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    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2012
    and the award for most awesome Ben Grimm faces of the week goes to FF #22


    I hope Fraction keeps all the mad kids in the fantastic four books.
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2012
    Before Watchmen Rorschach #2 (of 4)
    Dial H #5
    Ferals #9
    War Goddess #10
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    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2012 edited
    What I got:
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2012
    Still loving /Hawkeye/. Best new thing Marvel has put out.
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    hey, FOSTER! i got that from brian at a con because he was so excited about it, and i love seeing that from the creators. its honestly nothing special/groundbreaking, but its well done, good looking and i enjoyed it.
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    Week of October 10, 2012


    Adventure Time Marceline Scream Queens #4
    Ame Comi Girls #1 Featuring Wonder Woman
    Archer & Armstrong #3
    Avengers #31 AXFO
    Avenging Spider-Man #13
    AVX Consequences #1 (of 5)
    Batgirl #13
    Batman #13
    Batman Arkham Unhinged #7
    Before Watchmen Dr Manhattan #2 (of 4)
    Bloodshot #4
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #14
    Captain America #18
    Conan the Barbarian #9
    Creator Owned Heroes #5
    Creep #2
    Crossed Badlands #15
    Damsels #2
    Dan the Unharmable #6
    Dark Shadows #8
    Dark Shadows Vampirella #3
    Deadpool #62
    Deathstroke #13
    Demon Knights #13
    Diabolique #12
    Dominique Laveau Voodoo Child #7
    Evil Ernie #1
    Executive Assistant Assassins #4
    Fanboys vs Zombies #7
    Fantastic Four #611
    First X-Men #3 (of 5)
    Frankenstein Agent of Shade #13
    GI Joe Vol 2 Ongoing #18
    Gold Digger Halloween Special 2012
    Green Lantern Corps #13
    Green Lantern The Animated Series #7
    Grifter #13
    Grimm Universe #1 Neptune Angel
    Halloween ve one-shot
    Haunted Horror #1
    Hoax Hunters #4
    Honey West #7
    Invincible Iron Man #526
    Jim Butcher Dresden Files Fool Moon #8
    Kevin Keller #5
    Lady Death #22
    Legion Lost #13
    MacGyver Fugitive Gauntlet #1 (of 5)
    Marvel Universe Avengers Earths Heroes #7
    Marvel Universe vs Avengers #1 (of 4)
    Massive #5
    Mega Man #18
    Morning Glories #22
    New Crusaders Rise of the Heroes #2
    Phantom Stranger #1
    Point of Impact #1 (of 4)
    Popeye #6
    Pound Ghouls Night Out #2 (of 4)
    Punk Rock Jesus #4 (of 6)
    Ravagers #5
    Red She-Hulk #58 Now
    Scarlet Spider #10
    Secret Avengers #32
    Secret Service #4 (of 6)
    Space Punisher #4 (of 4)
    Spongebob Comics #13
    Star Wars Knight Errant Escape #5 (of 5)
    Star Wars Lost Tribe of the Sith Spiral #3 (of 5)
    Stempunk Halloween 2012 #1
    Stuff of Legend Toy Collector #1 (of 5)
    Stumptown V2 #2
    Suicide Squad #13
    Superboy #13
    Team 7 #1
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics #5
    Think Tank #3
    TransFormers Regeneration One #84
    TransFormers Robots in Disguise #10
    Transfusion #1 (of 30
    Ultimate Comics X-Men #17 UWS
    Uncanny Avengers #1
    Voltron Year One #5
    Walking Dead Michonne Special
    Wolverine #314
    Wolverine and X-Men #18 AVX
    Wulf #6
    X-Men #37

    Trade Paperbacks

    Avengers Assemble TP Vol 5
    Avengers Childrens Crusade TP
    Batman Odyssey HC
    Birds of Prey TP Vol 2 The Death of Oracle
    Captain America by Ed Brubaker Prem HC Vol 3
    Case Closed GN Vol 44
    Castle Prem HC Richard Castle's Storm Season
    Chris Ware Building Stories HC
    Crossed TP Vol 4 Badlands
    Divine Wind GN
    Fear Itself TP Avengers Academy
    Fear Itself TP Iron Man
    Frank Hampson Tomorrow Revisited Celebration of Life & Art
    Haunt TP Vol 4
    Hellblazer The Devils Trench Coat TP
    Hobbit TP
    Jane the Woman Who Loved Tarzan HC
    Justice League Dark TP Vol 1 In the Dark
    Legends of the Dark Knight Alan Davis HC
    Mattias Unfiltered TP Art Sketchbook Adolfsson
    Nightwing TP Vol 1 Traps and Trapezes
    Once Upon a Time Machine TP
    Saga TP Vol 1
    Smoke & Mirrors TP
    Sonic the Hedgehog Complete Comic Encyclopedia TP
    Spider-Man Spider-Island Companion TP
    Valentine TP Vol 1 The Ice Death
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    Comics I'll get in trade: (You'll notice a theme here...)
    Conan the Barbarian #9 -- By Brian Wood
    Massive #5 -- By Brian Wood
    Ultimate Comics X-Men #17 UWS -- By Brian Wood
    X-Men #37 -- By Brian Wood
    Invincible Iron Man #526 -- By Brian Wood Matt Fraction. (Two issues left before Kieron Gillen takes over.)

    Trades I'll be picking up:
    Fear Itself TP Iron Man -- Haven't read Fear Itself, haven't heard much good about this story-arc. Getting it because it'd be weird to have all of the Fraction trades but this one. And hey, it might encourage me to get Fear Itself.
    Saga TP Vol 1 -- Hell Yeah!
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    nothing for me this week :(
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    Batman #13
    Punk Rock Jesus #4
    Wolverine and the X-men #18

    Loving Punk Rock Jesus so far, great to pick up a comic, Black and White, 32 pages, no ad's.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2012
    Enjoyed what I've read of 'The Massive' so far, it's definitely a slow burner though.
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    Loving Punk Rock Jesus so far, great to pick up a comic, Black and White, 32 pages, no ad's.

    hrrrm maybe i will grab all of those to counter my slow week. Murphy is an amazing artist, but i avoid anything that has Punk Rock in the title in general
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    @joe.distort good policy, and it's an interesting story, a lot of time being spent world building and getting to it's climax, and looks stunning
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    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2012 edited
    Conan the Barbarian #9
    Crossed Badlands #15
    Fantastic Four #611
    Massive #5
    Punk Rock Jesus #4 (of 6)
    Stumptown V2 #2

    Chris Ware Building Stories HC

    Panel of the week, from Ennis' dark as fuck Punisher run which I'm rereading at the moment.

    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2012 edited
    @Joe, @Vandalhandle

    yeah ignore the title. Great comic

    [edited to add]

    Forgot to add my buys for the week -

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    For sure:
    edit: JAM by Ben "Yahtzee" Crowshaw

    STUMPTOWN v.2 #2

    The first issue of STUMPTOWN disappointed me. Maybe I knew too much going in. Amy Reeder is an artist I follow, so a timely Image one-shot sounds good to me. We shall see. Also, completely forgot that JAM comes out today. I liked his first novel MOGWORLD, which had a very heavy Adams/Pratchett vibe, and JAM looks to continue in the same vein. Psyched for that.
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    since there was nothing for me on wednesday i actually just bumped up and had new comic day on tuesday

    grabbed all 3 PUNK ROCK JESUS, the new LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT and two old issues of SUPER VILLAIN TEAM UP that were cheap. THE CIRCUS OF CRIME!

    i didnt get to PRJ before i had to go out, but LOTDK is my new favorite DC book. it collects the 8 page shorts that are online, and they are like the essence of what i like about batman distilled perfectly. non-continuity (but they are all pre New52 so that makes me a happy old grump) and striking similar chords as B:TAS. its $4, which i normally wont pay for a big two book BUT its over sized and you get a few complete stories. love it.

    ha, speaking of $4, i just now got a smartphone so ive been checking out comixology with their free issues. its neat, but i would never pay money to read a comic in 'guided view'...anyway, last night i saw UNCANNY AVENGERS go up and had a hearty laugh that there are people paying $4 for digital copies of books they dont actually own/cant resell
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2012
    Before Watchmen Dr Manhattan #2 (of 4)
    Crossed Badlands #15
    Dan the Unharmable #6
    Massive #5
    Secret Service #4 (of 6)
    Walking Dead Michonne Special
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    Batman #13: was good, a solid first chapter.
    Wolverine and the X-men #18: was probably the best comic to have an Avengers v X-men banner on it.
    Uncanny Avengers #1: boring i'll be sticking to the above comic being my sole Marvel purchase.
    Punk Rock Jesus #4: Another great issue that should read fantastic in collected form.
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    Dan the Unharmable was the comic that made me go Woo! when I saw it on the rack this week. :)
    Massive #5
    Punk Rock Jesus #4, which seemed like it came out rater quickly, but I'm not complaining.
    Archer & Armstong #3
    Secret Service #4
    A Fine & Privated Place #1, which apparently I missed a couple weeks back. Hopefully the pacing is better on this one, as The Last Unicorn really needed one more issue at the end to tell the story properly

    -edit- Holy God! at the last page of Punk Rock Jesus. I rarely laugh quite so hard and out loud at a comic as I did at that. :D

    -edit #2- 2nd laugh-out-loud moment, which is kind of creepy in an empty room. Arrow Special Edition, a freebie thingy the tucked into my bag. It's 10 pages long (plus a second 6 page backup) and the primary story has four writers. Those must have been some pretty strenuous pages if the writers could only mange 2.5 apiece.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2012
    been a while since I bought comics but I did last week and a few things I'd like to say -

    re : HAPPY - Loved the art. Hated the story. Couldn't care, thought it was pretty thin. "Look, it's Harvey dressed up in curse words and modern shit! Wow!" (Y'all know Harvey? Broadway play about a guy who is followed around by an invisible rabbit? Movie with Jimmy Stewart? A family-friendly Donnie Darko?) Probably won't be back for more, as I find Morrison's work to be getting ever more threadbare and annoying. Art was great though, Darick rocks.

    re : THE BOYS - (we've all read this? There's a big spoiler -
    Hughie kills Butcher
    Almost perfect as a comic, I'm wistful about it wrapping up but it quite frankly couldn't be better. A lot of people got turned off at Herogasm, what with all the depravity but I found that the depravity was the point, not just cheap exploitation. It showed that the supes couldn't care less about normal people, it parodied all the stupid events, death in comics, plus it advanced the plot of the main series, which would have dragged had it not been a special miniseries. (Same with Highland Laddie). Butcher's mini, otoh, gave valuable insight into the real villain of the book, of the entire series. I'm going to miss this book A LOT. (Hopefully, we'll see a spin-off where JMS and Azzarello and Darwyn Cooke go into the gutters and do a six-issue cash-grab of what REALLY happens when you stick a hamster up yer bum. It'll sell like hotcakes, I tells ya! Like cakes that are hot! Oh, comics.) Can't wait for the last issue and see Hughie and Annie get back together (which is what we all know is going to happen, right? Then again, this series has thrown me curve-balls before.)

    Also, I don't see how this could ever be a movie. I really don't. There's no way any studio is going to allow blood-flecked semen to be shown onscreen, nevermind any of the other indelible images we've been treated to via Ennis, Robertson, McCrea, Ezquerra and Braun. Just ain't gonna happen. And stop wishing for an HBO tv series of it, too (which would be better, as it could stretch out its story-telling legs a bit but that blood-flecked semen still ain't gonna cut it, no sir.)

    re : THE SHADOW - I love the SHADOW. Fucking LOVE it. Ennis has it DOWN, possibly the first writer since the radio heydays to get that the Shadow is FUCKING CREEPY. He laughs while he kills people. His "clouding men's minds" power, his "appearing out of nowhere" power, references to his origin and the source of his "powers" (and his dual - no, triple identity) are all in keeping with the best portrayals of the character and are all fucking stellar. And you see why he keeps Margo Lane around, too, so that's nice.

    re: PHONOGRAM - never really read it although I hear it's great. Not much of a music fan (I have attrocious taste in music and what most people like, I despise. Allana almost killed me when I pooh-poohed Joy Division. GOD HOW I FUCKING HATE JOY DIVISION. Maundy fucking spaz is sad, I get it. Oh, the world is cruel and doesn't care about my sensitive FEELINGS. Ugh. Maybe you have to bond with it when you're a fifteen year old outcast, I dunno. Also, I'm allowed to call him a spaz and I'm not going to tell you why but let's say we have a little in common.) So I'm willing to say that I'm probably not the audience for PHONOGRAM.

    Question - whatever happened to MORNING GLORIES? I stopped buying (for financial reasons) but it was pretty good. Anyone out there current on this book?