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    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2012 edited
    One of these isn't up yet.

    - Had an wonderful Birthday (thanks again, everyone)
    - Have decided to write a small book on basics of beer appreciation. Aiming for a paperback pocketbook to put out on lulu or something. Not planning on making it too intimidating. We'll see. Writing starts tonight. Insanity for several months will follow. :P
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2012
    I would read that book, because beer is my friend.

    Chugging along on the novel, fixing problems as I go. A friend of mine is willing to do concept art, which is an absolute boon.

    I got a new laptop for almost half price. It's Iron Man Red.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2012
    Please; crush me with a big-fat hug.

    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2012
    Would Sir prefer a headlock and a noogie? C'MERE YOU
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    Oh - happy birthday Oldhat, who isn't old at all...

    I'm Out the other side of a nasty episode, that crept up on me so I didn't notice it until it was almost over. I must have been terrible to be around for those days. I know when it hit because I got over halfway through a project involving uploads and then just stopped. I didn't even remember I was doing it, just got stuck in a loop in my head and how it wouldn't go down my arms to paper or to software or anything. Numb and Nasty. I shall do the rest soon, but I'm narked because... well I'm narked. Plus I have huge gaps on bits of social media where I think I must have spewed and then (sensibly) deleted things. Not been that bad in years :-(

    Upside though - I'm now dealing with notebooks getting filled with words. I'll have to learn how to sell this stuff, because I've lost the pitching knack, but I'm not without funds to keep up with small things because my wonderful parents have sent me christmas money. Just must be careful with it so that it lasts as long as possible.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2012
    *everyone hugs Flecky*
    I DIDN'T SAY 'CRUSH FLECKY.'. Jeez, you people ...

    @oldhat - happy birthday again. And excellent idea vis a vis the ms. You got somethin' to say, say it, I say.
    @faux- very good! Keep chugging!

    Did you know I could cook? Me neither. BUT I CAN. Yay ME.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2012
    Group hug on Flecky!!!

    @Oldhat - glad the birthday was good! :)

    @Littlepurplegoth - sorry to hear about the episode, but glad to hear you've come out of it.
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2012
    I am right this minute having my the sink and dishwasher installed after waiting FOUR MONTHS for a plumber! I also had shenanigans twice yesterday, and recorded the v-o for an animation on wednesday and will be doing ANOTHER paid gig the coming wednesday! Now I'm re-watching Community.

    Days are good!
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    - Had a review at work, and was told I was doing a great job. I was happy to finally get feedback and delighted it was positive.
    - dressed as a homeless man today as part of a PSA/sketch..... can't wait to edit it! (I think Handjobs for the Homeless is a worthy cause!)
    Great start to the month.

    @hex anytime you want to have some whiskey, I'm down. (the sooner, the better!)
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2012
    Paid Writing Gig sent me to France for a music festival and it's been pretty goddamned immense. Seen and interviewed some incredible bands. 2/3 through 2nd edit of my novel. Published my first feature for Mishka, and it was an interview with Ales Kot - pretty chuffed with it, Ales was extremely forthcoming about his work (which, needless to say, I'm nuts about). Life is now FULL of stuff and super busy and I love it. Not around here as much as I'd like but at least I'm staying out of trouble!

    @oldhat - I'd read that for a dollar (or ten), keep us posted
    @Fauxhammer - would be happy to beta-read once ready, if you need. Keep pushing.
    @Flecky - (From other thread) Congrats on 90 days man. Stay strong.
    @Littlepurplegoth - Glad you're out the other side of it... big internet love to you!
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    Finally, after about three years of patheticness, managed to order a christmas present for my uncle and his family in the States. One of the biggest, stupidest, most inexplicable mental blocks in my life, that's literally been on my to do list every week for years and I just haven't done it. I need to send my fucking brain to boot camp, I really do.

    But it's done. There may be hope for me yet.
    • CommentAuthorScrymgeour
    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2012 edited
    Feel like an adult for the first time in years, proper job which i love, girlfriend whom i love, got all my christmas shopping done,
    Now just need to tidy my bedroom then i'm allowed out to play

    oh and finally remmebered my best friend of 21 years' birthday
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    @oldhat - a bit late on the birthday wishes, but hey hey! Happy happy!

    ahem. PSYCHIC TV was AMAAAAAZING and I've got a massive crush on the guitar player. Gosh, he just oooozes sound.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2012
    I'm enjoying the group hug - I'm all electro-static warm in a micro-pod of neuroflipping, psychocandy, cyberflesh brown-glow.

    I've decided to kill the thing called Xmas, but this time I'm gonna do it in the style of a bastard who snarls at the normal people - I know, I'm a twat! But I have to be, just to survive the monstrosity of it all.

    I'm going to a meeting tonight, so I can stand-up to the adulation of a bunch of humans giving-it-large over the fact that I've not taken any drugs for over 90 days. They will give me a plastic key-ring, molded from recycled pop-bottles, shaped on the thighs of virgins...

    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2012
    I think there were some up things. Don't feel them now. Didn't wear shoes today. My sister came with the kid and had dinner with us. Great uncle came with my cousin and had coffee and chocolate cake. I slept a lot.

    I'm just here for the hug, really.
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    @raz, consider yourself hugged!

    I got hit by a car on Tuesday (nothing serious, knocked off my bike and scraped my knees) but it was an odd experience. I knew enough take a few minutes to rest, make sure I was actually okay (instinct is to hop up and declare yourself "okay") driver checked on me, and when I said I needed a minute, she declared "I don't know what to do" got into her SUV and drove off.
    I'm posting here though cause, well I'm okay, and because 2 pedestrians checked in on me until it was clear both my bike and me were actually fine. One even lived a few doors down and gave me her address in case I needed anything. I'm focusing on their kindness as the take away from the experience. Nice people are out there and ready to help complete strangers!

    @flecky - keep it up! even if I can't related, but I am so impressed.
    @Scrymgeour - Adulthood? congrats! been trying for years to do day my friend, on day.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2012 edited
    @Everyone: Thank you.

    @raz: Yep - Electro-hug from me!

    @Peter: I hope your OK from that, and I'm glad it wasn't worse.
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    Just wanted to say I had to tell a guy to be careful not to leave hickeys. *happy sigh* Only complaint is that smokers taste awful and the taste is hard to get out. I'm going to have to have mints on hand now.
    • CommentAuthorScrymgeour
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2012
    @Peter Kelly, glad you're ok, as a new driver I'm terrified of what i could do to a cyclist.
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2012

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