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    Toronto Cartoonists Workshop presents Comics Lab!

    Comics Lab is a forum where teams of freelance writers and artists are assembled to create and publish a professional comic book. Comics Lab simulates the working environment of a freelancer at a mainstream comics publisher with each freelancer working under the guidance and tutelage of series editor Rob Walton. Each course under the Comics Lab banner will deal with pre-existing characters and concepts thus adding the additional complexity of working with an established property. The fall 2012 version of Comics Lab will feature characters from Richard Comely’s iconic Captain Canuck.

    With the editor acting as mentor and tutor, each writer is asked to submit a minimum of two script ideas for publishing consideration. The editor will then ‘green light’ one of the ideas after which a full script will then be developed. Rough layouts are then created and the storytelling, characterization, continuity and visual dynamics are improved and polished. Artists use the maximized layouts to begin the process of creating completed pencils and inks.

    No prerequisite is required however each student must submit sample writing and art pages before being accepted to Comics Lab. Students must be able to adhere to strict deadlines. All prospective students should familiarize themselves with the Captain Canuck property prior to submissions. For more information on Captain Canuck and to purchase Captain Canuck merchandise, please visit Richard Comely’s website: Special thanks to Richard for graciously allowing us to use his characters for this special project! Captain Canuck and the Captain Canuck logo are registered trademarks of Richard Comely.

    The published version of Comics Lab: Captain Canuck will be available in early 2013!

    Registration for Comics Lab: Captain Canuck closes this Friday. See for details.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.