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    Been a Buddhist meditator for nearly a decade now. Figures very, very prominently in how I deal with my clinical depression and generalized anxiety.

    Kabat-Zinn is a good resource, as well as Jack Kornfield. Noah Levine's Against The Stream has a great archive of talks and guided meditations. Upaya Zen Center does too.

    Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Salzberg did a good introductory course on insight meditation here. Not free, but available elsewhere I imagine. Ahem.

    Some of it can get a little light and fluffy; Noah Levine/Against The Stream teachers are good at not going there. Lemme know if you want any further/more specific recommendations!

    In terms of actual practices, I stick mostly to simple breath meditation, sometimes other mindfulness practices if I'm feeling saucy. Mantra meditation once in a while.

    Most important practices: apply ass to cushion, focus on breath. Catch mind wandering, bring it as gently as possible back to breath. Mind always wanders.
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    What's a good place to start? Who's fair? Who's easy? Who's good quality? Who is good for photography? Who is good for art prints?


    This is because OH MY GOD STICKER SHOCK FOR MY BRACES. It's manageable, but YEEEEEEEEESH I would like to pull in some extra cash so I can at least pretend to have a savings account.
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    Lots of artists I know enjoy Society6. They seem to have a pretty decent curation & my friends are using that instead of DIY inkjet printing at home, so I'm guessing it's pretty decent. is a weird one that fits into the whole POD thing that also doesn't make me want to stab everyone on the front page.
    And I know you didn't ask for it but just for other peoples' reference, I liked the look of this POD t-shirt site:

    I like having my own Etsy shop just because with endless tagging you increase the chance of someone stumbling on it. I know I buy a fuckton of stuff on that site. But the fees after a while get pretty high. Big Cartel is pretty easy to adapt and it's not too expensive since it's just a monthly fee. I'm currently shifting over Molly's web store to a wordpress plugin Woocommerce since we do all our own production, in case you do pre-orders / self-fulfillment.
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    I asked in the fitness thread, but I think this is a better spot to ask. Stevia: what brands/forms are better tasting? Any ideas on how I can sample different types to see what I might like before spending money on a bunch and then finding I hate it? Protein powder (etc): I'm thinking of doing the shake thing for one of my meals a day, and protein powders or whatever get added, but I really don't know what to look for, or what brands are best, or well, any of that. So those of you that know stuff, um, help?
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    stay away from whey if you're prone to acne (like me!). I really like Vega protein powder, though it's one of the more expensive ones, bc I find that the vanilla flavor tastes really good. I tried buying a cheaper one and that one ended up being a waste of money because it tasted so god awful I just never wanted it. Anyway, the Vega one is brown rice, pea, and sava inchi protein, so it's all vegan if that matters at all. If you want to replace a meal, they do also make "Vega One" which is meant to be used as a meal replacement, as it also has a good dose of vitamins and minerals. Other companies make similar meal shakes that have added nutrition aside from just protein.
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    Take care when ingesting protein powders. They can give you a horrible case of the thundering shits.
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    #Domain & Email

    Looking to get a domain to use primarily for email.

    Ideally, I'd like:
    (It's been a long while since I last had one, so forgive anything which goes without saying nowadays.)

    - multiple secondary email addies that I can receive & send through
    - reliability
    - to be able to download it to Outlook via my ISP
    - webmail/mobile access
    - not cost a fortune

    Any pointers would be fab.

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    What's your question? Do you want to know about getting a domain, setting up these services yourself, or where to get these services?
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    So, long story short, i went to school for art and ended up doing printmaking because i loved still being able to work with my hands and really get into the art itself. Now, I'm out of school, have no work space and no spare cash to create a work space for litho/screen or intaglio printmaking. My wife bought me a wacom Bamboo for christmas and I'm slowly but surely working on it, getting better. I know this might sound ludacris with the state art is in, but I've always been a pencil to paper kind of guy. That being said I love what the tablet can do but i still very restricted and a little overwhelmed with what's going on. I keep up with artists, art in general and know that I've fallen behind as far as production and technology, but can anyone recommend a starting point? The last time i did anything with Photoshop was about 8 years ago, with Quark and Pagemaker. Right now i have the starter version of Autodesk and was looking at Manga Studio EX 4 as everyone I've talked to that uses it said it beats the crap out of PS. Really looking for starter tips/ resources for digital paint.

    Edit: I'm terrible at asking for help, and have been wanting to bring this up for a while, since we started the can haz help thread in fact. I just didn't have the guts.
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    It's not entirely what you're asking, but is there maybe a print workshop near you? A lot of medium-sized cities in the UK seem to have one. My local one (Dundee) has some ridiculously high-tech equipment as well as massive screenprinting machines and all the industrial-scale stuff that other people use while I thrash away on the ancient relief press in the corner, it's definitely more economical than setting up at home...
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    A small tip for using the Wacom tablet: try playing video games with the pen, it trains your eye and hand faster than if you just use the tablet for art.
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    The Bamboo models are a good way to get your feet wet with digital media. Wacom makes better (and more expensive) models, but the Bamboo gives good bang for the buck.

    Manga Studio 5 is out, and although I'm still fighting with making the transition, I think it's superior to MS4 in most ways, so if you think you're going to use the program, go right to 5 and save yourself the relearning. MS 5 (standard version) is only $80, and does pretty much everything the $300 MS 5EX version does, except for managing comics as multipage documents instead of individual pages.

    Speaking of which, this assumes you're thinking of making comics. MS can be used for other things, but comics-making is where its strengths are. If you want a general-purpose image-making tool, Painter, Pixelmator (Mac only, $30), or GIMP (free) might be better.
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    If you don't feel like dropping the money on a Wacom, Monoprice has several very well reviewed drawing tablets for ridiculously cheap. They don't have pen tilt detection, but then neither does the Bamboo.
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    Are you trying to do more digital painting/mimicking traditional mediums with your art? Or are you doing more traditional comics/cell work? Cause you can learn everything there is to know about the application first, or you could just focus on learning specifically what you're doing.

    In any case, I learned Photoshop just by faffing around with the software & online tutorials. One of my favourite books that I picked up was actually this old one: where the first half of the book goes over a lot of painting theory, while the second half is about using the software, Painter. It's old so it's out of date now, but I really liked the way the book was written out if you want to check out any (or hell, if you want my copy, because I'd be happy to ship it out to where it'd get some use).

    The DeviantART community actually has a lot of really good resources for free + brushes that you can play with as you start building out your digital painting style.

    I've used Photoshop forever, but I've been wanting to get into Manga Studio since I love the stuff that Paul Sizer comes out with it.
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    Does anyone have any negative experiences with naturism? I've been looking at couch surfing and wwofing profiles in Australia and there seems to be a lot of 'clothes-free' people. The ideals seem pretty interesting (organic farming, healthy living) just wondering if there's a dark side to this (cue bum hole jokes).
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    Thanks so much everyone, sorry it was a little rambly and vague, but you've really given me some good jumping off resources and thanks for the tip on MS 5!
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    Who or where provides a good service?

    I'm having to change ISPs soon, so thought I'd find somewhere I wouldn't have to rely solely on the new one.
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    I've been foolish and accepted a dare. well sort of accepted it, as it was for an act but carting a dalek around is just not going to happen. but the dare still stands (as some of you may have seen on twitter) so...

    yeah, I'm in need of a dalek.

    And a photographer, and all the rest of it and probably a good 3 months in the gym as well but those things are less difficult (even with almost zero cash).

    Content of the dare can be determined by googleing Katy Manning. and yes, aping the photos complete with the upward attenee.

    (must not be tempted on twitter, even if something looks easy, it is not going to be, but without fun what is living? gibbslap own head)
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    See if there's a Dr Who fan club anywhere in your local vicinity. If there is a club, they're almost legally required to have access to a home built dalek.
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    #dalek I saw one in Waterlooville a few months was waiting to cross the road near Asda along with a bloke in a tracksuit.

    I realise that doesn't help a great deal except maybe to say they're more common than you think...