could be a good forum, rathering than starting a new thread.

    1) Do you purchase the Before Watchmen titles? (Or download, whatever. What am I, your priest?) HAVE YOU READ THEM?
    2) Do you enjoy them? Hate them? Your thoughts, sirs and ladies, as you are without doubt the finest group of minds ever virtually assembled.
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    Defenders #10
    Dial H #0
    Hawkeye #2

    Re: Before Watchmen
    I don't look at or buy the comics. Part of it is influenced by Alan Moore, another part is I like Watchmen the way it was. I don't need or want any more of it.
    • CommentAuthorPow
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2012
    Action Comics #0
    Boys #70

    Swamp Thing #0
    Sweet Tooth #37
    Animal Man #0
    Fashion Beast #1
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    RE: Before Watchmen
    I haven't read them, heck, I haven't even flipped through any of them. Watchmen was a complete story, it doesn't need to be expanded upon. I see no problem with them making the series. DC owns the right to the characters which were a direct rip-off inspired by other creators' characters. I looked into them when people first started talking about them and the stories didn't interest me, the creative teams are good but none of them are any creators that I follow closely.

    Related Note: I follow creators rather than series. That may make a difference. I know some people that have been getting the Before Watchmen stories because they like the original series / characters and therefore they want to read everything they possibly can about it whereas I'm really only interested in the characters as written by Moore.
    That being said, if Moore was writing all of the Before Watchmen stuff, I probably wouldn't buy it unless I liked the ideas that the stores were saying.

    Or something like that. I don't know. I'm tired.
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2012
    Before Watchmen Silk Spectre #3 (of 4)
    Cape 1969 #3 (of 4)
    Dan the Unharmable #5
    Dial H #0
    Epic Kill #5
    Hell Yeah #5
    Lady Death #21
    Thief of Thieves #8
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    SWEET TOOTH is all that i read this week...maybe ACTION 0 to see if its some crazy one-shot like i hope it is.

    as far as BW: i dont buy or read them. i dont understand why they exist (well, thats not true, i know $$$, but whatever). just like a ebullient said, part of that is the creator treatment, but its mostly because they represent a creative dead end of investing your big talent into books that i dont want to read, filling in old 'gaps'.

    i mean, im against this new Sandman thing too, and thats got the original creator AND the best artist in mainstream comics. i just am not interested in looking backwards in comics anymore?
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    theres SIX PEOPLE who post on the comics thread these days :(

    i tried to come on here about an hour ago and my browser couldnt connect...i thought someone finally just pulled the plug.
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    I think you've got the right idea about not looking backwards in comics. Often, that's where some of the best stuff comes from. Of the many things I owe Mr. Ellis and Mr. Casey for, its reminding me that the single issues I buy are meant to be disposable. Strange bursts of new ideas or low-fi Futureshit, I suppose.

    That said, the majority of the Marvel/DC axis is based on backwards looking or leaning comics. That's not to say there aren't weird things floating around in the ecosystem, but that's not what those ecosystems are for. Those ecosystems are good for a shared universe, which is one of the things I read comics to enjoy.

    As for six people posting here, I happened across a half price copy of Bad Signal 2 in July. I can tell you, from reading that, the World Has Changed. You can find more places to talk about comics on the internet and its much easier to find information about those issues and the creators, too.
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    Joe -- Yeah, it's too bad that so few people post in here about comics now... Some of my favorite series were discovered because of people on here recommending them.
    I vote that we start talking about new comics that you read in these threads (whether they're new or not).

    What do the rest of you say?
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    I'm in.

    EDIT: I bought the Prophet trade last week. The art is exceptionally detailed, even if the story is hard to follow. I /think/ I'll tradewait it. Unless there's a particularly good team on an issue. (I don't think I have anything unique to add to the talk about this series.)

    I'm bummed that Saga is going on a three month hiatus, but whatever. It'll come back around the time Stumptown wraps up, which is the S comic I'm really interested in.

    I found a copy of Doc Bizarre M.D. in a half price bin and need to complete the read.
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    Before Watchmen doesn't have any reason to exist. I ignore it like I do a lot of other comics I don't care about.

    As for this week, I'm still working through the pile, but-

    Hell Yeah!- last issue for me, probably. It concludes the first storyline, but nothing in the previous issues grabbed me. Oh well, I like to give things a chance.

    Action Comics- Grant Morrison really needs to do a non-DC Superman clone character, where he can tell all the stories you can see he's got for the character without having to fit it in to whatever screwed-up continuity plan DC has come up with this week.

    The Road to Oz- Love Shanower and Young's take on the books.

    Black Kiss 2- This issue had a woman sucking off a horse. So that was something.

    Hawkeye- I've been trying to find a Matt Fraction book to read, and Hawkeye is it. Two issues in and it's risen straight to the top of my weekly reading pile.

    Thief of Thieves- I really liked the first story but there's a writer change happening here. I'll give it a shot, but I wasn't expecting that. Haven't had a chance to read it yet.

    Fashion Beast- Haven't had a chance to read this either.

    Ultimate Spider-Man- Bendis and Spider-Man are like peanut butter and chocolate.

    Archer & Armstrong- The only Valiant book to get my interest. It's a fun read, but it also makes me sad Barry Windsor-Smith doesn't do comics any more.

    Dan the Unharmable- The first thing I read this week. This is a vicious bastard of a book but also a ton of fun. The last panel alone was worth the entire price of admission. :)
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    What do the rest of you say?

    works for me

    im currently re-reading GLORY because the trade came out and i love this. im pretty sure GLORY, SAGA, and FATALE are all taking a skip month or two :(

    also going through ABSOLUTE PROMETHEA...i fell into a bit of money and, after being responsible and using it on things An Adult Would, i grabbed these on discount. they are the only Absolutes i own, the format is just wonderful. you guys know how i feel about INVISIBLES, and always considered PROMETHEA to be the only thing that can even hang around the same conversations. after reading it a few years later, in bigger format...i think it may hold up BETTER. the single creative team and lack of outside knowledge needed to get everything out of it helps this to be a more cohesive work (albeit with a similar overall message).
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    I do read this thread every week to keep up date with whats coming out and what other people are digging, but I never post here because I tend not to read a comic every month as it comes out.
    I either tradewait (Saga and Prophet (Brandon Graham's previous book King City, possibly the best comic book I own) top of my to-buy list atm, but I'm constantly broke so it can be years before I get to catch up on a great new series) or I *cough*pirate*cough* the issues.
    Even then I wait until a sizeable story arc has been released before I read it.

    I try to keep the... downloading to Marvel/DC non-creator owned etc and stuff that, if I didn't have access to scans, I probably wouldn't buy anyway: new writers, old stuff, genres I wouldn't normally try etc.

    Having said all that I wont even download pirate scans of Before Watchmen, the whole thing disgusts me (rich I know coming from a guy getting hundreds of comics for free constantly). I'm sad to see Brian Azzarello on it, since he can be a genuinely great creator and writer on his own. Darwyn Cooke I usually love, but then his whole schtick is adapting other people's work. The other people involved I don't care about.
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    ugh, i talked to Azz briefly about it when he was in phx, and he kind of just had a 'cmon, man. you know whats up with it' look-truthfully, id do it for the money too. times are tough

    the part that REALLY bummed me out is that we were talkin food spots (i mean, really, how much do creators really want to talk comics in a semi social setting haha) near where he was staying, and i think part of his BW stuff may have been written in one of my favorite taco shops. NOOOOOOOOO

    and Sloth, if PROPHET and SAGA are up yr alley, i would suggest MANHATTAN PROJECTS as well. one of the best books coming out right now
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    Yes Manhatan Projects is on the To-Buy-List. Anything by Hickman I usually love. A big omnibus of the whole of his Fantastic Four/FF run would be one of the few company superhero comic books I would pay good money for. I constantly tell people that Hickman's FF and Uncanny X-Force (though I'm behind on both of them) are the best, and most essential things at Marvel for years. Love Hickman's The Nightly News and Pax Romana too.

    I keep meaning to check out Morning Glories, seems interesting.

    Newish (in comics new to me means 2-4 years old) comics that I adore include, Skullkickers which is like if Conan was a comedy. (Also tradewaiting on Brian Wood's Conan, and maybe The Massive too)
    American Vampire.
    Locke and Key.
    The Sixth Gun.
    and Scalped which I'm near the end and I'm kinda putting off reading because I dont want it to finish. It's as great as the comics I read when I first discovered Vertigo.
    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2012
    I dig most superhero stuff, and more DC than Marvel, but for me Watchmen is it's own perfect entity and doesn't need any new stories. I enjoy alot of the creators involved, but if it's subject matter i'm not into then I won't read it.
    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2012
    $3.99 twice a month ( here in Dublin that's €10.40 a month for two "chapters" of one title) and non-stop events have eaten up my passion for comics a bit at the minute.

    I'll buy Fashion Beast in trade and I'm really looking forward to that.

    I bought this last month:


    and thought it was just about perfect. Great art with a wonderfully emotive story.

    I was buying Manhatan Projects and thought it was fantastic but I was surprised to see the trade out already. Reading the singles I felt there was a coda coming but when I read the final panel in the trade off the shelf it made sense how it was a button to the story.

    I'm currently reading the first Finder trade that I found in a comic shop in Bruges for €6. It's great but I'm at a weird bit...
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    DAREDEVIL is the only marvel title i miss after i stopped supporting them. it was superbly done in every way. the combination of ridiculous shipping/art changes/gary friedrich lawsuit just made me throw my hands up and say 'i give up'...and ive been reading their books since i was scrounging change in couch cushions in 1986 at 5 years old.