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    I was thinking that, but I thought I could do like a first printing run (with 10 frames) of the "cheap" version, since I already have most of the photos. But should I? Or would that be offensive to the people after who can only get the fancy version after that first version is sold? Or... (I'm over thinking this, aren't I.)
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    Go the Giclée prints. I sell shitloads of them every time I have a show. They're a winner.

    While we're on the topic... when you say Giclée... you just mean generic high-end archival inkjet, don't you? Like Epson or HP? I ask because as well as various Epson printers I've got a 1990s drum printer that's actually named the Colorspan Giclée Printmaker FA.

    AFAIK it's the last one in captivity. I'm pretty desperate to find parts for it, particularly print heads, particularly particularly black ones. If (and this is a massive long shot) the folk you print through are using just such a machine, can you please ask them if there are any supplies or spares they'd be willing to part with?
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    It might be the generic high-end archival inkjet. I'm not really sure. I can ask though. They might have a resource too.

    Giclée is the direction I'd usually go, but I already have those kinds of prints on etsy and they're not selling. Granted, I'm also doing a poor job of promoting them (which I'm hoping to fix in the near future). I won't be doing any shows. But if Giclée is really that much better, I might just bite the bullet and spend even more of my personal funds.
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    My niece is 14, turning 15 in a couple of months, and started to get interested in comic book art, particularly Marvel (Probably because it is the most visible for her at the moment.

    Obviously I'd like to encourage this, so I was after good recommendations of comics for a 15 year old girl. I'd like to get her a couple of trade paperbaacks for her birthday, but I don't really read Marvel etc these days. I'd also like to recommend some ongoing series that she can have a look at. Any suggestions would be really helpful.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2014

    She might like Gillen and McKelvie's recent run on Young Avengers. I think that's all available in trade now. (this is assuming you think she'd be ok with a book where there's talking about sex and stuff, it's not graphic cause this is still Marvel)

    Fraction's Hawkeye as well.

    Basically anything recent with Kate Bishop in.
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    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2014 edited

    I've heard the current ms marvel is supposed to be superb, but I've not read it myself.
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    It's pretty old now, but Grant Morrison's X Men - E for Extinction is a good jumping on point, if you have a basic knowledge of the characters already.

    ETA; For something totally different, I'd suggest Alan Moore's Ballad of Halo Jones. Or the first Witch Doctor trade, by Brandon Siefert.
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    That's around the age I started on Sandman. If she's a geeky kid that likes history and mythology, it'd be a great fit.
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    Thanks everyone. I' think I'll start with the Young Avengers and Ms Marvel, then see if the interest is there.

    @Rachael Tyrell I don't think she's that into the mythology at the moment, but if she catches the book I have them all and can lend them to her.
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    Arhg... I have taken on a press officer role for a friends play. lovely play, tech focus :-) And now I'm tasked with finding arts/theatre journalists to write about it. *fear* I sorted those on the tech side without tooo many issues...


    Anyone got any contacts I can steal?

    • CommentAuthorSteerpike
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2014

    This might give you some names and websites to start off with: I'm assuming this is the The Stage they're referring to.
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    Try Nick Ahad. He was the theatre correspondent for the Yorkshire Post. Still does things for them, but also has a radio show on Radio Leeds. Good bloke. Worth dropping a direct messagge rather than a vague PR.
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    Thank you!

    Can I ask a further boon? The play is and we've got a kickstarter ending in a few days.


    I'd be the most grateful person out there if you could give it a bump? Twitter, or FB ) or anywhere really. We're working on getting livestreaming in as an alternative to a ticket reward for those outside the UK/London as well...

    if this is completely ott then sorry... think I've bitten off a bit more than I can chew here, having to do arts stuff so many years after I last did! (out of date contacts. argh) We've had good tech coverage, and bitcoin and similar ( and the keiser report on russia today), I only climbed on to do a bit of emergency crisis management last week!

    ramble ramble flail!
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    I haven't downloaded anything in a less than wholly legitimate way since Napster. But if I wanted to, where would be a good, safe place to start? And would there be any particular precautions I'd need to take?
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    The Pirate Bay is still the gold standard. Beware of fraudulent advertising (basically all ads on The Pirate Bay are from phishing sites, fake Russian and Chinese dating sites and malware distributors) and fake download buttons (always click on the underlined link that says 'get this torrent'). Most of the torrents there are safe, but I wouldn't download any executables if I were you.
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    Cheers, Greasemonkey! Have found a Pirate bay proxy and got me a torrenting client.

    Edited as I answered my own follow-up question.
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    #Documetary music
    @ Purple Worm,
    I'm afreaid I don't know that particular piece, but it is slightly reminiscent of
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    Every decent doctor I've been to in the past 10 years has asked me if I had a traumatic brain injury. The only one I had was when smacking my head on an iron fence when visiting Disney World at age four or five, around 1980. I had to get stitches right by my temple, but got them by Disney people. My mother has no record of this. It is possible that I have sustained lasting damage that has caused/contributed to my neurological problems. I want to find records of this. The idea of suing for damages is enticing, but I'd really like to get the records, regardless. Ideas? Experience? Lawyers to recommend?
    • CommentAuthorSteerpike
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2014

    Can't speak to legal action (you might look into a free consultation with a South Florida personal injury lawyer), but (407) 939-6104 is the number on Walt Disney World's site for My Past Walt Disney World Visit and Pamela Hymel is their Chief Medical Officer. You might also see about posting to some of the unofficial WDW forums.