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    Marvel and DC being not worth buying (I disagree on a few Marvels, actually) is all very well and good, but there's still a ton of stuff out there. Cutting out Marvel/DC simply means being overwhelmed with quality from a different set of publishers, is all.

    Came in to gripe about Si never saying word 1 about Extermination after noticing #4 in this week's lineup. I've got the first two and never knew #3 came out.
    • CommentAuthorPow
    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2012
    Stumptown get!

    but no sign of either Atomic Robo comic in glasgow. I am cry.
    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2012
    30 Days of Night Ongoing #10
    Before Watchmen Nite Owl #3 (of 4)
    Lobster Johnson Caput Mortuum #1
    Peter Panzerfaust #6
    Revival #3
    Walking Dead #102
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2012
    I wonder if we might get more discussion going if this was a monthly thread rather than a weekly one? With a weekly one, by the time anything gets going we have a new thread to post in, and the discussions never really jump across.
    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2012
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    Cutting out Marvel/DC simply means being overwhelmed with quality from a different set of publishers, is all.

    ha, true. my pull list actually swelled for a bit earlier this year with all the great other stuff. i had to exercise restraint because theres just TOO MUCH i want to read right now

    and i third the monthly comics thread idea
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    Sure, I can do it monthly... But give me your suggestions:
    Call it the "Comics on Sale this Month (sept)"?
    And the just post a new comment with the new list of stuff coming out?
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2012
    I think that would be perfect.

    One thing I'd like to see more of in this thread is images - favourite panel / cover of the week / personal favourite book of the week


    I love you guys but looking at shopping lists week on week gets tired.
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2012
    - which is to say it doesn't really inspire discussion
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    i had a lil extra money yesterday so figured i would pick up some of these DC #0 issues. DIAL H was cool, but i was disappointed that the RED HOOD issue was only half drawn by Pasqual Ferry (one of my underrated favorites, i pretty much grabbed the book because of him). i also picked up BATWOMAN and WONDER WOMAN (again mostly for the art) but havent gotten to them yet. BUT as my wife was looking through the weekly stack i realized how to articulate part of why i find the 'more female characters and more female creators should mean more female readers!' argument tedious and insulting: theres an unspoken implication that 'HEY, READ THIS, ITS GOT GIRLS IN IT! YOU SHOULD LIKE THAT, RIGHT?! AND THIS ONE WAS WRITTEN BY ONE OF YOU DAMES! '

    its like me reading a comic just because the main charachter is a dude ie something that never, ever happens

    i know theres more levels to it than that, but a lot of the sentiment involved feels like the OPPOSITE of anything feminist.
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    My cuter half reads the occasional comic, and is supportive of female writers/artists, written by a woman is more of a factor then the character being female, but not in the reads women creators exclusively camp.
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    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2012 edited
    speaking of comics for girls (I'm Joking!!!!), someone posted this in a storytime thread on 4chan and since it's the only funnybook I've read this week it can go down as my favourite

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    As per you guys, same thread, new weekly list of comics:
    (Let me know if this works for you guys / if you prefer it monthly with updates or weekly.)

    Week of September 26, 2012


    Adventure Time #8
    Adventures of a Comic Con Girl #2 (of 3)
    All Star Western #0
    Amazing Spider-Man #694
    American Vampire #31
    Angel & Faith #14
    Aquaman #0
    Astonishing X-Men #54
    Bart Simpson Comics #75
    Basaldua & Debalfo Cover Gallery
    Batman Incorporated #0
    Batman The Dark Knight #0
    Before Watchmen Ozymandias #3 (of 6)
    BPRD Hell on Earth Return of the Master #2 (of 6)
    Captain America and Black Widow #637
    Captain Marvel #4
    Critter Ongoing #4
    Crossed Badlands #14
    Dancer #5
    Deadpool #61
    Debris #3 (of 4)
    Dragon Age Those Who Speak #2 (of 3)
    Elephantmen #43
    Elric The Balance Lost #12 (of 12)
    FF #22
    Fine & Private Place #1 (of 5)
    Flash #0
    Fury Max #6
    Fury of Firestorm The Nuclear Men #0
    Gambit #3
    Gearhearts Steampunk Glamor Revue #4
    GI Joe A Real American Hero #182
    Godstorm #0
    Gold Digger #142
    Goon #42
    Happy #1 (of 4)
    Hawken #6 (of 6)
    Hellraiser #18
    Hero Worship #3 (of 6)
    Higher Earth #5
    Hit-Girl #3 (of 5)
    I Vampire #0
    Idolized #2
    Incredible Hulk #14
    Invincible #95
    Invincible Iron Man #525
    Journey Into Mystery #644 Burns
    Justice League Dark #0
    Kevin Smith Bionic Man #13
    Magic the Gathering Spell Thief #3
    Mars Attacks #4
    Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man #6
    Mind Mgmt #5
    Mind the Gap #5
    National Comics Rose and Thorn #1
    New Deadwardians #7 (of 8)
    Phantom Lady #2 (of 4)
    Popeye #5
    Prophet #29
    Punisher #16
    Rachel Rising #11
    Red Lanterns #0
    Savage Hawkman #0
    Secret Avengers #31
    Shadow Annual #1
    Simpsons Treehouse of Horror #18
    Sixth Gun #25
    Skullkickers #18
    Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #17
    Soulfire Vol 4 #2
    Space Punisher #3 (of 4)
    Star Trek TNG Doctor Who Assimilation #5
    Star Wars Darth Maul Death Sentence #3 (of 4)
    Stitched #8
    Super Dinosaur #14
    Superman #0
    Superman Family Adventures #5
    Takio #3
    Talon #0
    Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #76
    Teen Titans #0
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ongoing #14
    The Spider #5
    TransFormers More Than Meets the Eye Ongoing #9
    TransFormers Robots in Disguise Annual 2012
    Ultimate Comics Ultimates #16 UWS
    Vampirella #23
    Voodoo #0
    Westward #1
    Winder Soldier #11
    Witchblade #160
    Wolverine #313
    Wolverine and X-Men #17
    Wonderland #3
    X-Men #36
    X-Men Legacy #274
    X-Treme X-Men #4
    Youngblood #74


    Cinefex #131
    Comic Heroes Magazine #14
    Dr Who Magazine #451
    Famous Monsters of Filmland #253
    SFX #226

    Trade Paperbacks

    Absolute Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War HC
    Alien Illustrated Story Ltd Signed Artists Ed HC
    American Vampire HC Vol 4
    American Vampire TP Vol 3
    Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol 3 The Promise Part 3
    Black Panther Man Without Fear TP Fear Itself
    Daredevil by Brubaker and Lark Ultimate Collection TP Book 3
    Dave Stevens Stories & Covers HC
    Falling Skies GN Vol 2
    Fear Itself TP Uncanny X-Men
    Fight GN Vol 2
    Finder Talisman HC
    Flash TP Vol 2 The Road to Flashpoint
    Heavy Metal's Dracula HC
    Joe Kubert Tarzan of the Apes Artist Ed HC
    Leeroy & Popo GN
    Lobo Portrait of a Bastich TP new printing
    Marvel Zombies Destroy HC
    Memorial HC Vol 1
    Mighty Thor by Matt Fraction Prem HC Vol 3
    Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney GN Vol 2
    Milkman Murders HC
    Naked Cartoonists SC
    Next Men HC Vol 3
    Rich Larson's Haunted House of Lingerie 15th Anniversary
    Saga of the Swamp Thing TP Book 2
    Spawn Origins TP Vol 16
    Spider-Man Lizard Prem HC No Turning Back
    Star Trek TNG Doctor Who Assimilation TP Vol 1
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ongoing TP Vol 3 Shadows
    Tower Chronicles GN Vol 1 (of 4) Geisthawk
    Ultimate Comics X-Men by Nick Spencer TP Vol 1
    Venom Circle of Four TP
    Voodoo TP Vol 1 What Lies Beneath
    Walking Dead HC Vol 8
    Wasteland TP Vol 7
    Wolverine and X-Men by Jason Aaron Prem HC Vol 3
    X-Men War Machines TP
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    Comic I'm getting this week:
    Rachel Rising #11 -- Hell yeah! Such a creepy comic. It's a slow burn, but I highly suggest it.

    Comics I'll get in trade:
    Batman Incorporated #0 -- I love Morrison's Batman.
    Invincible Iron Man #525 -- 3rd to final issue of Iron Man for Fraction.
    Prophet #29 -- Such a bizarre story...
    X-Men #36 -- Brian Wood!
    • CommentAuthorPow
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2012
    Batman Incorporated #0 - after all of 2 issues I don't think the world really needs a #zero, but maybe it'll be good
    Crossed Badlands #14 - maybe
    FF #22
    Fury Max #6
    Mind Mgmt #5
    Prophet #29
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    Batman Incorporated #0
    Happy #1 (of 4)
    Invincible #95
    Prophet #29

    if you havent read it, that Milkman Murders HC is fantastic as well. suburban horror that most people would probably not consider horror due to the mundanity of the world it handles. great stuff.

    i read the new LOBSTER JOHNSON one-shot from last week due to the extra budget wiggle room and i remembered why i dropped all these BPRD/Hellboy related things: good quality, great art and writing but when i finish them i tend to just ask myself 'well, did i really need that?' i find nothing moving about them. not that theres anything wrong with that, i still see why other people like them (and more people should check em out!) but they all just feel very inconsequential to me
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    For Sure:

    HAPPY #1
    PUNISHER #16
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2012
    Before Watchmen Ozymandias #3 (of 6)
    BPRD Hell on Earth Return of the Master #2 (of 6)
    Crossed Badlands #14
    Dancer #5
    Gambit #3
    Hero Worship #3 (of 6)
    I Vampire #0
    Mind the Gap #5
    Stitched #8
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2012
    Quite a few things I want this week, might head up into London on Saturday. Pain in the bum not having a comic store local to me anymore.
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    Impulse buys:
    Wolverine and the X-Men #17: An excellent, multiple read one-shot which answered a question and was funny enough that I laughed in public while reading it. (My D&D group asked what was so funny and I told them it would take too long to explain
    the Howard The Duck/Doop teamup.
    ) The Allred family is real good at drawing comics. News at 11.
    Punisher #16: I'm in the tank for Greg Rucka, but yeah, I thought this was an extremely effective closer. Marco Checchetto, as always, steeps what he's drawing with a sense of elegant, serene tragedy, which ties up the threads of the story. Can't wait for War Zone and bummed that Mr. Checchetto isn't penciling it. That said, being with family during an emergency is infinitely more important than a comic. Shame the story couldn't wait for him.
    Happy #1: Excited to see issue #2. It was reassuring to hear Morrison himself was tired of the word fuck on page 2, because I was fucking tired of reading it myself. Once Happy was introduced, shit starting getting awesome. That final page is too good. (For extra credit, that interview with Grant Morrison they do at the back is a goldmine too. I: Who'se a person you look up to and admire? G: Odin.)

    Captain Marvel #4: I'm enjoying Kelly Sue DeConnick's ride on Marvel's CAN WE PUT OUT ALL OF THE COMICS TWICE AS FAST GET THE ANTS OFF OF ME OH GOD rollercoaster. Admittedly, I'm here in no small quantity because I want to support a female creator writing a female lead character, but she's doing quality superhero work that resonates. Her and Dexter Soy's aesthetics are massively different (wisecracking v. fuckin' metal), but together, they knock the epic moments out of the park.
    Wonder Woman #0: "May you enjoy this magnificent missive that originally appeared in "All-Girl Adventure Tales For Men #41!" That's how the issue starts and it keeps that same vituperative "so you want a traditional-ass comic, I'm gonna give you what you wanted" spirit throughout. Not for nothing is the writer credited as Brian "Kiss My" Azzarello.
    Batwoman #0: J.H. Williams still draws pretty for a story that he's consistently under served by. There's a lot of text in here that Mr. Williams III makes redundant, by virtue of his incredible pencils and Dave Stewart's always flawless colors. I'm wondering how long I can keep buying this series.
    All-Star Western #0: Dropped after this issue. Jonah Hex was betrayed by a lot of people. I followed this series for 13 issues hoping for the same Jonah Hex roundabout of different art teams, but no dice. Pia Guerra shows up for 4 pages, though.