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    Thanks to the well-done DREDD 3D, my interest in things Dredd led me to Douglas Wolk's blogs about Dredd books. One such is THE SIMPING DETECTIVE, a Dredd spinoff drawn by Frazer Irving and written by some Horrible Warning person on Whitechapel.

    Assuming Dennis Potter's angry shade doesn't come along and throttle the readers of the book, I'm curious if Whitechapelers have read it.
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    I've read it. It's brill.
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    Si, has this been printed in America? Also, do I need to know anything about 2000 AD to read it cold?
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    I think it's available out there, though it might be out of print - it's been a while. And nope, I think it's fairly accessible. It's essentially about an undercover cop working in the same city as Judge Dredd.
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    Then again, given that said undercover cop's cover is a PI who wears a big red clown nose every day, don't expect Sam Spade or Mike Hammer.
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    Thank you, Miranda and Si. I will keep a look out for it. Frasier Irving knows how to draw the comics.
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    I've read it and, as I think I've said to Si before, I loved it - The Simp seriously has the best sidekick in the world as of about 1/3 the way through the TPB. The writing's sharp and the illustrations are dark and darkly comic - just neo enough to be Mega City 1 but just dark enough to be film noir.

    Pick it up, laugh at it; love it. Buy it; put it onto your comic book shelf.

    [That's what I did, anyway.]

    ETA: Yeah, I think I already told him here.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2012
    I've been reading the current exploits of the Simp in 2000AD - Seeing a woman kick shit out-of a dodgy judge for shooting her gorilla in the head is weird, yet fun.
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    Popped onto Bleeding Cool the other day to read the review of "Trifecta," the finale of "The Cold Deck." Wondered if the reviewer was right, that the conclusion of this storyline means that this will be the last readers will see of The Simping Detective.
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    In related news, I read prog (??) 1812, or whichever one is Trifecta. Knowing nothing about any of the characters, except that Dredd's a man that's inflexible for the law, what you told me about the Simping Detective and nothing about that other guy, I got a great story out of the issue. Good job, gentlemen.