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    Sorry folks, this is not anything interesting. Closest to stupid nerd-rage you will ever see me. Embarrassed by it really but here it is.

    Ok, Checkmate is, generally speaking, my favorite WFH book. I am a long time Rucka fan, and was under the impression he was grooming Trautmann (current co-writer) to take over.

    I am looking at the current solicitations text. Bruce Jones. Yeah, I am rather unhappy with that.
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    The other half evidently shares your opinion. He feels it's going to lead to a cancellation of the book.
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    Yeah. I certainly thought so.

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    Ok. There is a reply I did not expect.

    Anything you can say on why that did not work out?

    (Oh and I went back and added your extra n, sorry about that).
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    In light of Eric's presence here, clarity of point.

    Checkmate deserves to sell a ton, however as it is its a modest book at best with a fan following. I think a good amount of that is Rucka's core fan base - who like myself - are very loyal. I think its clear such loyalty would have transfered to my sudden guest in the thread here. Its been sorta clear Rucka was leaving for months now, and it seemed so obvious who was taking over, and seemed like a hand picked new writer with similar sensibilities was a fine choice. Sure if would have adapted to Trautmann's own voice, but it would have been like Ellis to Millar on the Authority.

    A damn shock not to see the name Eric Trautmann as the new writer on 26..and then, well, the actual name settled in.
    I try very hard not to take shots at writers, so I will simply say there are only a few writers in comics I see as an auto drop name - Bruce Jones is one of those names. Reading around I am not alone.

    Really losing a favorite book here too.
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    Not really. The situation has been...fluid for the last little while, so frankly, I'm glad I can stop plastering a fake smile on my face and pretending like everything's hunky-dory. Beyond that, I'm not too comfortable talking about what happened, as it'll make life uncomfortable for some DC folk who tried to be both good corporate soldiers and good to me. Someday, though. Or buy me strong drink at a con. :D

    (And don't worry about the "n". NO ONE gets that right; at least you're not like most of the folks who review Checkmate, and congratulate me on the art I did in them. Credit blocks are apparently confusing. Heh.) ;)

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    Well, thats allot more information then I expected to get when I vented here.

    I rarely succumb to random nerd-rage style anger. But this is a death sentence for the book I think, and sounds like they did indeed have the option of another way to go. Well, I think your contribution to the book has been notable and thank both you and Rucka for the issues we did get. Hopefully you will get a shot to stretch your legs on another title soon.

    Hey Marvel need a Shield writer....?
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    Well, thanks. :)

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    Read your comments on your blog as well. Do you mind if I link to it here, I figure anyone interested can get all they need to know between your comments here and there.
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    You never know who reads your bloggie....

    @Eric Trautmann

    Thank you.
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    My pleasure.

    Finding the post was a coincidence. I was actually taking time away from the Checkmate "hubbub" which had clogged my inbox, and hadn't yet monkeyed around in the Whitechapel blogs. Clicked the first link and ...


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    It's a public post in a public blog. Link to your heart's content, good sir. (Oh, also saw your e-mail and replied; thanks!)

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    For those you (Z, Roo, ect) who have seen a copy I have now mailed off my very geeky, yet still lawyerly, letter of complaint.

    Such a fanboy this week, hah.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2008
    Good cause, good letter. Also introduced me to a new writer I'll be looking for next time I'm in a comic store.

    - Z
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    Yeah, now drafting the mass email thing to the advertisers. That will take a few days of random free time to hunt down their sales department emails.

    Honestly I am just doing this to feel less annoyed. I should thank them. My budget on comics is out of control again, and they pissed me off badly enough to trim about $20-30.
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    Part of this is what strikes me as unfair treatment of a writer, part of this is also...Bruce Jones?

    If you had asked me about Checkmate 26 I would have said "well I hope its Trautmann, if not then Ostrander. After that Keith Giffen would be an excellent choice too. Past that I love the book enough to try any writer who is in DC stable of regulars of pick up work, Pfierffer, Bedard, Gray/Palmotti are not first choices but they have done good work. Cristos Gage would be great too, but I think he is heavily wrapped up at Marvel now. The only writer currently doing allot of work for DC I would be upset with is Jones, but his contract is up anyway."

    I mean, really, its like following Ellis Nextwave with say Jeph Loeb on Nextwave. Its such a wrong fit.

    Edit: DiDio said that Bruce Jones upcoming arc on Checkmate will explore other aspects of the organization, rather than the core staff that Greg Rucka has used in his stories to date.

    1) Well arc, maybe there is some hope.
    2) Or wow does that sound like a "we are going to cancel the book shortly but are going to use it it launch some spin-off now nobody would care about"
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    "1) Well arc, maybe there is some hope.
    2) Or wow does that sound like a "we are going to cancel the book shortly but are going to use it it launch some spin-off now nobody would care about""

    ::whistles innocently::

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    And we have a winner.