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    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2012
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    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2012
    @ oldhat - you need comics? I got enough comics to open a store. I'll even deliver.

    So, yeah. My great-great grandfather, the Underground Railroad dude? Found his obituary online and it's fucking hilarious. "Early life, bla blah, accomplishments." Next paragraph? "And then he retired. THEY SKIPPED OVER HIS ENTIRE CAREER. In his golden years, he used to sit on his porch and rail at what he called "damn mechanics" - ie men who went to sea in steam ships instead of sail. "None of them know a damn thing about sailing." Also, his wife, my great-great grandmother? Married at twelve (!) and jumped off a kitchen table to induce labor so her child (not her first child - her third) wouldn't be born on July 12. Delivered the baby herself. My family is FUCKING HARDCORE, I tellya what.
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    The yay:

    I'm having the time of my life in the AESD research diver school. Last week we had a day long water rescue and safety training and... wow. Let me just copy and paste some bits from my G+:


    "Crash position, ditching ditching ditching!" - and then they flipped the simulation one man chopper upside down in the water and it was time to find the seat belt and escape. A day in a storm simulator pool with wind, rain and wave machines, practicing bailing out of a ship by jumping from ~5m and scooting down a vertical chute, paddling and operating life rafts, climbing nets and rope ladders, and being airlifted to a helicopter simulator with a harness, being blown around by the wind machines. "Most people die within five minutes of a maritime disaster to a cold shock, so let's just spend five minutes floating in this +6C pool. Sauna and to home. I'm going to go on record with this: THE. BEST. MONDAY. EVER.

    Sep-20 :

    I think this day overdid it a bit. In the afternoon the fighting swans were kind of awesome but the double rainbow mostly over blue skies was maaaaybe a bit over the top at the same time. Just back from the night dive: standing on the deck of the ship under such a bright sky that it was hard to make out the constellations because of the sheer number of stars visible; the lights of the divers flickering underwater and the artillery fire of the nearby navy base lighting up the clouds in the horizon.

    On the dive I bonded with a perch. We went on a hunting trip: I pointed my light at shrimp and he ate them. After the third one he got angry at my light and started poking it with his nose. Since my policy is not to take shit from fish smaller than myself, I cut him off and continued with the science.

    On some level I've known since I was a kid that what I'd want to do is some sort of underwater biology, and this school has really proved it that I've been dodging my dream vocation throughout my adult life. Well, better late than never. As a nice bonus round, I told the guy who runs the research module about my idea for the practice research I'd like to do in the school. He perked up when he heard the idea, and ended up pitching it to the rest of the class as real world research that badly needs doing because of some EU regulations, plus there might be a book and a documentary tie in. Everybody was interested, so uh wow - I guess it's time to start applying for research grants to do something that combines a ton of things which I consider to be interesting, cool or both O_o


    Money. Bloody money. I have no idea how I'll manage to pay for the school, and there's some trepidation about stuff like loan payments, rent and so forth. Also, no fucking clue as to where I'll be working next year. There are some things in the air, but everything is in flux. A windfall of a few thousand euros would be just the thing right about now.

    Also, the sad fact is that my dream vocation has really bad employment prospects. There's an overabundance of biologists out there, and if you have a PhD, you just might scrape by with a 2000€ per month income and chained few month work contracts. Well, them's the breaks. I'll rather be broke doing something I love than whittle my soul away piece by piece. It's been worn quite thin in the last few years as it is...

    Shout outs

    @Flecky, you magnificent bastard, you'll pull through!
    @texture - Congrats for the novel!
    @trini - Bollocks about the work :/ About the nick thing, Vornaskotti is a nonsense word in Finnish, it's something my parents used to call me, like a "rascal". Probably mangled it from iiskotti, which is a nasty child or a hellion, and Vorna, who is a Carelian mythical hero.
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    The Boo: There is one that's been plaguing me for days, but it's not appropriate for me to talk about it. I shall just have to hope it works out.

    The Hurrah: I am sending off my entries for a short story competition tomorrow. And I was just about ready to give up on that mushroom making kit, but now I think it is finally stirring. I shall wait and see if there will be any mushrooms.

    @Vornaskotti: I find creative visualisation for money, employment or whatever you require helps me a lot. It's helping to train me out of worrying about it, anyway.
    @Dorkmuffin: I love your cat video.

    Update: There has been a breakthrough with the boo I had! Maybe my visualisation to sort it out has done the trick.
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    -car got broken into and purse stolen at work a few hours ago
    -Bank's theft reporting thingy is down.
    -got credit card theft report done anyway?
    -have only 2 days of meds
    Just got kicked out of stepgrandad's house. :P

    I'm alive?
    Love all y'all and how you've been there for me when shit's hit the fan, even when you've had your own shit to deal with.
    Hugs to everyone who skyped last night.
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    Last day of the job of awesome was this past Thursday. I ended up working tonight, and had planned on buying a soda to keep me going through it. Damn soda machine ate my quarters. Being gluten-free generally sucks and is too much work. Stuff like that.

    Hells Yeah:
    If that's all the bad shit I got going on, I've got it crazy easy. One of the bosses of the awesome job made us workers a goodbye meal that was mindboggling delish. He even made gluten-free lasagna so I could have some too. And his daughter (the other boss), is moving into a parsonage that is a hop and a skip from my apartment, so we'll be neighbors and get to hang out and stuff. Hopefully. I don't need to look for another job because the secondary job I have is going to become my primary job and I'll get more hours. And the hourly pay is actually quite good (yay unions!) so I can get away with working not that many hours a week and still pay my bills. The gluten-free experiment ends in about a week. And I've figured out a fairly good gluten-free chocolate pancake recipe in the meantime. Oh, and I went on a pottery tour with my mom last night. (Damn, I'm really boring.)

    The Others:
    @Vornaskotti: Haha nice. So heroic hellion then!
    @Mister Hex: The underground railroad stuff is pretty cool. Do you know which of the Great Lakes he frequented? If he ever went through northern Wisconsin/Lake Superior, I might be able to direct you to some historical stuffs.
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    [trigger warning: excessive caps-lock]

    Man! You know how sometimes you need a nice safe place to rant wildly about how FUCKING STUPID EVERYONE AROUND YOU IS?
    I <3 u, WC.

    SO! The bad.
    I have multiple group projects ongoing. Three weeks into the semester, lots of marks coming due. Paper #1, a joint project with three other students, is due on Monday. One group member is definitely somewhere on a learning-disability spectrum. He constantly needs me to repeat information for him (then screws it up anyways, even if it's in an email and easily referred-to), seems incapable of grasping basic assignment requirements, and is in many ways very unnerving to talk to. So we've been basically spoon-feeding him this entire time. Which is why I missed the GLARING OMISSIONS wherein another group member (who is the liaison to the organization we're doing our paper on) COMPLETELY MISINFORMED AND MISLED US as to how the organization runs and where our focus should be. I kinda went over her head to get some questions answered by her boss, and JUST NOW got the email illustrating how EVERYTHING WE'VE DONE IS WRONG. Mostly impacting my part of the paper, since I saved for myself the analysis/critique/real-thinking parts.
    SO. To make matters worse, our chosen organization is closed all week for Jewish holidays. Due on Monday, you say?


    I fucking TRUSTED this girl to not only do her part but also understand that we were already at a disadvantage with our fourth member being essentially useless. The worst part is that she works at this organization and, by pointing out her error and trying to amend for it, I stand a real chance of illustrating just how little she understands about her job. No, really. It's bad.
    Okay that was a lie the worst part is how I'm going to get a shitty mark because people are idiots and don't understand the basic instructions of the assignment.


    What the hell do I do, Whitechapel? Make an appointment with my professor to try and cajole her into an extension? Try to fuss through as best we can? Lie through our teeth about how the organization really works? Stab things maybe? I'm thinking stab things.

    (I'll come back and talk about some good and some applesauce tomorrow, when I can see straight.)
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    -Idiots abound. Lots of hugs. Sorry you have to work with stupid people. If I could make them go away for you, ya know I would!
    If It were me, I'd plow through the project as well as I could, and email the prof to explain what was up. It's saved my bum a few times in other group projects where my fellows didn't just drop the ball, they drop-kicked it and no-showed until presentation day. You'll get through this!
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    BADNESS - a friend of mine had pretty bad PTSD due to his job (he's a detective). Even though I literally haven't seen him in 20 years, we recently reconnected online and ... I feel for him, really. STOP HURTING MY FRIENDS, STUPID WORLD!

    A DIFFERENT friend is also having a rough time of it but he's such a self-centred arsewipe, I might have to just bin him as a friend. One must be willing to acknowledge one's short-comings and he's always had a problem with that. He's a) financially fucked and is down-sizing his living arrangements so I have to help him clean up his apartment and help him move, b) he hasn't seen his kids in like 9 months and his oldest (13) daughter says she never wants to see him again. (How much of this is parental brain-washing, how much is his ineptitude, how much is raging tweengirl hormones is a math puzzle I'm in no hurry to attempt to solve.) Plus, he's having trouble with his girlfriend and it's almost all he talks about, other than the other two bete noirs on his Conversational Treadmill - "I have no money/I miss my kids/my girlfriend yelled at me." I asked ... no, I didn't ask, I just told him about my situation with my mom's health and all and all he could say was that another aquaintance of ours (a guy I despise and have done for more than a decade, ever since he conspired to get me drunk and sleep with my girlfriend behind my back - a major source of my "trust issues"), "X's dad is on his deathbed." Umm. I don't CARE about X! Fuck him right in the ear! Remember? I hate him and can't stand to be in the same room with him and yet you remained friends with him until quite recently? Yeah, dude. Dunno what I'm gonna do but I'm sure it will be incendiary.


    Not much, sadly. Although I think a woman might be interested in me. (I tend to doubt it but she's been talking to me a lot and always says how funny I am. We'll see. I have no skills with women or much hope either but who knows?) EDIT TO ADD - I'm also old enough to be her dad so I'm pretty sure this is going nowhere but it's nice to flirt with a woman and have her flirt back.


    @ allana - hang in there, kid. And remember - stab and TWIST, for maximum effectiveness. When in doubt, deny, deny, deny.
    @ trini - he was based out of Oakville, Ontario (which had a black population turn of the 20th C. of five or six thousand. Mainly Lake Ontario but Superior, Erie and probably others. Any info is great. His ship? Was called the Marcia C. Hall. AKA "The Marshy Haul". I thought that was cool.
    @ flecky - hang in there, kid.
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    UPDATE THE BAD - Apparently, my self-centred arsewipe chum is being evicted as of Monday. So I have to help him move. This fills me with a joy unknowable, as I have to work tonight and tidy up, in preparation for getting my cat back. And then I get to work Sunday night, having had (presumably) no sleep all weekend and lifting a great many heavy objects to and fro. Oh and try to get some sleep (I work graveyard shift, don't ask) plus keep an eye on my mom who's doing better but still not that great. (No concussion, it seems but she's still pretty wobbly so I do most of the cooking and of course, I do it "wrong" (ie - MY way, not HER way). Also, I met the flirty woman's boyfriend yesterday. Nice chap but I don't see them as swingers and I'd be creeped out if they were. Well, it was nice while it lasted.

    I'm stabbier than Stabbity Jones right about now. Twist and Shout and Stab and Twist. THAT'S THE WAY TO DO IT!!!!!

    UPDATE THE GOOD! - I GET MY CAT BACK! YAY! My cat is the greatest cat ever. Six toes on each foot, black as the Ace of Spades and meaner than Charles Bronson with a hangover. I LOVE MY CAT. I've missed him terribly. He'll have to adjust to new, reduced living quarters but at least he'll be with me. He'll like that. (He was the polydactyl runt of the litter and he doesn't really know how to purr, except when he sucks his "thumb". He's also never met another cat since he was small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This will be .... interesting for me, him and all other cats everywhere.)
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2012
    Update the something: Mostly done the project. Managed to squeak in and redo all the interviews/inventory/embarrassing-re-work Thursday morning, which is frankly a miracle (or maybe not, if I understood how Jewish holidays worked). Might still ask for an extension until Thursday, when we have ANOTHER BETTER interview, but we'll see. For the most part I'm waiting for my groupmates to magically belatedly finally do some fucking critical analysis this weekend before I compile/print/hand-in/burn-in-effigy.

    Still going to request politely that I never ever ever work with any of these people ever again.

    @Patrick! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wait - does this mean there's going to be a vacancy in that FABULOUS FABULOUS LOFT SPACE where I can TAKE OVER AND LIVE FOREVER AND EVER OH MY GOD
    Your cat's nice. I'm glad you're getting him back. Or maybe you want to move into FABULOUS FABULOUS LOFT SPACE WITH ME and bring your cat back and have happy times forever oh my god?
    If I was coming back to town this weekend I would help you move him. And I would offer storage in my apartment just up the road. C'est la vie. (Admittedly I still *could* offer cat space in the apartment up the road, as my ex-roommate/current-occupant/whatever would LOVE to have a spooky black six-toed cat around and would care for him wonderfully; let me know if you need it, even though it sound like you don't.)
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    Tangled Up in Blue

    Went on a long trawl through Facebook last night, looking for an old friend who I was told had vanished into alcoholism. I found him through a friend of a friend of a friend's profile and he accepted my request, so I guess he's alive at least, which is good, but it was a strange and slightly unsettling experience.I came across scores of people who I used to see all the time who I'd forgotten all about. That made me quite sad and isolated - my real life social life is all but dead, I've seen friends about three times this year in total, and I never seem to have time now to interact online with people out write epic letters like I used to. My neighbours are all around eighty,and the closest person I could go for a drink with is forty miles away. It'll only get worse, at least for a year or so when we have the baby, so it's kind of hard seeing goats of your old life as little meaningless thumbnails in Zuckerberg's soul collection.

    On the other hand, it's nice to know you've aged a lot better than people you never liked much, especially when they're fat, bald and look like their only friends are Russian spam bots.

    I've also had to lend my car to my partner for the week, hers has been in the garage for ten days. Clearly she needs it more than me, but it adds another hour and a half to my commute, taking it to five and a half hours and means I have to work shorter days to coincide with the frankly appallingly infrequent bus service, so I'm falling behind and have to take work home for the weekend again. Also got fined forty quid on Monday as my oyster payment card didn't validate when I touched in on a London bus, don't know whether to appeal or just to pay up and add it to my debt mountain.

    Eldest kid seems to have got through the worst of the bullying, it feels like it's lessened since she returned from the summer, but now she's being appalling toward us again... needs real help with anger management I think. She lost it with me on Wednesday when I took a sweet away for rudeness, and punched me really hard in the leg. So I ate a bunch more and she nearly trashed the bathroom. Had to threaten to cancel her birthday party before she stopped ranting, and then all she gave a damn about was getting her sweets back. I stayed very calm, which I'm quite pleased I managed, but her outbursts are pretty upsetting, especially as we had to move house before when she caused the neighbours to fall out with us. The other two are staying fairly manageable...

    I also 'starred' in a management training video, where I had to play a miserable, cynical wanker. Typecast much? But the thing that shocked me was how fucking large and dopey I looked, this isn't fucking good at all. Need to sort that out.

    It's alright Ma, I'm only bleeding...

    It's the weekend.that's about all... I'm in the study with whisky and ice and Iggy Pop.

    Shelter from the storm

    @Allana - fuck, yeah, group work. My aforementioned daughter has a massive problem with working with other people, she'll just walk out of groups and refuse to play ball if she thinks the other members are fuckwits. Don't think diplomacy's her strong point. But it really, really sucks when someone you're relying on lets you down and makes you look crap and it doesn't end in college. Happened to me at work last year, someone from the intranet technical team did something totally unauthorised that ended up with him basically spamming the entire board of directors with badly spelled emails that looked like they came from my team - I had to be stopped from going upstairs and bawling him out - a colleague had to go and drag him in a room and say 'basically, Jon's too fucking angry even to speak to you right now... sort it quickly before he calms down enough to get in a lift' . So yeah, fuck group work where you don't get to pick the group...

    @hex - yay for cats. Arsewipe friends - guess you need to figure out how to keep them at arms' length so they don't drag you under too.
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    @Hex- give your kitties hugs for me!
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    The ICK
    Parents are being right assholes to each other. Pulling shit that practically dares the other one to ask for a divorce. This is a story going on 30+ years. It's why I'm never getting married. Fucking bullshit to let someone in where they can treat me like that. No goddamn way. He's pissing and throwing tantrums like a fucking preteen and she's refusing to speak directly to him, wash his clothes or dishes, or include him family plans. They're playing with unspoken marital agreements (she serves practically hand and foot - because she wants to - and he takes it graciously). So fucking sick of it but with very very few options. At least when I was a teen I could look forward to school and when I would move out to college. Now... dear God.

    The OOoh
    I've won the friend lottery. I can only pray I am able to pay them back one day. And hopefully soon. They say it's freely given, but then I freely want to give back.

    For Allana and Root. Um because. Because I'm hoping for the best, particularly that the hard work you've put in doesn't get undone by casual fuckheads.
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    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2012
    @ allana - yep. I'm sad but hopefully happy. Life throws you a curveball. make lemonade. That's what I say. (I still have friends in the building and we shall Whitechapel there, have no fear.)

    @ root - Whitechapel hugs for the cat it is!

    @JP - Life throws you a curveball, make lemonade. (Whiskey will help that make sense.)
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    @razr - sux. Only advice I could offer (as I find my self in a somewhat similar sitch) is "Go ahead and be your awesome self. Forge ahead and ride the lightning. Climb every mountain and don't waste time shooting the wounded."
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    The Boo: My sister is sick. Basically, it is a very bad cold and she is not recovering because she is not resting enough (too much work and stress).

    The Yay: I am going on holiday tomorrow. And I've got my iPhone to be checking on things back home, including my sister.

    To everybody: Goodbye for the next few days! I'll be on holiday so I won't be around. But when I come back I hope to find the boos here are getting sorted out and it's more hurrah for you all!
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    The yay:

    Still feeling nice about the Iron Sky expo and the feeling of closure with that job that I mentioned in the Vile Hugs, plus of course the fact that this morning Iron Sky is number one best selling comedy Blu-ray in Amazon. In addition to it being, you know, just fucking cool, there's the selfish angle of me being one of the fan investors, so financial success for the film doesn't sound a bad thing at all in the long run ;)

    Took the last weekend off from work, and went to a really kick ass fun birthday party some pals were throwing. Exactly what I needed - some sauna, pool and a bunch of friends to get utterly hammered and drunkenly bleat Singstar songs with. Also, surprising romantic interests appear, and didn't get immediately shot down from the sky. Weird to meet people who seem to go to eleven in a really familiar sounding way.

    Well, although I'm piss poor and frankly I feel at times barely functional because of exhaustion, life is interesting and still I'm feeling kind of positive and happy to do things. So there's that.

    The ugh:

    I guess I reached a new level with the academic media bum thing - having some trouble affording food for the next week and a half, so I basically counted a college party cocktail pieces as the day's meal yesterday. Felt fucking surreal going around taking a third serving of goat cheese canapés, lamb bites fried in syrup and quiche in a "stock up now, it's free food and won't be nuttin' at home" kind of way. Gave me an idea for a character in a story, though.

    Goddamn tendonitis is making a return in the best possible time. Arm and wrist hurting like fuck, in spite of being on prescription painkillers. It's not like I'd need to write a book and a half this year and my livelihood being totally dependent on writing 12 hours per day, while at the same time frantically finding an new job for next year. *headdesk*


    @razrangel: Uagh, that sort of parental hissy-fit thing is both annoying, embarrassing and downright eats you hollow if you happen to be somehow invested in it. Nothing to really do about that apart from pulling the ejection eat lever and let adults shit over their lives, nobody's responsibility but their own...

    @Root: I'm still laughing at the thief forgetting his wallet there... well, people don't generally turn to petty crime because they are too smart to do something else... ;)
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    The Perspective

    There's all sorts of low grade things annoying me at the moment. Work is dragging, the pre-production phase on the next game is taking an age to start producing actual work to do. Lots of friends have left the company and I'm feeling a bit lonely there these days.

    But that's all pointless stuff. Found out today that an old flatmate from uni has died suddenly today. I got the impression he'd been ill for about a year now, but he never really talked about it with anyone. We only found out he'd been in hospital in the summer after the fact. We'd not been close for a while now, only seeing each other once or twice a year at parties thrown as 'ex uni meetups', and so I don't really know how to feel about it. I'm a little angry with myself for not feeling more than I do, I just feel detached but it's hardly what I'd call grief. His cousin just called me to see if I knew (a mutual friend had already called me to tell me earlier) and it's clear she's in bits about it, and I had no idea what to say.

    The Decent I Guess

    No particular highs going on at the moment. I made a call to give up drinking a couple of weeks ago, I was nowhere near dependent levels but I was definitely drinking too often and for dumb reasons (bad day at work? Pub. Raining so the walk home was rubbish? Beer.) and after one particularly heavy night I decided to knock it on the head. Maybe not forever, but certainly for the forseeable future. I actually feel quite a bit better for it already.

    Fable The Journey launches next week. I'll probably get deeply annoyed at the reviews (it's going to be an easy target for some reviewers, I don't expect a lot of 'fair and balance' assessments of it) but all indications are we've pre-ordered out to match the marketing forecast and you can't really ask more than that. It'll at least have broken even.

    The Support
    @Allana - ah group work. On my degree they did a few group courses with randomly chosen groups and they were universally awful. On my graduation day my personal tutor admitted that they do it deliberately, they wanted us to get a bit of an idea of what our real working lives would be like and fully EXPECTED us all to fail the group projects. I may have called him an unpleasant name.

    @Vornaskotti - It's great to see that sort of closure on a project isn't it? I think it's the thing I'll miss the most when we go digital only in videogames, that feeling of seeing the box on the shelf and being able to point at it and say 'I made that'.
    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2012 edited

    - Still at home. Think I'm coming down with a cold and I haven't been getting much sleep lately. Probably has something to do with the 3-4 coffees I have during the day to get on a minimal level of "functional".

    - Inactivity has been causing a bit of weight gain. This wouldn't be too bad, but a horde of people I know have been losing a LOT of weight lately and I'm feeling a bit rattled by it.


    - Doctor's appointment was this morning and it looks like in a week or so I'll be able to go back to life as long as I don't overdo things. Looking forward to going back in to the office, hitting my local pub, feeling the vibe of downtown again.

    - While at doctor's he expressed concerns about my mental well-being and asked if I needed counselling for the depression I got hit with. Kind of a step forward that my answer was "no thanks" and found that it was true. It takes me a while, but at some point during a depression bout my brain kicks in and makes me do some stuff to take my mind off it or make me feel better. Have been working from the home, doing Thirsty Wench posts, knitting, and writing in my journal.

    - Might be getting a bonus soon from work, which will allow me to both attend Cask Days (Canada's best Cask Beer festival) and purchase an 8 gallon stockpot so I can brew powerful and flavourful beers that I want to brew.

    - Made a decision. Will talk to Niagara College Brewing school people at Cask Days, take a tour next month (if I can), look in to how much OSAP can give me, homebrew a hell of a lot more, complete a required high school course (grade 11 chemistry) and, if this looks like something I actually want to do...I may be living in St. Catherines, Ontario at some point because it's closer to school. We'll see.

    - Looking like I might be in for a new phone. Looking at either an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III. Decisions decisions.

    - Off to the cottage this weekend for Canadian Thanksgiving. With this gorgeous Autumn weather I'm looking forward to it.


    @Allana, projects: fucking you over since kindergarten.
    @Vorn, awesome on the closure for that project.
    @Roo, glad you got your purse back!