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    • CommentTimeApr 24th 2014
    #dominating buildings
    I don't know if this is what you had in mind at all, but I felt the need to throw in the Mormon temple in Salt Lake City. It's got a few blocks of gardens surrounding it and it's architecturally distinctive, as well as being historically significant for the state.
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    Well, here's what was until recently Oslo's only two tall buildings - the Post Office headuqarters by the Railway Market, Norway's tallest building since the 70's, overtaken by the SAS hotel in the 90's. It's not clear why city planners allowed one state and one priviate entrepeneur to utterly fuck up the 17th to 19th century profile of Ibsen's city, but in their defence, the area was already pretty much unsuitable for human habitation due to heavy traffic and railway activity.

    The new "Barcode" quarter, under construction in space freed up by the new Opera to the left of the image above, might manage to draw your eyes away from the familiar old eyesores, or just promise to cover one disaster with another. Visually impressve, but it's still an open question wether they're building another corporate ghost town or a beautiful new city borough. You couldn't call it gentrification, since there was no one there but heroin addicts sleeping under the motorway bridges and container yards before the gentry moved in.

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    Thanks everyone for the info. Salt Lake City temple was the one I looked at and thought 'That!'

    I think it's to do with the way the space has been left around it to increase the visual impact, so no other buildings impinge on the building. But the others have all given me ideas too.

    On a similar subject I love this piece of art
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    One more -

    Sydney Opera House completely dominates the harbourfront. Not to mention also being one of the world's most beautiful buildings:

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    Coming in late, but an essential entry - the Palace of the People in Bucharest:

    Palace of the People

    Built for Romania's communist dictator Nicolae Ceau?escu: The largest civilian administrative building in the world, the heaviest building in the world; over 1000 rooms, 12 storeys high - plus at least 4 below ground, plus several incomplete basement storeys and a network of underground tunnels. People who wander away from tours have been known to get utterly lost in the unused regions of the building - the Romanian parliament uses only about a third of the 3.7 million square feet.

    palace of the people

    From another angle, you can see how the layout of the city has been shaped around the Palace - all set for triumphal military parades, one imagines.
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    I kinda like how the more ... sane architecture, trees, etc nearby seems to be protected from its presence by the barrier structures.
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    Big palaces like that do tend to stick out, although none really quite as much as that one does :)

    I remember being in Tokyo a while back. It's an incredibly dense city where almost everything is over four stories tall and rammed together. There's almost no open space at all, until you approach the Imperial Palace and suddenly everything seems to kind of melt away... if you get close enough to it you can no longer see the city at all unless you turn around. It's a weird sensation.
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    I know there are a few of you here with interests of the fortean kind. I seriously need the box set of CDs cataloguing Fortean TImes issues 1-30. It took several weeks of emails and late-night intercontinental telephone calls but I have finally ascertained that there is no way whatsoever that I can get the disks out of the publisher.

    My hard copy collection goes back to 1997 and is only missing a few issues, but with what I'm writing I need to check what current thinking on certain topics was in the early 90s. While I could try finding the collection volumes edited by Paul Sieveking on eBay, even if I could find them I still couldn't perform keyword searches.

    I would be desperately grateful if there was some way I could buy or rent them from someone. If you have them or know someone who does, please, please, help me out here. It's the difference between days and months for me.
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    I can't help I'm afraid. I did look on the website and they are there for sale. Is this just a shipping issue? Could someone who you know and trust in the UK buy them and mail what you need?
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    Sadly not. The website lies. The phone number yields a very shirty CD production house who are dead sick of hearing from people calling about the disks - I called after 11pm Sydney time and I was "not the first caller this morning" - and they told me all they ever did was burn the disks, they never had a hand in distribution. All the links on the web page, including the one to the postal order PDF, are broken.

    After 8 weeks or so of emailing various parties in the subscription department, I finally received an authoritative statement that the shop is permanently closed and therefore the disks are not and will not become available. Thanks for thinking about it though, Steve, much appreciated. If you do happen to meet anyone who might agree to part with a copy, please do let me know.
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    Hi Kay. I asked someone who I thought might be able to help, but no luck I'm afraid. I'm guessing this was probably your first port of call, but have you tried the Fortean Times messageboard. Sorry if it's grandmother suck eggs etc.
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    Actually no! I'd had trouble logging in for a while a few years back and then entirely forgot it existed... thankyou for reminding me! I have no idea what email address I used to create my old account, and it may well be one that has gone to Digital Jesus, so I've set up a new account just now. That was actually a good and timely suggestion. Thanks!
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    Does anyone here have experience shipping computers between continents? There's a guy in Alabama who has a couple of RIPs for my ancient printer. These things are as rare as rocking horse shit and he's offered them to me for cost of shipping, bless him. I have no idea whatever of the services available from the USA or their pros and cons. How would you ship a couple of desktop towers from America to Australia, if you had to do it?
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    I use UPS as it's cheaper than FedEx.
    DHL is also used by some folks but I hate their website.
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    `i'd suggest UPS over fedex, but make sure that the customs codes declared are the correct ones as there will be a charge, and it would be a pita for it to be higher than it could. Also (and this is important) it needs to be clearly labelled as computer parts and delicate etc etc and packed accordingly, as the damage rate cross continent is horrible. Best would be if he can find someone coming over here to carry them in hand luggage.

    P.S. have you spoken to the national museum of computing to see if they have the thing you are after. there is an awful lot in storage there.... !!
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    I hadn't thought of it! Worth a shot. I'm about to make the old thing its own web page as well, and offer gifts for people who locate parts or supplies for me.
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    #Documentary Music

    For the last few months I've been trying to track down a piece of music. It consists of pulsing strings in the background (pretty similar to Palladio but faster) with a solo violin over the top that goes like this.

    It often gets used in documentaries - I'm actually starting to think it's stock music owned by some production company, but does anyone recognise it?

    LATER: Managed to find an example of it on YouTube, so you don't have to put up with my whistling.

    Music at 45 seconds in
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    I've got some framed prints I'm going to be selling soon via etsy - some "new" snow cave stuff. I've already got your basic 5x7s printed out by a photo lab (film process), but I can get giclee on watercolor paper - you know, with white torn borders (super archival artsy stuff). The former is cheaper and faster (I just have to put the photos in the frames), but the latter has better presentation (but will take more doing and will cost more). The former I can price at $10-$15 including shipping etc. The latter is probably going to be $20 at the least. Which would you be more likely to buy?
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    Honestly, I think the more unique a treatment you can give your photos, the more likely people are to purchase them. Otherwise, it's just as easy looking at them on a computer screen. Then again, I've sold very little prints.
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    My family shit has been shitty and hard, but it turns out my dad is turning 60 early next month, and my stepmother actually bothered to include me in the mass email about it. I'd been intending to get this for my dad when I had the money:

    Three of a Perfect Pair

    However, being what a rough time he's had with his closest sister dying two weeks ago, and that he's turning 60, and that it's right near Father's Day, I really want to get it for him. He's a fabulous bass layer, and since I was a kid he'd play along to King Crimson, so it'd be great. It might possibly get me a bit of an in with my family, which I really do need.

    Anyway, I've decided to just sell everything I can, because... fuck it. So.

    I've got the 1991 Bowen Sandman statue, limited to 1,800. It's been my prized possession for much of my life now. It's got a small chip that you totally can't see. I don't have the box, my mom threw it out.

    Also, I've got every issue from Preacher from issue 12 on.

    Also, I've got every issue of Sandman from issue 8 on.

    Also, I've got a signed inscribed (to someone named Catherine) Sandman leatherbound Key to Hell trade.

    Also, I've got every issue of Transmet.

    I'm not sure what else I've got that I could sell. I figured I'd see if any of you folks were interested in those few things,or if you know the best places to take them in NYC to sell, or if you've any other ideas.