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    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2012
    The Onion spoofs Iran news agency on Obama-Ahmadinejad story
    A news agency in Iran has published a report by the satirical news website, The Onion, saying rural white Americans would rather vote for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad than Barack Obama.
    Quoting The Onion word-for-word, Fars states that an opinion poll also found 77% would rather go to a baseball game or have a drink with Mr Ahmadinejad.
    • CommentTimeSep 29th 2012
    Normally I don't follow sport, but this news may be of personal interest to many of you, including our former dread lord.

    Josh Hamilton's Eye Problem Caused by Caffeine
    The ailment that was keeping out the MVP candidate, initially diagnosed as a sinus issue that impaired his vision, turned out to be ocular keratitis, a condition that dries the cornea and can be brought on by consuming too much caffeine.

    "Guys, it's me. It's Josh. It's going to be something weird," Hamilton told reporters. "It wasn't impacting my vision. It was impacting my ability to play the game."

    Hamilton, a recovering drug and alcohol addict, described the lack of focus he was experiencing as being on an extreme sugar high. The problem was traced to his caffeine consumption.

    "Drinking caffeine -- coffee in the morning, coffee midday, energy drink before the game, chocolate after the game -- all these things were compounding and making it worse and worse," said Hamilton, who is tied for the American League lead with 42 home runs.

    Story here.
    • CommentAuthorWood
    • CommentTimeSep 29th 2012
    More prostests in Madrid, apparently.

    Live stream here, for those interested. They said there were 10,000 people
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    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2012
    New Comet Discovered—May Become "One of Brightest in History"

    Even with powerful telescopes, comet 2012 S1 (ISON) is now just a faint glow in the constellation Cancer. But the ball of ice and rocks might become visible to the naked eye for a few months in late 2013 and early 2014—perhaps outshining the moon, astronomers say.
    • CommentAuthorWood
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2012
    Another death row inmate cleared by DNA evidence.

    A little after 4 a.m. on July 21, 1996, Damon Thibodeaux, a deckhand on a Mississippi River workboat, cracked at the end of a nine-hour interrogation and confessed to the brutal rape and murder of his 14-year-old step-cousin, Crystal Champagne.

    “I didn’t know that I had done it,” Thibodeaux said at one point, according to a police transcript. “But I done it.”

    Before that day was over, Thibodeaux had recanted his confession, telling his court-appointed lawyer that he told police what they wanted to hear in response to threats of death by lethal injection and his grief over the death of his cousin. Nonetheless, Thibodeaux was later convicted of both crimes and sentenced to die.

    Judge Patrick McCabe — who presided over the original trial in 1997 — issued a sealed order on Thursday vacating the conviction. With Thibodeaux’s release Friday, he became the 300th wrongly convicted person and 18th death-row inmate exonerated in the United States substantially on the basis of DNA evidence, according to the New York-based Innocence Project, which provides legal counsel to prisoners it believes can be exonerated through DNA testing.

    Friday’s release was authorized by Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick Jr. after an extraordinary five-year joint re­investigation with defense lawyers concluded that the murder confession was clearly false. Nearly every ostensible fact in the statement didn’t match the crime scene or other evidence. The inquiry found that the sexual assault to which Thibodeaux also confessed — making him eligible under Louisiana law for the death penalty — never occurred.

    And this is why, even if you're innocent...
    you never talk to the police.
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    I'll agree with that.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2012
    The rise of the priority queue, paying extra to queue jump.

    Part of me thinks that would never fly in the UK, but maybe that's just wishful thinking.
    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2012 edited
    @Flabyo Are you sure about that?

    (in fairness, that story is about plans being discussed, and not actually implemented. Yet.)
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    Next week's Entertainment Weekly features a rather neat little gadget running a video preview of upcoming CW shows and also featurign live tweets from CW.

    Mashable did a tear-down and found a complete mobile phone running the Android OS including camera and Qwerty keyboard and equipped with a T-mobile sim.
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    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2012
    This possibly belongs in Around the Net. Dwarf 'vampire' dinosaur was a plant eater

    Dwarf vampire dinosaurs! In spaaaaaace!

    These two also caught my eye:

    Austrian gravesites get digital twist

    Can you predict a revolution? (AUDIO)

    We are eight years away from revolution: that is according to the science of cliodynamics.
    This is the analysis of rise and fall of empires using mathematical tools to come up with laws of history.

    Psychohistory, anyone?
    • CommentTimeOct 5th 2012
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeOct 5th 2012
    A potential change in strategy for Al-Qaeda?

    Setting forest fires.
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeOct 5th 2012
    @celan - that picture's always sat badly with me. It's the guy's left hand. The way it looks like it's restraining her, not holding her carefully.
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    Either the most brilliant or most depressing news story of the world.

    ...wherein a wouldbe senator's online gaming life becomes political currency. Even better, wherein: "Ladan Cockshut."
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    In a statement that accompanies the webpage, Maine Republicans said playing the game led Ms Lachowicz to live a "bizarre double life" that raised questions about her ability to represent the state.

    I can see why this would wig them out. I guess Republicans are used to living their bizarre double lives in cold, hard reality rather than in cyberspace...
    • CommentAuthorWood
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2012
    House Science Member Says Earth is 9,000 years old

    The earth is about 9,000 years old, according to U.S. House Representative Paul Broun, who is also a physician and member of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology of the House of Representatives. “There are a lot of scientific data that I’ve found out as a scientist that actually show that this is really a young earth, ” Broun said in a videotape of the Sportsmen’s Banquet held on September 27 at Liberty Baptist Church in Hartwell, Georgia. “I don’t believe that the earth is but about 9,000 years old. I believe it was created in six days as we know them.”

    I weep for you, America. How are you still able to send shit to space?
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    @Wood - We use a really big trebuchet, rotting plague corpses, and pray really hard. REALLY. HARD. Like senior citizen porn stars on Viagra hard. And stuff. Maybe even things.
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    Remember Todd Akins, the "Legitimate Rape" guy? Guess what commission he was on?

    Yup. Science in this country is basically fucked.
    • CommentAuthorWood
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2012
    And while we're on the subject of US representative saying dumb and/or offensive things :

    Arkansas State Rep: Slavery ‘May Actually Have Been a Blessing in Disguise’ for Blacks

    The institution of slavery that the black race has long believed to be an abomination upon its people may actually have been a blessing in disguise. The blacks who could endure those conditions and circumstances would someday be rewarded with citizenship in the greatest nation ever established upon the face of the Earth.
    • CommentAuthorWood
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2012 edited
    Whoa, for Congressman Broun, young earth creationism is only the tip of the iceberg :

    Republican congressman Paul Broun dismisses evolution and other theories

    Member of House science committee says evolution, Big Bang theory and embryology are 'lies straight from the pit of hell'