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    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2013

    I do. It's not really important, but I find it helps makeup go on a bit smoother, and also keeps it together a bit longer. Like I mentioned, I have very oily skin, so anything I can do to make it last longer and look smoother and more natural helps. Also, I tend to only use it when I'm getting properly "made up." If I'm just using a tinted moisturizer for day-to-day stuff, I skip it. However, I find eyeshadow to be imperative. Again, oily eyelids, and even if you don't have oily lids it just helps colors pop a little more. Eye primer is the difference between my eye shadow creasing and rubbing off naturally from blinking within a few hours, and being able to fall asleep in it and still have it look good the next morning.

    As for makeup thread, I'm fine with or without. At first I was thinking no, but then it occurred to me that the artists could possibly use it as inspiration for their characters. Anyone else interested?
    • CommentTimeMar 25th 2013

    I'd actually like to talk skincare, especially in regards to makeup (e.g. recovering from), so maybe it's worth starting. I don't really know what my questions are, at this point, so maybe someone can outline for me their perfect-world skin regimen?
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    here's my routine.

    Wash face with warm water and gentle cleanser, pat dry
    Use a gentle, well hydrating moisturizer
    Apply topical antibiotic & spot treat zits with benzoyl peroxide
    Either: tinted moisturizer with SPF or regular moisturizer with SPF
    Pat ~3 drops argan oil over face
    NOTE: I use a retinoid at night which can dry out this skin, which is why I apply moisturizer twice. You might be able to skip this and just go with whichever facial sunscreen you want.

    Makeup: for regular days (ie not getting "madeup), possibly some light eye makeup and blush to accentuate features or look more awake, concealer if some spots are super red.

    I can do a "getting made up" makeup post if people are really interested, or even a video, but since I'm focusing on skincare I'll skip that for now. I will add right now, though, that I wash my foundation and concealer brushes after every use, so they don't collect bacteria. Powder brushes I wash once a week to get pigment and dust off.

    Throughout Day
    Blot with oil blotting sheets as necessary, since I am an oily mess

    If necessary, remove eye makeup with coconut oil & cotton pad
    Wash face with warm water and gentle cleanser, pat dry
    Pat ~3 drops argan oil over face
    If retinoid night, wait at least half our, then apply retinoid

    General Notes
    - I've learned that simplifying my routine works best. I used to use toners for my oily skin, but I've learned that I do well without them, and that sometimes I do even better since they can overdry the skin (many have alcohol as a main ingredient). Also, now that I'm using a topical anitbiotic and a retinoid for my acne, I don't need products with salicylic acid in them. Again, in my case simple and gentle is currently the best route. Also I no longer do physical exfoliation since the retinoid takes care of that for me.

    - Argan oil is aaaamazing. It has omega 3s and other fatty acids that are good for the skin, so it helps nourish it. Also, if you apply it over a moisturizer after you've let it sink in, it locks in that moisture. It's great for any skin type, whether dry or oily.

    - Makeup doesn't make me break out any more than normal as long as I wash it off at night, though this is partly because modern foundations aren't terribly heavy anymore. You can get really good coverage these days with makeup that feels like nothing on your skin. Also, most days you can get away with using a tinted moisturizer for color correction, and only use foundations for special occasions, and the less crap on your skin, the less to wash off.

    - Coconut oil is great for removing eye makeup. It's gentle on the skin, doesn't clog pores (at least for me) and effectively removes even waterproof makeup.

    - If you have lots of clogged pores like blackheads & stuff, gently exfoliate 1-2x/wk (unless you're using a chemical exfoliator like I am), but no more or you'll overwork your skin and make it sensitive.

    - Weekly or monthly masks are nice, but not crucial. For a while I religiously did aloe gel masks and my skin was really soft, but then my aloe plant started running out of leaves so I stopped.

    - If you are sensitive, go as fragrance free as possible, that shit will irritate the hell out of your skin if you are sensitive, or have eczema or whatever.

    - STAY HYDRATED. Seriously.

    Really, at the basics, you should do alright if you wash & moisturize your face at least every night, wash pillow cases regularly, and stay hydrated. If you're like me and are acne prone, wash & moisturize every morning and night, and add treatments as needed without over-doing it(in my case, topical antibiotic and retinoid. I've mentioned before that keeping my dairy in take also really helps), and possibly exfoliate 1-2x/wk to get rid of excess dead skin hanging around.

    Sorry for the novel. I'm constantly researching this stuff since my skin just breaks out so easily. Currently my breakouts are 1-3 small or average blemishes per week, now that I'm using the antibiotic and retinoid, also I have way less blackheads than I used to, but for a while I'd get a nice cluster of cystic acne on each cheek about twice a month depending on what part of my menstrual cycle I was on. Being on the hormonal IUD made it worse. Hormones suuuuck.
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    • CommentTimeMar 25th 2013
    I should also add: on very hot days or if I'm in humid places, I just won't wear makeup. In drier places you can get away with wearing it all day but if you're going to be muggy or sweating a lot, that's where getting clogged pores can come in. Also, I just don't like not being able to wipe my face or splash it with water without fear of ruining my makeup, and I can also reapply sunblock as needed. At most I'll wear some eye makeup if I'm feeling like it.
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    Digg just announced that they are going to try and fill the Google Reader shaped hole in the internet with a new reader platform.

    Digg Reader

    I use Feedly on my phone, and I imported all my reader sources. My only question is, since it seems to simply take everything from my Google account instead of truly importing the feed sources, will it stop working once Google Reader goes down and I'll have to manually enter in all the sources all over again? I like Feedly quite a bit. the controls are easy, I like the one touch saves, but at least on a mobile platform, the flipping of "pages" seems a little awkward. Plus I'm going to miss the feed ticker on my phone that GR has.
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    A relative of mine has been clearing out her house and offered frames, and when I came by to pick out what I wanted, this was in one of the boxes. After finding out she didn't want it, I got to take it. Woot! Except that I want to know more, particularly about the artist, and my google fu skills are lacking. Or something.
    print from Donna

    The best I can make out is Lindsay Als...? Anyway, any help, even in point out directions of better ways/places to look would be sweet.

    Also, I'm totally copying that pose for a self portrait. If I get around to it.
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    #who'sthatartist? -- I read it as "Lindsay Alsan" but the name is turning up nothing, I tried other variants on the last name, and Tineye isn't finding a copy of the image on the 'net.
    Perhaps it's something that a hobby-artsist did once upon a time that a family member liked and it moved around to a few other owners before you got it?
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    Google search-by-image doesn't find a match either.

    I'm skeptical that the third letter in the last name is an "s", because it's so much more elongated than the one in "Lindsay". But I have no alternative hypothesis. The predictive searches I do with other keywords added (e.g. "illustrator lindsay ..." just bring up people with the last name Lindsay.
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    #selling prints

    I need to justify the obscene amount of money I've spent on camera equipment by selling stuff - probably landscape and floral work. I'd like to start selling prints, but not really sure where to start. Has anyone here had any success with print sales, whether single prints or photobooks? My ambition at this stage is to just generate enough income to make the hobby self-financing.

    Initially, I'd be looking to do something where somebody else takes care of fulfilment - although I've got a decent A4 printer, I'd struggle time-wise to take care of posting and printing. The other concern I have is QC and colour accuracy; which feels to me like a bit of a dark art...

    Anyhow, would be grateful for anyone's advice/experiences/details of workflow in this area...
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    I'd guess at either Lindsay Alison or Lindsay Ellison, although I'm not too sure about the ending. I'm pretty sure it starts "elli", though, but "ali" seems plausible too, and there's definitely a round character towards the end, so an a, o or e, probably.

    It could even be a piece of commercial art for a magazine or something, but I guess it probably wouldn't have a signature then.
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    You should wait for better answers than mine, but I sell prints on 500px. You get $2 for a digital download and ~$70 for a canvas sale. The downside is you pretty much have to sell canvas prints to cash out ($100 minimum) so all my digital sales are basically sitting in limbo until someone splurges upwards of $150. I don't work to drive much traffic there, and all my sales have resulted because one of my photos went popular and then got reblogged on Pinterest a lot.
    There's no option for, say, 8x10s or something small and cheap. And my DSLR just barely makes the cut for the canvas dpi/size.

    I think Jethro sells on 500px, so maybe he's had a different experience than I. I'm sure everyone else has different methods.
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    Allana -- Which one sold a whole bunch?
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    I'm currently doing some research into performance art and looking for some recommendations. Marina Abramovi? and Yoko Ono are the first ones I've got, but I'm looking for other suggestions, particularly as it is a very subjective field to look at.

    Thanks swarm brain.
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    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2013

    I'm a fan of Orlan

    My old professor Micha Cardenas made a huge impact on how I view performance art. Especially good if you're into gender and sexuality.
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2013
    This is just so broad I don't even know where to begin. It doesn't help that it overlaps so much with video art, and that's a ton of postmodern art in those two categories.

    If you're willing to be scarred for life over this research, the Viennese Actionism movement is kind of important.

    Hennesy Youngman is wonderful, of course. Sort of stretching the definition there a little maybe, but man. He's so good.

    Then there's Jillian Mayer who made this masterpiece:

    I can't find a website for the performance artist David Levine, but he's fantastic.

    I was in a show with Tobias Burstrap once, and he did a live performance for the opening. Nice guy. A friend of mine who came to the opening said that he was one of his favorite performance artist's he'd ever seen. I don't know about that, but it was a fun performance to watch, for sure.

    Narcissister is one that I saw in a show once that will haunt me forever. Mostly the "Russian Doll" video. Very very NSFW. Maybe should actually be on the IDNNTST thread.

    Matthew Barney is an obvious one to look at, since he's such a big name and all. Though honestly watching the one Cremaster film I have seen made me feel physically ill after a little while.

    Some personal friends who do performance art and have websites include Jorge Rojas (AKA nicest human being alive. He's doing some tortilla reading in Brooklyn soon.), Micol Hebron, and Angela Ellsworth.

    I could keep adding to this forever, but I think I'll leave it for now.
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    #performaneartists Thanks Kay, Argos and Fishelle. I'll work my way through them ;)
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    @internaut - AFAIK feedly will continue to function as they will transition away from reader and onto a clone of the reader api. More info is here
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    Warped Savant,
    Untitled by Allana Mayer (allana)) on
    Untitled by Allana Mayer
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    I'm 27, never lived on my own. Been with my grands, now I'm moving to my aunts since it's about ten minutes from my new job which I'm starting on Sunday.

    I plan on moving from there in about six months, but don't know how to calculate costs, decide who's a good roommate, what unwritten rules to follow, etc. The company I work for has a resource which I can use to find a roommate, just shaky 'cause its my first time.

    Help por favor.