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      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2013
    @NeilFord: Unless you can get someone with crazy hatching skills, I would also vote to see how those look darkened up and colored.
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    @Neil - I'll third that, I can't see that shading translating well into black ink. Some good colouring though, now that could set it on fire.
    Me, I've got this for just now. Some shiny new prints hopefully due in a week or so, now that there's no food left in the house and I'm free to draw instead.
    Kids' t-shirt that is my latest Etsy piece
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    @Ryan S Thomason Haa -- Cool. I'd wear that. am i a kid? maybe....

    @PaulSizer @Neil Ford - Might be cool if we throw up some sketches and pencils and let the other finish it up..... maybe....possibly....

    Speaking of Pencils and sketches. I have a lil sketch club. We decided our challenge would be Emma Frost ( and/or) Jack Frost. We usually do a sketch then write a quick paragraph blurb story whatever for it. Here's my scribbles on it so far.

    frost vs frost
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2013
    Thanks for the input chaps - definately going to rethink this a bit, will do some colour tests and see what happens. Cheers my dears! :D

    Docta Foo's sketch club - how cool is that? I want to come and play now!
    • CommentAuthorkmcleod
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2013
    @afua richardson--
    Is this an online thing, or a flesh-and-blood club?
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    @afua, that's awesome!
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2013 edited
    @NeilFord: It's a tricky balance with the scanned pencils thing, because I LOVE a solid clean inked line (DUH, REALLY PAUL? COULDN'T TELL???). Joe Mad has been having people just color his pencils, but those always look just half-done rather than intentional, as well as smacking of being in love with one's pencils. Or being terminally late on a book. : )

    I hardly ever pencil tight because I'm always inking my own stuff.

    For the "inked" stuff you've posted before (I'm assuming it was inked, and by you?), that looks amazing, but I gotta think it's massively time-consuming for that level of detail.

    @Afua: Great body language on those figures. Nice lines also, even as loose pencils.
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    @Neil Ford _ yay welcome aboard!

    I want to make it a flesh n blood club once i move back to Atlanta. hire models and make pie...yeah. pie. and mojitos. I'm good at those. I'l probably do a lil video or something maybe even have a Skype in session but that's when i get fancier.

    @CaratheWalton - Thank you ma'am!

    @Paul Sizer ^___^ thanks darlin!

    @Kmcleod _ its in my fb group. I'm building out the lil thingie on my site so people can contribute independently of the fb beast.

    What i plan on doing is have people vote on random topics to mash up then we have one month to create a single image or panel and a short written blurb. I'm working on the best of them being published to disinfo's front page with a link to sketch club and a link to the artist's site. but i'm putting all that together now. In the mean time we just draw stuffs and help one another get better where we can. I can post whatever topic we do here too if you like! or just start up a new thread ;] but i like it in here. its cozy...
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2013
    @Paul - yes 'speed/time' is the thing, I could really do with a hand! :) I've never had anyone ink my stuff before, pro mates have advised to do tight pencils for a 3rd party to ink - at least until they are more familiar with how you work - I don't normaly go that tight. I'm also wanting to get away from digital for a bit, the lines I'm producing on my mac look dead as fuck to me currently, really not happy with them. A sprinkling of serendipitous analogue splashiness may just be what's needed?

    That said, missing out the inking, going drectly to paint is attaractive. Save me paying an inker too... kerching! :)

    I recently learned Frank Quietly only did pencils for all his batman stuff, no inks. I went back for a gander and couldn't really tell [...or didn't care, still loved the books.] Shall experiment with the scanner, see what can be done.
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    @Afua - You likey? I've got a few medium women's shirts I haven't printed up yet if you have a few dollars you don't need any more ;). Actually the XL kid's shirt is for a 32" chest, which is the same as a women's small. Confusing eh?
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    Signal Woman

    2013 has begun with an explosion. Reminds me of those solar storms last spring. I can't wait to see the rest of the year with this thread already in the kelvins.
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    @JackCrowder - very nice way to start off the new year!

    @Ryan S Thomason Nope nope i gotcha. That might be a lil small for me tho. I'm a true 36. ( but being like 5'10 that's not to bad ;] ) Might Hulk smash outta that thing. is it a stretchy cotton? maybe i can squeeeeeze.
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    @Afua it might be a bit of a squeeze, medium is a 34" fruit of the loom ladyfit if that's any use? If not I can email you next time I'm ordering and sort it out then?
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2013 edited
    OK, apologies because this sucks, but I wanted to try and ink part of Neil Ford's piece he posted.
    As stated, I don't really ink other people's stuff at all.
    IT'S HARD.
    Mostly because I've seen the work he does, and it's amazing.
    A few caveats... 1. I only invested about a 1/2 hour on this, 2. I inked it to eventually have a colorist do some of the gradients and 3. My feathering skills are really bad. You can see where I was doing some cross-hatch testing on the bottom right edge of the figure
    I included some of the tone edge lines in the inks for having an edge, eventually to soften them up in coloring.
    I did this in MangaStudio with a Zebra G-style nib.

    So yeah, meh for my "ability to ink Neil Ford" skills. Still think the direct pencils to color thang might yield some awesomeness.
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    @neil….awesome expression.
    @afua…you're on fire with your posts.
    @paul…nice to see the life drawings make a come back.
    @chris…nice pairing.
    @fishelle…nice comic. her expression and very clean lines.

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    Great work here to start off the new year!
    @ imaginary- luv the bug
    @ fishelle - what a strange and wonderful peice of depressing comics. hope to see more of these
    @neil ford- great expression. Adam Kubert did a bunch of awesome pencil w/color stuff on the incredible Hulk maybe between issues 450-460 that where always the highlights of that book for me, I think your work would do well with the technique.
    @mojo-prolific as always! my fav is the crazy red guy with the beard in the last post.

    Today I made monsters in my kitchen

    and one in my room

    all 5 x 4 ft paint on canvas works
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    @Afua, I've put my email on my profile, just give me a shout on there if you'd rather not tell everybody your preference in t-shirts...
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2013
    Ok, had a pop at omiting the inks stage, painting directly from the pencils... I think it will work. Clearly overworked this a bit, but with care I think quite sensitive art will be possible. Hmmmm.

    As I'm a better painter than inker, this may well be the way to go. Thanks so much for everyones input on this, I really appreciate it - it's helped me work a lot of stuff out, cheers my dears.

    Panel paint test
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2013 edited
    been a while since I posted too! my first piece of the year is a personal one. I found the sketches I built a few months ago and finished up the final version today
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2013