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    • CommentAuthorBerserker
    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2012
    It IS an interesting question - just HOW MUCH did Shaky 'rig' this draw?

    WE never see ANY of the slips with other people's names on them, so we have to take it for granted ( so far, anyway ) that they were genuine. Like Malkydel pointed out, Don seemed a little taken off guard when he read off Tabitha's draw. Or maybe he was just trying to power through 'reading' a lie?

    If Shaky did rig ALL the names, why did he choose two of the most feeble candidates on the island? Was this Don and Rab's way of fucking him back? Or worse, did Shaky choose them knowing they'd be easy pickings if/when they do encounter Crossed on the sortie, and hopefully give him time to escape while the plussies have their fun with them?
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    I kinda guessed Shaky was going on the sortie but I am surprised that he wanted in on it. I suppose he may want to escape the mind boggling tedium of daily life on Cava for a brief period of time. Alternatively, he may have something else up his sleeve. Perhaps there is someone or something on the mainland that he needs to see / obtain? We never got an explanation for the flashing light. Maybe he wants to check that out?

    I wonder if Jackson will be going?
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    Y'know, come to think of it, there is a little bit of plothole/misdirection in the way Shaky acted, if he wanted to be in the sortie from the start.

    If Shaky wanted to ensure being picked, how exactly was he supposed to accomplish that (without being caught) by rigging the draw? The only way he could make sure that his name was picked, would be to either toss out all but four paper slips, or to write his name on all but three paper slips. Either way would be noticed, no question about it. The only reason one could have for opening the vote box or whatever, would be to remove your own name.

    I guess I could be willing to file this in either the "character didn't think something through initially/was a dumbass" drawer, or figure that he changed his mind after the first attempt.

    Or Shaky could just be so obsessed about getting his way that he decided he'd rig the vote the OTHER way once the "staying on Cava" plan failed.
    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2012
    By getting caught trying to rig the vote. Risky, but apparently paid off.
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    I don't quite buy that. It doesn't even make much sense as a Batman Gambit.

    But hey. Crazy world, crazy people.
    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2012
    I don't quite buy that. It doesn't even make much sense as a Batman Gambit.

    Sure it does. People cannot stand cheaters. You catch someone attempting to rig the lottery, what's your reaction? You want to make sure it goes against them. Remember that with the stones and Don, we never hear Shaky say "I want you to get me out of the lottery." For some reason, Shaky desperately wants to go on the sortie. So, he makes sure to get caught trying to rig the lottery. He also uses the stones to try to buy the result he wants. Finally he did the thing to Rab to ensure that Rab hated/feared him enough to put him on the sortie and get him off the island.

    We've never actually seen how Shaky came to Cava. Isn't it possible that he's part of another group? A group that wants Cava's supplies? And that he's on Cava as a spy, learning layout, the people, the defenses? Now he needs to come back to his real group to give over that information. Who knows, maybe this other group is actually a gang of more self-controlled Crossed and Shaky is the "pet normal" they send in to blend in, learn things and otherwise open the way for them to come in and have their fun...
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2012
    And that he's on Cava as a spy, learning layout, the people, the defenses?

    This could be why he keeps all those dossiers in the journal. I mean, yes, he's a writer and he needs to write, I can understand that perfectly. And Si needs to introduce us to the other characters during skip weeks, I also understand that.

    But what if it's NOT just skip-week filler? What if the skip-weeks ARE the plot?

    I don't think I actually believe that this is the case, but it's interesting to think about nevertheless.
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    True. I did say earlier that if Shaky played it so that they'd have no choice but to put him on the sortie, he was hella clever. I just assumed then that when he finally put forth his threat to Rabb, he demanded exactly what he wanted.

    The theory that Shaky is a mole is a decent one. It even fits with the title. Wish you were here, right? At that, it makes even more sense that he'd want weak people with him.