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    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2012
    Hello freaks

    2012 is winding down. For some it couldn't come soon enough, for others it's a sad reminder that all things end, even the good ones. For just is.

    I spent years trying to ignore New Years and I still don't think it's such a dramatically big deal some people on my facebook timeline seem to believe. But, hey if (what seems like) the whole world has picked a point in time to try to Turn Things Around, why not go with it for once and see what happens?

    What are you looking at for 2013? What adventures do you have lined up? If you want to share your resolutions, go for it. If you have a brass ring, one single, monumental goal that you're shooting for, please, tell me all about it.

    Let's maybe even check in? In a month I - or someone else - come back and create a thread for reporting on our adventure/resolution/goal status. How's that for hacking the year?

    What say you, Whitechapel?

    In 2013 I'm gunning for the discipline that has eluded me for almost 5 years. That's not a small thing, nor is it one single goal. It's my whole damned life that needs to shape up. I don't want to take over the world or change people's lives (yet), I just want to get control of my life and my world.

    Get my physical workouts happening on a regular basis, conduct my every day as if I really were a voice over actor, push my Japanese practice so I quit forgetting the basics and secure new avenues for increasing my acquisition of the language. I want to read at least one book every month and write one blog post every week and submit at least one audition every day.

    And I want to go outside just a little bit more.

    Now, you.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2012
    I'm hoping to get back in the saddle, creatively.

    Especially my writing "career." Sometime in early summer I just ran out of text-tosterone. I got massively diverted with the velly bourgeois pursuit of my own house. Now that that's done I want to get back just a bit of the holy fire.
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    This past year has been interesting. At the very least, I've finally lived on my own (for a full year!) and gotten the business end of setting up a website to sell prints sorted. Oh, and finally getting somewhere with my counseling/mental health stuff.

    I suppose that has to count for something, right? For 2013, I'd like to develop a habit of keeping my apartment clean consistently (and completely), of exercising consistently (which should be aided by the wii & wii fit I just got), and hopefully getting the expected side effects. (More energy? Losing weight?) And to get the website going and maybe even have it be successful enough to at least pay for itself. And hopefully have my job situation be more in the positive than the negative. And getting mentally healthy enough that in the occasion that interactions with cute men do happen, they actually turn into something nice, instead of just blowing up in my face before anything really gets started (like usual). Will all of those happen? Probably not, but if I manage two or so, that should count for something, right?
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2012
    The only thing right now I wish for me, and anyone who finds it appropriate, is to get a handle on our appetites.

    Appetite, in all the senses, of ambition, gluttony, addiction, and all that.

    For those who find sudden fortune, especially, it can be hard to resist the siren song of shit.

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    Many years back I decided to be terribly glib and made a new years resolution to never make any more new years resolutions. This is the only resolution I've ever successfully kept.

    That said, I'm aiming this year to lose weight, get more in shape and get some regular exercise in the hopes it helps me fight off the black dogs. Some increased confidence in my physical appearance might also assist in the romance department, which has been boarded up and closed for business for more years than I care to recount.

    I'm also making an effort to get several years worth of holiday snaps sorted, tagged and uploaded to my Flickr account.

    I figure that refusing to call these things resolutions will in some perverse fashion make me more likely to succeed at them, or at least feel less guilty if they crash and burn.
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    I want to finish the game I'm making and release it, and hopefully earn money out of it (hopefully will be able to knock this out by the end of January).

    I'd really like to be able to find a job with a pay rate commensurate with my previous job, but that no longer seems likely... So a job that will pay enough for me to move out of my dad's will suffice.

    Spend more time with friends. This is the big one. It was logistically too complicated to see friends for the majority of 2012, what with me living in Phoenix. But I'm back now and I've only seen a couple of different friends at most thrice since my return. I need to see more of them, and maybe even try merging some of these groups.

    Also want to get myself back into the shape I was in before I broke my shoulder a couple years ago (which wasn't great, by any means, but decidedly better than it is now).
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2013
    Keep Moving Forward
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    happy new year to all of whitechapel

    and aims for the year are to turn my internship into full time employment there or some where else and learn a couple of things i've neglected too long, (Maya and gonna give coding a shot) and finish some scripts for short animations that have been on the backburner.
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2013
    This is going to be my year. Write that down.
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2013
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2013
    Happy New Year Whitechapel!

    No resolutions for me but all the same, there are things i hope to do, namely;

    Finally get around to renovating my flat and getting it all tidy and nice again.

    Complete a little photographic project involving a journey round London's thirty three Boroughs and some pictures of bins.

    Whatever happens, i'm hoping this one is better than the last one for me, for you and for the whole bloody world. Yes. That would be nice.
    • CommentAuthorDarkest
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2013
    Get a full driver's licence which should help with the next bit.

    Be more active, go out an do thing I've sat around a little to long for my own good.

    Try to take better care of my self. Not lofty goals to be sure but manageable.

    I want to tighten up Niche Comics a bit, gradually clawing my way towards success but if I swing it right me and my brother could be making minimum wage or the indipendent retailer's approximation of it.

    I'd like to do more Signings too.
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2013 edited
    Typed this up on the ride back home from the cottage. Tried going for realistic things.

    1. Write the Beer Appreciation book. Just get it out there. You have a netbook now so you can do just that. Go out to coffeeshops or pubs and WRITE WRITE WRITE.
    2. Lose weight by April. You hate the way you're looking now. April is when the Junos are and the entire family looking good for when dad gets his award is a good enough motivation for me. No more crappy eating, say no to enablers and exercise more.
    3. Use the slowcooker more. You got a Vegan Slowcooker book for Christmas so...DO IT.
    4. Make beer. Aside from money for ingredients you have no excuse.
    5. Get a part time job. Time to make some more money and start saving up for a place.
    6. Continue to be there for certain people.
    7. When growing season hits, ROCK THAT GARDEN. You have a raised bed and the soil ready to go, all you have to do is buy the seeds. Remember when you grew that excellent crop of Red Chicory? Remember how awesome it felt eating a salad with stuff you grew in it? Thought so. More of that.
    8. Buy a new "personal massager". Because frankly, I want one. Smart Wand? Smart Wand. The kick-ass co-op store near your work may still have it on special.
    9. Try and get out a bit more. But not too much to neglect other things. See more of the Toronto Whitechapel folk, try and see (old friend who I don't see often), maybe go out for a drink with (new friend I met) now and then because I kind of like her company. But otherwise keep it comfortable.
    10. Look in to what is needed to start a bar.
    11. Drinking. We're cutting that down significantly. Recreational drinking now on weekends and no more than 2-3 bottles per weekend. If it's work related and you're at a pub, weekdays are fine but try and get a half pint or 5oz glass.
    12. Counselling. Get it. Sort that fucking head out.
    13. Be as awesome, strong and amazing as you know you are. See yourself as others, especially POS, see you.
    14. Keep doing Thirsty Wench stuff. As of writing this, there are talks for a radio segment on a pretty popular station. Doooooo it.

    That sounds doable, yes?
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2013
    I'm currently at a place where I'm looking for focus. 2012 was defined to me by all the things I didn't do - because I stretched myself too thin and couldn't accomplish anything of real value. Additionally looking at the projects I'm associating myself with and seeing if they actually value my time and needs and will further my career. If it's not adding to my value, it should go away. This might mean cutting away some big pieces of my current life, which is scary.

    Otherwise, I have a couple of projects I do want to see done and I should make certain I spend a couple of hours a day working towards those goals. Less going out partying and drinking, more staying in and accomplishing things,

    And I want to try to get myself out there more. I'm such a behind the scenes person who is very private about what I do. Need to increase my profile and let people see what I am up to.

    And don't procrastinate on doing things. And especially if I forgot to do something for a few days, don't go into the death spiral of being afraid to do it because it's been so long and maybe come up with an excuse and ohgodsmoredayshavepassed.

    Also, I'm going to keep traveling.
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    1. Keep head down and continue work on Big Project.
    2. Get paid for reviews.
    3. Be less anti-social.
    4. Listen to more music that makes me feel happy.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2013
    Get my driver's license, which should be soon.

    Find a job I can be happy with while keeping in mind that experiencing life is not about having a job.

    Survive wedding planning.

    Get back to working out once wedding is over. I had to stop so I wouldn't lose anymore weight after getting my measurements taken for the dress, and as a result I have lost some of my strength T___T

    Pick an artistic skill and work on it. I'm thinking I might stick with origami, since I really do love it, but it's tough get past that stage where you're just folding more complicated patterns and actually making up your own. Currently I'm at the "origami as a craft" stage rather than "origami as an art" stage.
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    Happy New Year and good luck, y'all!

    I succeeded at 4 out of 5 of last year's resolutions! So here are the new ones, and I'm pretty optimistic about the whole thing:

    1. Get better at drawing full scenes, from various different angles.
    2. Succeed at making drawn characters look the age they're supposed to be.
    3. Reach target weight (this is the one I failed at last year) and get blood pressure in control.
    4. Plan my website for selling prints.
    5. Learn to drive, get my driver's licence.

    I've started taking Adderall for my ADD, which has helped with my professional and social goals, but it's wreaking hell on my blood pressure. I like everything else about it, but feel like I need to get this under control or give up the medicine. If I'm not taking medicine, I won't trust myself driving, will have less focus for my work, and will have a harder time losing weight. So, that one's kind of pivotal to the whole plan. Hopefully losing about 15 pounds and keeping it off will help.

    I also want to start a webcomic this year, but feel like making that a firm resolution is a bit cruel to my collaborator, who's as new to this as I am.

    I like/am-scared-by the the idea of monthly check-ins.
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2013
    @Argos, I am BEYOND excited to see what your dress will look like. Just saying.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2013
    It's AH-MAZING!! It already came in. I'm hesitant to post pre-wedding photos of it because my crappy self-photos won't do it justice.
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    My New Year's wish,

    Over the past two years or so I have lost about 70 lbs, my wish is to drop about 20-30 (depending on how it looks as I go) more and to begin running for the first time in my life. I've started a C to 5K program, so we'll see how that goes. . . . I am also attempting another 365 project to track progress and keep me motivated. I haven't been taking as many pictures and I've been feeling kind of directionless recently, so a couple of projects are good things.

    @Argos, good luck with the wedding
    @OldHat-best of luck with the book

    To everyone else, best of luck

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