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    I've been with Dreamhost since 2000 and never had any problems to speak of... But like Ariana said, they're known to have issues (downtime for the most part) but overall its very good value for money IMHO. Running WordPress is super easy. I get around 300K hits a month and my site has never buckled under the stress.
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2008
    Thought I’d chime up with my hosting experience.

    In the past I’ve been with quite a few hosts, most recently Powersurge and Both useless for uptime.
    After I left I moved to Media Temple and I’ve never looked back since.
    Overall they are great for uptime and support. Plus with their grid service (essentially shared hosting) you can have a MySQL container (a single instance of MySQL running just for you, your own memory and cpu etc).
    Highly recommended.
    • CommentAuthorauraka
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2008
    I use for my personal web sites and they have been top notch. For my mail I use the free google apps which works great!

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    i like google's mail setup a lot, and i do have an account, but their privacy policy's a little sketchy, so i don't really want to put all my eggs in that basket.
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    I have everything forwarded to my gmail. I'm in love with the interface. I wouldn't be particularly worried about Googles privacy policies, they've got a pretty good history of not screwing their customers. Any actual mining is used for context ads, and that data isn't collected in a way that would endanger privacy.
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    you should go back and read up on them again. they have a fairly arbitrary carte blanche to store whatever they want, and not just for ads.
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    I don't know man, I honestly don't see anything that out of the ordinary with the privacy policy (I just reread it.) They effectively state they won't give anything away unless the law makes them and that data given to third parties is in aggregate form with ID stripped. The google computers certainly crawl email etc. for ways to market to you but not in a particularly intrusive way. For me it's a reasonable trade off for such a good free product. But that's me, I'm to poor to own google stock so don't take this as me shilling for them :D.
    Either way I've not found a third party email provider that really stands up to them, especially not interface wise. I don't really have particularly high email traffic so I've always used the emails provided by my hosts (lunar pages.. which is great and Simplehost which is rubbish)
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2008
    I really like -- I've got a server through them (well, one personal, 3 business), and have put a few clients on their shared hosting because they're very developer-friendly.

    As for MX hosting, dunno.
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2008
    I've been very happy with Bluehost so far, but we're still in the early stages... (that said, I know quite a few Internet marketers with lots of traffic who recommend Bluehost, too, FWIW.)
    • CommentAuthorDirk Deppey
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2008 edited
     (1085.30) is run from Hosting Matters, who are very good and nicely affordable. The biggest bonus is the use of Fantastico for the back end, which automatically installs all sorts of open-source webware -- yes, including Wordpress, which powers ¡Journalista! -- with just a few button clicks.
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    @Dirk Deppey honestly, I think that's becoming pretty common... thankfully. I know both my hosts (lunar pages & Simplehost) have fantastico installed on their cpanel backends.
    But again.. simple host is rubbish!
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2008
    @alwayscrashing - I was wondering if the slow load times on MySQL/PHP driven stuff with Dreamhost was just me! I run a PHP-based message board along with my webcomic, which is currently loading through Wordpress and it's always been a pain to load. I'm about to switch to a different PHP script for loading my comics but was afraid that something was wrong with the code to make it run so slow. I'm switching to Walrus to manage my comics for me - everything else has been more complex than I needed it to be and I can't be bothered to figure out how to mess with Comixpress...

    Would anyone happen to know a good host to jump to for comic hosting with PHP/MySql err... stuff (my computer smarts end at making things look pretty)... involved that won't run like I'm on a 56K modem? I'd like to some day have a large audience.
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    I've been with Lunarpages for the past couple of years. We're closing our account now, but that's just 'cause we've done what we want to with the site for now, not because we wanna drop Lunarpages.

    I didn't really look into prices much, but they seem cheap, they had no downtime over the past two years that I ever noticed, they've got great tools & widgets & admin-y stuff, plays well with wordpress, and are pretty quick at answering questions and junk.

    I hadn't realised there were so many bad or only-alright webhosts, so seeing as I've never had any issues with Lunarpages, I guess I'd highly recommend them.
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2008
    I went with Dreamhost, first three months when OK, so I moved all my other domains to there servers +30.
    For the first year I didn't have any problems. Then one of my sites got popular and its been down hill since then.
    1,231,297 Absolute Unique Visitors last month mostly thanks to

    its Horrible, EVERY SINGLE DAY i get an email from one of my users complaining that one of my site was down. (I have very vocal users)
    ~4000 ms ping times and average of 5 hrs-13hrs a month down time (usually for an 1 hr at a time)

    But on the upside they do have a really good admin panel (i hate CPanel), fast good support, CVS servers, huge amounts of space and bandwidth, lots and lots of features.
    I'm on the hunt for a new web hosting company to move some of my bigger domains to. i heard good things about Bluehost but i have not tried them yet.
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2008
    actually, while we're at it, anyone have a suggestion for mail? i'd like to point my mx at someone else, maybe... keep the webhost and mailhost to whoever specializes in each.

    I've been testing out for a few weeks and so far they've been stable. They're mostly known as an email forwarding service (get a pobox address to hand out to anyone, forward it to whatever you're using) but they have full email hosting options as well (look for the mailstore plan). You'll need to know a bit about how email works as their interface metaphors are sys-admin oriented. Since you know what an mx record is I assume that won't be a problem.

    They [google] effectively state they won't give anything away unless the law makes them and that data given to third parties is in aggregate form with ID stripped.

    A few things to keep in mind about the huge players (AOL, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.) in email-land. If they're selling the data in aggregate, why is there a need to strip an ID? Aggregate data, by definition, shouldn't relate to any individual ID. They're probably selling/using something other than aggregate data if a lawyer felt the need to let you know about ID stripping.

    Also, ID stripping usually means "taking out the email address and replacing it with a unique string". Depending on how competent or disgruntled the programmers doing the ID stripping are, that process is often reversible. Programmers who work on the "selling personal information" team are usually disgruntled and/or incompetent. Then there's the unintentional unique identifier you may leave in the body of you email messages that would be almost impossible to strip even if they bothered trying.

    Finally, even if a company IS being on the up and up when sharing your personal information, remember how huge they are. Google has between 10,000 and 11,000 employees. Microsoft has over 60,000 employees. These numbers don't include the contractors and vendors these companies work with on-site either. Everyone of these people is, potentially, someone who could fuck with whatever information is being saved and stored if they know where to look.

    This isn't a blanket condemnation of free email services or anything, in most cases it's worth the trade off. Free, global communication with anyone who has access to a computer and the internet. Just know what you're trading away.
    • CommentAuthorsilvercat
    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2008
    I used Hostnet, but none of my sites brought in very much traffic. They were pretty cheap and the helpdesk was always actually helpful and prompt.
    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2008
    I like Bluehost, but then I like a high degree of control over things, and it affords me that. For simple hosting, it is probably more than you need.

    Avoid Google Apps like the plague - it is the suck.
    • CommentAuthorWilf
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2008
    Based on this, I'd suggest not going with Hostingplex.

    That said, the above link is a HIGHLY amusing read. It might be worth using them just to communicate with the delightfully named Kevin Moonlight!