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    First skip week of the new season. Some margin-notes from Shaky's diary, and some thoughts on flashback characters... Next ep, as usual, on Thursday.

    • CommentAuthorDethklok
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2012 edited
    Just bought Wish You Were Here TP Si on Amazon, so yay.

    Have read the webcomic religiously since Day 1, looking forward to the fully fleshed out trade. The thing that strikes me the most about the 1st volume was the flashback when Shaky was in London when the shit went down. Specifically the full frame when Shaky is in the burning street and a Crossed in a motor scooter screaming about glandular problems and assburgers comes after him. That was the moment that made WYWH for me, as that came out of left field.

    How did that particular scene come out? Because it threw the hell out of me in a good way.
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    Comic relief, frankly. You can't have wraparound gore and grue constantly - just won't work. So you've got to balance your tension, your boredom, your anticlimaxes and your brief waves of action. Comic relief - ie: Fat Yank Still Complaining About Food Even After He's Crossed And Taken To Eating Babies - is one of the simplest tools there is for relieving a tone.
    • CommentAuthorBadBeast
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2012 edited
    I think that's where a lot of horror movies (especially zombie ones) get it wrong. There needs to be some humour running through it. The darker the better really. It doesn't have to make you laugh, but it has to be there. Like in Badlands #6 when quiet old George decides to open up a bit around the fire. Everyone thinks that he's coming out as gay when he says he takes men back to his house at night, knowing it was wrong, and good old gay Thomas says he understands, and how hard it must have been for him, and then, gives him a nice empathic squeeze on the arm, then you turn the 'page' and George says (now that he has everyone's attention, for his 'moment')

    "Then I'd torture them until they were dead, cut them into pieces, and bury them under my house" .! Now, THAT fucking delivered. Especially after the harrowing "But we still had to kill children" bit they'd just been through. That was really funny, and didn't make me laugh at all. In fact, it was right out the other side of funny. And rather than just leave it hanging as an unresolved thing, poor Kitrick looks after him. That was genuinely quite touching.

    And Si, when you began issue #1, with Shaky's internal dialogue noting "at least nothing's ever going to shock you again" and then cutting to a binocular view of Mr happy crossed face, skullfucking a dolphin to death up it's blo ho, and just the simple, look of childlike joy-joy on his face, and ringing in his sing songy voice, that he was making his Mammy proud at last. Nice

    That didn't make me laugh either. but it was get up and walk out funny! But I knew at that point, I couldn't ever decide to not read this title. That was the point when the door slammed shut behind me. That little dark stain of humour, like a crippled, sobbing Fairy of Hope in the bottom of Pandora's box. It's broken and useless, and painful to look at, but it IS there.
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    That wasn't Badlands, that was from Garth Ennis's original Crossed limited series, and the character was Geoff, not George. That moment when he revealed that his former life consisted not of sodomy but of serial killing caught me by surprise, too (I strongly laughed out loud while reading it at my workplace's designated quiet room while on break). I can usually see where Ennis is going (been reading his material since he first started on Hellblazer back around 1990), but certainly not in that instance.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.