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    @Warped Savant, i flicked through it , it's a small thing, but those two little things are the only way i'd buy it again.

    I also picked up the first volume of Mind the Gap, i was sold by two words, Adrian Alphona
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2013
    I'm glad the original colouring has been left in place, I wouldn't want Moebius' line work to be ruined in the same way as was done in the Incal re-colouring hash-job.
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    Vandal -- Moebius did the lettering so I'd be pretty amazed if they re-did it.

    How is Mind the Gap? I'd been looking at it but was on the fence.
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    @Warped Savant true, it's very european lettering but i'm use to certain styles.

    and on Mind the Gap it's on top of my to read pile and i'll post my opinion later, got a pin-up to finish first.