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    • CommentAuthorvoxie
    • CommentTimeFeb 19th 2008 edited
    I'm guessing it's a typical Londoner accent? Which is (nowadays I think) a cockney/urban hybrid?
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    KK being...

    and the typical london accent nowadays is polish, turkish or indian ;)
    • CommentTimeFeb 19th 2008
    KK being...
    ... you were the first person to comment after the ep went live.
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    They're in Whitechapel, but they're not from Whitechapel. Their actual accent is probably Estuary.
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    haha, oooh, right...

    i was thinking KK was some london musician who's accent is overly accentuated to sound far more 'street'. it's happening a lot nowadays...

    i suck.
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    Their actual accent is probably Estuary.

    After reading about that accent, that makes sense.
    • CommentAuthorPhro
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2008
    you mean not all people from that england have the same accent?

    (Please don't hurt me. Much.)
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    you mean not all people from that england have the same accent?

    I hope you're joking... have a listen to some
      CommentAuthormuse hick
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2008
    estuary covers a fair spread of people. it pushed out from london as far as suffolk and essex killing off a lot of the country accents. i suppose my accent would wear that label though traveling around is knocking edges off it all the time.
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    I guess I come under Estuary too. Weird, I'd never even considered what accents the characters might have!
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    Interesting site but they don't seem to have a listing for "Estuary" which I gather is a broader category. Can you list some examples of an "estuary" accent?
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2008
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    You see, that's why she's in charge :)

    Good find Ariana
    • CommentAuthorPhro
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2008
    I am very much joking.

    i wish the internet has a sarcasm button... :)