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    • CommentTimeMar 21st 2013
    A singer/songwriter and my Dad.

    • CommentTimeMar 21st 2013
    @Joanne Masterful. And quite beautiful.

    I pilot the dune.






    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeMar 21st 2013 edited
    @cara - few things make me sadder than the sight of dead arcade machines.

    If I could I'd take every single one in and coax them back to health.

    It just touches me in such a raw way, it's the history of everything that defines me, and I hate to see it like that.

    (Great photographs though, I just wish that the subject wasn't there to capture in the first place...)
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeMar 22nd 2013
    Stunning as always, Jethro. Your stuff has space; I mean HUGE space. Love it.
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeMar 22nd 2013
    This place is a selection box of pictorial awesomeness. It is amazing and i like it a lot. Thank you all!
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    @Flabyo-Yeah it is sad, I don't know why, but I enjoy taking pictures of old, broken things. They have their own unique type of beauty.

    On a fun note, this was in the parking lot at school when I left today. Camera phone pic . . .
    • CommentTimeMar 23rd 2013
    @oldhat i LOVE the look on her face in the second one. gorgeous
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    bleak beach

    bleak beach

    And then minutes later, I knocked my tripod over and smashed the front element of my 28-105 zoom. I am very cry.
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    @JP Carpenter: That second one is incredible.

    @Jehrot: I hope you are a paid photographer. A well paid one. Because you are freakishly good.
    • CommentTimeMar 25th 2013
    New stuff ...

    she burns [1 / 8]

    TVGirl 001

    my self

    I'm almost half way of my second year 356° project. Amazing how this pulls things together !
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    Jehrot: I get all giddy having taken some shots, and then I come here and get my ego SMASHED by your beauty. (but that's a good thing)

    So, here's some shots I took at a thing called Nude Night in Florida a few weeks ago:

    Live naked food.

    merry makers

    Rollerskating pole dancing.

    Jungle Jane

    monster arghy

    Painted man

    Painting man.
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    Testing to see how bad the mould damage is in one of my lenses...

    might be just usable...

    And stuff the never ending winter, here's a baby.
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    @rachael; kieran - those are great
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    ohmygod, those baby eyes!!! *faint*
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    ohmygod, those baby eyes!!! *faint*

    You realise they're saying "I want Human Bacon", yes?
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeMar 30th 2013
    Ditto on the eyes. They're piercing.
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    I mounted some of my photos to enter in a local juried art show . . . . we'll see how it goes




    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2013 edited
    @Sizer, Trini, Rachael Thank you very much indeed. Very kind things to say. I'm not a paid photographer yet, the occasional gig notwithstanding, but I'm aiming to push it as far as I can. I'm in the extremely fortunate position of both working in a semi-related field (tv cameraman) and having enough spare time to hone my craft, so fingers crossed.
    @Cara I love those mounts! Really brings the shots to life. The rest of my unallocated digits will be crossed for your victory.
    @JP Sweet. Lord. Those eyes. If that child isn't leading a cult in twenty years, I'll eat my cowl.
    @Kieron, Rachael Lovely stuff indeed.

    Some of the backlog;





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    Damn, that's a hard act to follow

    I went to my niece's birthday party the other day, it was in an old store with a bunch of antiques. I was fascinated by this typewriter.

    Keyboard 3 color

    Keyboard 2 color

    Keyboard 1
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    And here were a few other photos from the same place, cool stuff in there. Need to go back sometime when I'm not attending a birthday party. Although, I did get into a rather vicious game of air hockey with my brother...


    glasses color

    cash register

    Cash register 2