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    @Taphead Thanks a lot. If you can't distort a city by zooming in and out wildly then what's the point I say.
    Barry is perfect. Always wanted a baritone. Perhaps I'll take a leaf out of your book and build a monster. How'd you find the process? Any major pitfalls? The colour is beautiful, too.

    @Cara, cjkoger Cheers! Been on a macro kick recently. I looked odder than usual sloooowly stalking unseen bugs around a lake, sweating profusely.

    Here's a short photo essay on the three stages of shock for a lemur.

    Three Stages of Shock- Stage One - Oblivious
    Three Stages of Shock- Stage Two - Gradual Realisation
    Three Stages of Shock- Stage Three - Terror
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    Some wintery desert skys interrupted our bbq yesterday with aplomb.




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    • CommentAuthorFlxzr
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2013
    Went to a gig and forgot to let the camera warm up to room temperature before using it. It came out kind of interesting:

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    Where signs go to die
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2013
    @Cara Thanks!
    @Shannon Just finished the last series of Treme and those resonate strongly.

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    It's the Endeavour!
    The Endeavour!

    I swear I did not put a sepia filter on this.
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    @Jehrot I see those things every day. Living here is like setting foot in a novel every time I walk out the door. Also, that beach image is stunning.

    Sunset, a block from my house.
     photo 72250012_zpsad3ad852.jpg

     photo 72250014_zpse91d6e85.jpg
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    My new camera is somewhere between Milton Keynes and me right now, but have found a few oldies:

    Pye Corner Audio (Feb 2012) at the Outer Church, Brighton

    Pye Corner Audio

    Pye Corner Audio

    Kemper Norton with the wonderful Jane Bartholemew, Brighton, 2011

    Jane Bartholemew with Kemper Norton
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    So we took this fantastic, gruesome set of pictures about six months ago, which I haven't really shared anywhere because my roommate didn't want her face shown and because people seem to steadily downvote all my best blood shots. But I spent last night editing a ton, so, fuck it, they're going up.

    Streak by (allana)) on
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    @allana-That's gorgeous
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    Went to my daughters' old elementary school to run today and went back to take pictures of the playground this afternoon, the state of some of this equipment makes me sad, I teach for this school division and I would think they could at least get money for two basketball nets.

    Chain Color



    I did two versions of this one, I really liked it a lot.
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    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2013
    So much concentrated photographic amazing here!
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    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2013
    And bins. There are sometimes bins.
    Walrus in the snow
    You know, i sometimes spend ages trying to think of amusing, clever and witty set descriptions and no bugger ever bothers to read 'em. (Sigh)
    Winter Wonderland
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2013
    MOAR CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY. Corrections House (supergroup of Bruce Lamont from Yakuza, Mike Williams from Eyehategod, Scott Kelly from Neurosis, and Sanford Parker from Nachtmystium), Theologian, and York Factory Complaint.

    Sorry for the image dump, more photos here.

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    Do you have those red/blue 3D glasses laying around? I made some anaglyphs:


    the book

    and then while working on another one, attempting a complex Photoshop maneuver, this happened by accident:

    an accident involving rope

    The full, sordid story is here.
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    Bill, I dunno what's going on in that last one, but I love it.
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    And now, photos from my summer vacation.

    DSC_0656b DSC_0673b
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    @Oddbill re. ropephoto Wow and What The Fuck and Wow again. That is amazing, beautiful and probably one of the most singular disturbing things I have seen in a long time. Well played!