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    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2012 edited
    Okay, so my LA thread got locked by The System, so I can't update it with new dates and such.

    What's happening is that I won't be there 'till the 10th now, but I'll stay until the 30th!
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2012
    WOOT. Let us do things! But preferably not Saturday nights as I will be running a play (still! ugh!) and unavailable.

    Are you mostly only interested in meeting up with 'Chapellians and getting a drink on? Or would you like to see LAish sites and/or do LAish things? And are your preferred meet n hang days only weekends or are weekdays good/preferable?

    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2012
    My schedule is pretty open. I'll only have a few set things I need to get done. The rest of the time, I'd love to learn to surf, see a couple of sights (the interesting ones) and see what LA folk get up to. I'd love to come see your play. :)

    Basically, what I want to get out of it is this:

    1: Have meetings with industry professionals.
    2: Possibly go to some castings, join a casting showcase, etc.
    3: Do a few photo shoots (Any photographers/ models interested?)
    4: Maybe do a short film?
    5: Hang out with people I know from the LA area.
    6: Learn to surf.
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    Just remember not to surf after a heavy rain storm out here. All of the shit from the roads finds it's way to the ocean and you can get a wicked ear or eye infection.
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2012
    My friend with whom I'll be living is a surfer, so I'm sure he'll be able to keep me clear of such hazards, but thanks for that tip! :)

    So, we're doing a sausage party, yeah?! I'm excited. I love a good sausage.
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2012
    I definitely want to be in on the sausaging.

    I really don't know how to crash in on things like films, etc, other than by networking. Scan, maybe. But you're basically firing, hope to get a straw through the needle of an eye from one month and 6500 miles away (give or take).

    You'll need to do a lot more (internet) homework to find industry professionals (I think you mean agents and maybe casting directors?). Get in touch and ask them what they would like to receive from an actor like yourself (considerable CV but residing in another country). they likely will want you to walk in the door with a headshot & demo reel.

    You can definitely find photographers and models if you're willing to pay, if not, again poke/prod the network. What kind of shoot are you after?

    So...a lot of this comes down to network. Start tugging on it, getting it to show you what it's got _now_. three weeks will fly by when in another country, and overwhelmingly films don't come together from zero to done inside that time. IF they do expect them to be crappy. I mean sometimes there's superastoundingholymotherfuck good luck, but don't count on it.

    My play... the problem is it isn't my play. I'm looking it as a gig for hire. Because I have no other options for an income right now, so even though the pay is pathetic, it's (theoretically) better than nothing. But these people aren't my home company, this isn't the work I prefer to do, etc, etc. I wish, if you wanted to see one of "my" plays, that you would come out in April...I think that's when my company is putting up our mainstage production for spring. (I wonder if I'll get roped into stage managing. Right now this play is stressing me out so bad it's bringing on some mild but inescapable depression.)

    That said, it's actually a very fine play, getting extremely good reviews and is very sweet, lyrical Americana. By which I mean, you can do far, far worse for theatre in Los Angeles.

    I do hope this works, Mags, I'd love to meet ya.
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    You're coming out at the perfect time of the year at least, since pilot season is usually (barring any strikes) between January and February. Oakwood apartments and the Holiday Inn in Burbank are usually packed with out of town actors. Swing a dead cat by the tail in this town and you'll hit at least three actor's workshops, maybe you can poke your nose in there for info?

    Are you renting or borrowing a car? If you are renting, see if you can get one with GPS, it'll be worth it.
    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2012

    Thanks for the tips. A lot of it is stuff I've been thinking of, so it's good to have it confirmed as a good idea. I have headshots printed as well as a demo reel to show people. I'm waiting for some footage to allow me to make a more diverse reel, but I've had good response on the one I have. The friend I'm living with in LA has said that there's no real point in contacting casting directors and agents who I haven't met, but I thought I might anyway, just in case. As long as I don't BOTHER them, I should be fine, right?

    I've put up a casting call on Model Mayhem for collaborations and have had a few bits of interest.


    The reason I'm going in january is to come in ahead of pilot season. It's worth trying. My friend suggested I drop in on a workshop and a casting showcase if the timing is right. He's got a lot of actor friends who I'll be talking to closer to the time.

    Yeah, I'm renting. I'd either get a car with a GPS or buy the Tom Tom map for my phone.

    The reel, if you're curious:
    Showreel Magnus
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    I'd either get a car with a GPS or buy the Tom Tom map for my phone.
    Not knowing the details of your phone plan, it might be cheaper and more convenient to just get a burner pre-paid Android phone with Google Maps once you're stateside. Rental car GPS is stuck to the car, so it'll be harder to find stuff if you're on foot, Tom Tom map for your current phone runs the risk of driving up your roaming charges.
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    Yeah, I've never used my phone for GPS in LA since reception can be very spotty. Where it's spotty, depends upon your carrier. AT&T sucks donkey balls in Burbank and other parts of the valley, but on the west side it's supposedly pretty good. I use the Garmin GPS system, but that's kind of costly to buy just for a trip. Other than getting a rental with it built in, I can't think of a cheaper solution.
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    AT&T sucks donkey balls in every urban environment. I'm on T-mobile and I've never had any reception problems anywhere in L.A.
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2012
    TomTom doesn't use your data at all, since the maps are pre-loaded with the software. I wouldn't use the Google or Apple maps as they stream the maps rather than keep them pre-downloaded. However, it might be cheaper to have GPS in the car than to buy the Tom Tom map for iPhone.
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    @DavidLejeune - HA! I guess it's not just my area then. I've had pretty decent luck with Verizon in LA.

    @Magnulus - " might be cheaper to have GPS in the car than to buy the Tom Tom map for iPhone." Damn, how much is that app? Isn't only a couple of bucks?
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2012
    US and Canada together cost £32.50. Sat Nav maps are expensive whether it's for smartphones or proprietary hardware. Sucks, but that's life. Suppose I could use the Opensource map app. It should work well in highly populated areas like LA. :)

    I was thinking of maybe getting a microSIM for my iPhone to use while I'm there. I'll have to check to make sure iPhones in the UK work with the US networks. I seem to remember something about dual-band/ trial-band issues, but that might be back in the nineties...
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    £32.50 is a lot of cheese if you're on a buget, but I guess it's worth it considering the area it covers.

    If I'm remembering correctly, I think the sims for the iPhones are different in the US are different between providers. the ones that are in AT&T phones are compatible with the ones that are in the UK(?) sorry I'm not much help on that one. I'm sure someone here will know that stuff better than I.
    • CommentTimeDec 23rd 2012
    It is a lot of money, but it might end up being not much less for a GPS in the car for three weeks. I also need to weigh the chances of me needing those maps in the future for other possible trips.

    What kind of weather do you get in january?
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    In the valley it can drop to the mid 30s (Fahrenheit) at night and be between the mid 50s to the low 70s during the day. Of course for the last few years we would have a couple of days in the winter where it be unseasonably warm and could hit 75 and get an unseasonably cold day in the spring. We've been getting a lot of rain so far this year (a lot for out here). Just have at least one reasonably warm winter coat and some sweaters and you should be alright. You might end up wearing tshirts anyway though. If you are going to be by the ocean (even as far in as Culver City) factor in that it will be 10 degrees cooler than in the valley.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.