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    It's Thursday, it's mid-afternoon in London, it's another wrongheaded morning in Mericky, it's who-the-fuck-knows-when in Australia, and it's time for more Crossed Hideosity. fact, it's time for the final episode in the opening arc. Second arc begins very soon.

    Episode 22, live and free-to-air.

    Remember: Not safe for work, not safe for minors, not safe for people of a nervous disposition, not safe for corkscrews, not safe for duracell bunnies, not safe for people who'd rather buy the awesome, gorgeous and tactile Print Collection of the same material, details of which can be found here.

    • CommentAuthorNo Fear
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2012
    Well, that was an unusual sex toy!!! Looking forward to Shaky's adventures on the mainland. I wonder if the Gamekeeper is still alive? Chapter 21 has not shown up here but have read via facebook.
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2012
    SO GOOD. This series keeps getting better. Why was the nun's cross tilted like an X? Dammit, is it next Thursday yet?
    • CommentAuthorJoe B
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2012
    Interesting mutation on the woman. Also the bone altar was interesting. Having crossed actually develop a definitive religious/social structure is disturbing. Knowing that they can only exist in small groups without 'feeding' on each other is one thing. You know you won't cross paths with an overwhelming number of them. But if they can begin organizing societies, the uncrossed are truly screwed.
    • CommentAuthorfenrir07
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2012
    Sister Theresa, eh..., I still think she's the one that ends the Gamekeeper... ;-) Maybe she's some kind of ├╝bercrossed with the tilted X...

    Jackson tags along with the expedition, hmm..., I figure Jackson is a too interesting carachter to be killed off just yet. He'll be around for a while longer...
    • CommentAuthorNo Fear
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2012
    I don't think there is any definitive religious/social structure in place here, rather just the usual perversion of something by the Crossed, because that's how they roll. Not sure what significance the X has over the usual stigmata exhibited by the plus faces, may well just be a variation without any underlying relevance. There have been largish groups of Crossed in previous series (thinking of Horsecock and his crew) and personally wouldn't want to meet 2 of them let alone 12. As for Jackson, he is interesting but I suspect no one is safe from the chop.
    This is an excellent series, and look forward to next week. I must get the trade too :-)
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    Just have to take my hat off to you guys. You could just create mindless carnage each week and still sell a lot of books. But to elevate the tragedy and make us care about even the most minor characters, and to make them interesting and identifiable, even flawed. It demonstrates a great respect for the audience, so thank you.

    I'll post more thoughts once I get a chance to sit down and read the whole book.
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    I just know theres gonna be an interlude between chapters

    ... and the X crossed are in Shakys mind
    • CommentAuthorNo Fear
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2012
    @manwithastick, the same 2 thoughts crossed (no pun intended) my mind as well. and was it actually the nun he saw?
    • CommentAuthorBerserker
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2012
    The Bleeding Cool article regarding this chapter it titled "Crossed: Wish You Were Here Gets Haunted By A Ghost" - so I think it's safe to say that IS the nun Teresa from earlier in the story.

    And her unusual lesion is also interesting. Maybe this has something to do with the unusual behavior of the Crossed that Jackson was mentioning earlier? The idea that Teresa has become a Crossed Joan of Arc is a daunting one because the last thing anyone needs is mob of plussies with an inspirational leader.

    Especially if you're Shaky, and she remembers your face.
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    @ No Fear -- Chapter 21 is in place, and has been all along. I think the original link from bleedingcool was screwed, but every episode is accessible via the "episodes" page.

    Direct linky here: Chapter 21
    • CommentAuthorNo Fear
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2012
    Cheers @ Horrible Warning Si.
    • CommentAuthorTundra
    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2012 edited

    I do believe i posted in these here forums some chapters back of a theorised prediction that there would be a mutated version of the Crossed called Exxed on the mainland off Cava.

    Be interesting to see if any the rest of the prediction regarding the 'Exxed' bares any fruit...
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    Don't forget my prediction of Dos Equuis, starring the Most Interesting Monster In The World.
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2012
    These last 2 before the 2nd arc, are bad ass!!! Excellent job, Si!!

    The tone, unexpected moves (to most I'd guess anyway) to an idiosyncratic plusface (whether it has meaning or not) wrapping up with a terribly foul / awkward new way to utilize a human leg, the wrap to vol. 1 was a sparks flying kind of wicked...and had me screaming for the next volume the moment I virtually flipped the last page and once again was forced to read: "Crossed: Wish You Were Here continues next week. In the meantime:" Thanks for all the time and effort Si - much obliged for all the extra entertainment!!

    And can someone tell me what the hell "whelking" is?!? It must be the shittiest job on 'Cava' or something (or Shaky hated anyway) but what in the hell is it? Thanks.
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    Whelking: picking whelks off rocks. Whelks being a (frankly rather horrible) aquatic mollusc.
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2012
    Just popping to say how fantastically diabolical this Crossed run has been! I've very much enjoyed each instalment and your characterisation is brilliant Si. The art is phenomenal in bringing these demented visions to life. This is also the best webcomic format I've seen to date. Great work.

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    Thanks for the kind words, all.
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2012 edited
    Whelks are extremely tasty when sauteed in butter with garlic and shallots. Can't say I'd fancy them without the herbs and butter.
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    Rocks would be tasty with herbs and butter. This does not mean that snails of any kind are food. No sir. It's Just Wrong, I Tell You.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.