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    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2012
    Well, that just makes this relevant:

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    What the actual.
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    @Horrible Warning Si: That's another continuation (one of the more elaborate I've seen) of the Rhythm Heaven Wrestler video meme.

    When Rhythm Heaven Fever came out for the Wii, this minigame started going around the 'web, because it's the Best Thing Ever.

    Then people started, um... responding.

    (If you already knew that and was just understandably befuddled by the variation, many apologies and stuff!)
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2012
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    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2012 edited
    Angry Birds Star Wars.

    Let that sink in for a moment, then click the link.

    If you can't face that, here's one of the things from this union. But there's far more at the link...

    Angry Birds Star Wars
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    So I, like many others, a while ago bought the Louis CK special he sells on his site. I also signed up for his newsletter.

    A couple days ago I got this:
    Greetings to the people and parts of people that are reading this. Hi. This is Louis. I'm a comedian and you bought a thing from me. Well, I'm writing to tell You that there is a new thing you can buy on my website It's an audio standup set by not me but another comedian named Tig Notaro. Why am I selling someone else's comedy on my website?

    Well, Tig is a friend of mine and she is very funny. I love her voice on stage. One night I was performing at a club in LA called Largo. Tig was there. She was about to go on stage. I hadn't seen Tig in about a year and I said how are you? She replied "well I found out today that I have cancer in both breasts and that it has likely spread to my lymph nodes. My doctor says it looks real bad. ". She wasn't kidding. I said "uh. Jesus. Tig. Well. Do you... Have your family... Helping?". She said "well my mom was with me but a few weeks ago she fell down, hit her head and she died". She still wasn't kidding.

    Now, I'm pretty stupid to begin with, and I sure didn't know what to say now. I opened my mouth and this came out. "jeez, Tig. I. Really value you. Highly.". She said "I value you highly too, Louie.". Then she held up a wad of note-paper in her hand and said "I'm gonna talk about all of it on stage now. It's probably going to be a mess". I said "wow". And with that, she went on stage.

    I stood in the wings behind a leg of curtain, about 8 feet from her, and watched her tell a stunned audience "hi. I have cancer. Just found out today. I'm going to die soon". What followed was one of the greatest standup performances I ever saw. I can't really describe it but I was crying and laughing and listening like never in my life. Here was this small woman standing alone against death and simply reporting where her mind had been and what had happened and employing her gorgeously acute standup voice to her own death.

    The show was an amazing example of what comedy can be. A way to visit your worst fears and laugh at them. Tig took us to a scary place and made us laugh there. Not by distracting us from the terror but by looking right at it and just turning to us and saying "wow. Right?". She proved that everything is funny. And has to be. And she could only do this by giving us her own death as an example. So generous.

    After her set, I asked Mark Flanagan, the owner of Largo (great club, by the way) if he recorded the set. Largo is set up for excellent recordings. He said that he did.

    A few days later, I wrote Tig and asked her if I could release this set on my site. I wanted people to hear what I saw. What we all saw that night. She agreed. The show is on sale for the same 5 dollars I charge for my stuff. I'm only keeping 1. She gets the other 4. Tig has decided to give some of that to cancer research.

    Tig, by the way, has since undergone a double mastectomy. She is doing well. Her doctors say her chances of survival are excellent. So she went there and came back. Her report from the frontlines of life and death are here for you to... Enjoy.

    link to buy the set
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    This is my vibe for the summer and the autumn :D

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    LMFAOSFH thanks for that one.
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    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2012

    Chris (simpsons artist)
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    Whoever took this photo was right at the end of a horror film, I think.

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    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2012