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    • CommentAuthorfenrir07
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2012
    Ancient Greece was defeated by Rome because the legion was more effective on the battlefield than the phalanx. It would be a bit of an simplification to say that Rome was destoryed by barbarians, after all the eastern part lasted until 1453 - we call it the Byzantine Empire but they refered to it as Imperium Romanum - the Roman Emprie, and they were taken down by the Turks of the Ottoman Emprie. :)

    I figure the crossed are more like super-violent neanderthals with a constant hard-on. Like the neanderthals they band together in small groups, attack their prey from close range, communicate in a crude language and don't comb their hair... :)
    ...and we all know what fate evolution had in store for the neanderthals... :D

    If the crossed epidemic broke out I'd live through it and post a bit about it on facebook. :)
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    @fenrir07: Read the other printed Crossed comics... You may change your mind. The Crossed get a really cruel idea, and run with it, for fun. From what I've seen, it seems to amplify the worst impulses in people, and make'em act out on them, and more scarily, focus on them.

    Slight spoiler for the first Crossed paperback:
    At one point a group of Crossed are seen jacking off into a bowl. Turns out that the bowl contained bullets... And these bullets are then fired at non-Crossed. Contaminated bullets, that turn people over. This is the same group that, as far as I remember, also made it a hobby to capture non-infected, infect one of them, and lock them up in a makeshift arena to watch the ensuing 'show'.

    Crossed seem to be more like a really crude version of idiot savants: When they set their minds to something, they can be pretty clever about it. They're just so focused on it, they forget about a lot of other stuff. And the things they focus on are, for the most part, these dark impulses that would be shoved to the back of a normal human being's mind.
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    I guess I read the wrong history books. I believed the barbarians wiped out the Roman rulers and plunged the world into 1000 years of Dark Ages.

    But it's all good. Your points are well-made, and it's a testament to the writing that it can establish a discussion at such a high level.
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    They are like a human virus, aren't they? Their primal purpose is to kill and/or contaminate others.
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    @longtimelurker the concept of the Dark Ages has long been disproved by the richness of the culture in the Norse, Anglo-Saxon, Byzantium world. Of course the irony of this comparison is that the Romans with their indulgence in their appetites, whether in the arena or in the bedroom, had more in common with the Crossed than the survivors.
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    Ah, the joy of Whitechapel, where you can bask in the pleasures of horrific artwork and get a history lesson.
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    @longtimelurker: Not necessarily. Could be that the Crossed infection makes them act that way in order to spread the infection the most efficiently, yes... You see that elsewhere in nature. But the only reason the Crossed themselves would care about infecting others, from what I've seen, is because they find it entertaining. One particular group of Crossed might focus on that, but another might focus on something entirely different which DOESN'T spread the infection.
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    @Steve Toase

    The nomadic invasions that brought an end to the Roman Empire were attended by extreme devastation and depopulation of huge areas. If that isn't equivalent to what the Crossed did, I don't know what is.
    • CommentAuthorBadBeast
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2012
    @20thoughts; Syphilus, when it gets to contagious maturity in an infected woman, conditions her skin and hair, dilates her eyes, and releases huge amounts of sex pheromones to make her as alluring to men as possible in order to pass into another host. A Pathogen like a virus usually leaves the host pretty much as healthy as they were before infection. It's never a desired objective for any parasite to actually kill it's host, because they depend upon it for sustenance. Then when the infection levels become contagious, the virus induces the host to expel as many of them as possible in the vicinity of other humans / hosts, and the cycle begins again.

    If you were a viral infection, and you just drained your host of life, there will be no germy sneezes, no foetid squits or gouts of semen with which to carry you to your next host. All you get, is trapped in useless dead meat. Bad move Ebola, to be so virulent that the host cannot spread far geographically between symptoms apperaing, and death. Bad move, evolutionarily. Ebola becomes the doomed Panda of infections, and soon to perish.

    I bet the most successful viruses will never be discovered, because they have adapted so well with the host they don't produce any symptoms. They might even enhance the host's biological function, or their intelligence, playing the long game, and passing invisibly and without any detectable process from host to host, via it's normal reproductive process. Then it would be in the infection's interest to preserve the host's life in whatever way possible, to maximise it's own potential. Viral enhancers. Replenishing themselves just enough to remain viable and undetected in the host. Adapting to avoid the immune system. And what are the immune system's antibodies, anyway if not another micro organism that came in as a parasite, but stayed as a symbiote?
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    That period, and the subsequent 1000 years, were also responsible for Russia, the Normans, the establishment of Dublin, the arrival of the Angles, Saxons and Jutes in the British Isles, the establishment of Danelaw and the establishment of Jorvik. This is the period from which the Book of Kells, the Sutton Hoo metalwork and 'knotwork' in general originates, as well as one of the greatest epics of English, Beowulf.
    Other cultures at the time considered Barbarian by the Romans included communities such as the Pazyryk culture. The period following the end of the Western Roman Empire (And that is only technically an end as it continued with the Holy Roman See in the West and the Byzantine Church in the East.) was only a Dark Age from the perspective of an urbanised Roman population. Seen from the perspective of the rest of the continent it was a time when art and knowledge flourished. This is the reason why it tends to be referred to as Early Medieval, or in some texts as sub-roman or post-roman. I have to confess that my area of research is a lot earlier and I have a passing interest in the Roman period and beyond.
    • CommentAuthorNo Fear
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2012
    Yet to be proven that the Crossed infection is down to a virus.
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    Actually, that group of crossed jacking off into the bowl of bullets doesn't appear to be the same group led by Horsecock.
    I'm no gunsmith, but I imagine that semen-smothered ammunition isn't exactly a part of the recommended routine firearms preventative maintenance manual. The crossed can't keep their own clothes from quickly becoming tattered rags; how their guns can still perform flawlessly, with nary a misfire or jam in sight, is something I ascribe to mere artistic license.

    On another note, anyone notice how some characters turn immediately upon contact with a bit of crossed-infected fluid, while others take a bit more time? I suspect that Shakey has some natural immunity to the pathogen because he was wandering throughout blood-soaked ground in and around London with bare feet.
    • CommentAuthorblighty
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2012
    @Deadly Ramon You are correct. The crossed jerking off on the bullets is in the second issue. Horsecock doesn't appear for several more issues. I also had wondered about the thing with Shaky walking around crossed London in his bare feet. I think him not stepping in blood or cum or something and getting infected is just more of that artistic license you noted. Not any indication of immunity.

    Big mystery count: What is the deal with the nun and her X face? The X's cut into the faces of the crucified soldiers along with the weird, non aggressive crossed behavior noted by Jackson would indicate that she has become a leader/organizer on more of a large scale than we have seen in previous series. There is also the booby trapped cow and the beheaded rabbit artwork(?) thing. I think these are both from the nun and her crowd(some kind of religion dedicated to dismemberment and insertion? lol).

    Who is that well wrapped and goggled crossed we momentarily saw at the end of the previous issue? No idea on this one.

    New character who just popped in for a chat? I think it is the easiest answer: just another survivor. Will probably demand to be taken along.
    • CommentAuthorBadBeast
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2012
    @Deadly Ramon, I reckon the Crossed jerk off on everything they can't fuck, as a matter of course.
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    At the risk of humanizing some Crossed, has anyone else wondered if some of them at least respond to the infection in an unconventional way? Maybe some become fearless but not sadistic, or others might be more discriminating in selecting prey, including a preference for hunting more usual and reckless crossed over uninfected survivors (there'd certainly be an abundance of the former). What about people like Geoff, a serial killer before the outbreak; how would their warped sense of morality be affected?

    About the crossed jacking off and raping everything, I wonder what would happen to someone who subsists on Viagra upon getting infected. Instant cure for impotence?

    Finally, that well wrapped and goggled crossed at the end of the prior issue reminded me of Doomsday (Superman's nemesis) for some reason.
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2012
    Who is that well wrapped and goggled crossed we momentarily saw at the end of the previous issue? No idea on this one.

    The implication is that he's Skip's brother. Consider the title Wish You Were Here. The nun, the brother; I wonder who'll pop up next. (Not Tabitha's lover, I'd imagine...)
    • CommentAuthorblighty
    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2012
    @Deadly Ramon Lol. It does look like Doomsday's initial appearance. Now I can't unsee it.

    @taphead I would have to say that I don't think that is the case. Skip's brother was too badly injured, and it just seems too easy. Your tying it in to the title is nice though, I hadn't considered that.
    • CommentAuthorBadBeast
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2012
    I reckon that "X" is the cross of St Patrick, and they're all Irish.
    • CommentAuthorWood
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2012
    Nonsense. This is Scotland, and it is the cross of St Andrew.
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2012
    For Oddcult: "How is it possible to fuck a dolphin's snothole?" I've just spent about 10 straight minutes NOT getting anything done at work because I was in laughter stasis...that was fucking hysterical. Ironically I pointed out to Si nearly the same compliment to the phrase "lungfucking a dolphin" a while back.

    Honestly most of these in the thread are funny as hell. As I read through all the posts of everyone gathering and guessing at why X = X and Y = Y around this story, my own thoughts are...I think they're just psychotic and the characters themselves (written as realistically as possible in that insane environment) are "reaching" on their own for an explanation simply because it's human nature to search for the answer. But the long and short of it is like Odd said - because it's in the script. LOL. But I enjoy reading all the different theories and directions that never crossed my mind while I was also thinking up my own answers as to why something is or isn't, this way or that, and who will do what next!! :-)

    For the most part I succumb to the fact that Si is pure genius and writes the absolute craziest shit he can think of while tying it to the previous week, and making something new for the next! Every story within "WYWH" thus far has been SO very good! And the metaphors are a kind of new and supreme vernacular salad!

    Keep up the insanity, Si! And thanks as well to those who post here for the mostly hysterical reads and insights in between the releases - I don't know about anyone else but I like the threads that pop up after a new issue damn near as much as the comic!

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