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    Yeah, the PS4 will be much easier for everybody to work on, even those who make their own engines. I remember a coworker spending weeks just to gett a teapot to render on a PS2 when it was released. It took a few generations of consoles but Sony finally learned from its mistakes. And both the PS4 and probably the next Xbox have 8 gigs of memory. That will be very nice to work with too. Because frantic memory optimization near the end of a project sucks, let me tell you ;).
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    Keep in mind that a big chunk of that memory on both consoles will be reserved for running system stuff. All of the PS4's social integration stuff, and whatever version of Windows 8 the nextBox will be running, plus the Kinect pipeline. Devs will probably have around six gigs to play with.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2013
    That's still 5 and a half more than they have now...
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    I quite enjoyed the presentation. They steered clear of demonstrating the tech for the "Creative Console" thing on stage, which would have been excruciating to watch even if it was ready for demo, and they steered clear of what sort of "amazing innovations in gaming controls" they could give their users through the light bar and the touch pad. Focused on showing the controller and showing the games and some graphics wowzah, which was a good idea.

    People have been discussing the Quantic Dream thing, suggesting that it only looks that good because it's a single head with nothing else around. Considering how shitting amazing Beyond looks on the PS3, I wouldn't be surprised if QD have managed what they say they have with the new hardware. I read an interview recently where they were talking about how they make a new engine with every game because they keep having to up the level of the tech, and how they are tired of that. Maybe they're finally finding the engine they can stay with for a game or two extra.

    On the whole developer side of it, I don't know these things, but I'm happy that developers seem relieved by the X86 architecture and all that memory. Maybe they'll finally be able to run Unreal Engine games without massive texture pop-in issues.

    I hear a lot of people are pissed about Diablo 3 and that some think it's a conspiracy and Diablo 3 was always made to be a console game. Personally, as someone who just never got around to buying it, I'm happy. I'll get it when I get the PS4, whenever that is. Despite all their flaws, I've always liked my Playstations. The PS2 gave me a DVD player before I could afford to have both, the PS3 is still my only Blu-Ray player and my main gaming machine. The PS4 seems to be headed in the right direction for me right now, though it's hard to tell exactly without more info. I'm optimistic and will probably get one, if not straight away at least once it drops in price.

    I don't really care what it looks like. My consoles sit behind my TV anyway.
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    Quantic Dream's thing was amusing because David Cage's argument was what games need was more polygons so they could have better graphics to do fancy faces, and then he was directly followed by Media Molecule who went on about the "tyranny of the polygon".

    I do think Diablo 3 was always targeted at consoles, and I don't think it was a conspiracy. Mostly because some of the devs said that they were exploring the possibility of a console release well before Diablo 3 released. Diablo is also the only Blizzard game within the last 15 years to have a decent console port.
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    Yeah, the whole polygon thing struck me as strange, especially since it's obvious that the polygons are not the most important part of what makes Kara, Beyond and the old man look good. What makes them look good are the shaders. Maybe he was simplifying to get his point about the power of the machine across with limited time to do it?
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    Crossposting from the on-the-nets thread: Depression Quest, an interactive text game about living with depression. You need to play it.

    I'll go have a lie down now, thanks.
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    Oh by the way! Anyone else playing Path of Exile?
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    That's exactly the kind of game I have to stay away from, because they completely wreck any chance I might have of keeping any kind of creative output going...
    he says, checking his emails at half one in the morning.
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    Once upon a time I wasted Warren Ellis' precious creative hours with something called Effing Hail

    It is with that same spirit that I bring a new (to me) discovery called Effing Meteors!

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    Oh no. Oh no no no no no... Started playing Gnomoria and I can't stop. It's one of those Dwarf Fortressy things. Oh God, I'll just have to ride this wave until I get it out of my system.
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    any whitechapellers playing fifa 13 online on the 360?

    i'm asking as the general public can get quite annoying, todays little braintrust was an English male, playing as Chelsea, i was playing as AC Milan, i scored early and dominated the game, he didn't quit, but proceeded to call me a Spanish w*nk*r/b*st*rd and at random intervals imply my mother is a prostitute. My response was of course to file a complaint and then ask the guy if he 's aware that Milan are Italian, still no reply.
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    for a limited time Ku, a game by an Irish Indie game company, link is here and password to download is: bitsmithareawesome

    it's PC only
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    i'm asking as the general public can get quite annoying, todays little braintrust was an English male, playing as Chelsea, i was playing as AC Milan, i scored early and dominated the game, he didn't quit, but proceeded to call me a Spanish w*nk*r/b*st*rd and at random intervals imply my mother is a prostitute. My response was of course to file a complaint and then ask the guy if he 's aware that Milan are Italian, still no reply.
    Were you really expecting anything else from a combination of Xbox LIVE players AND football fans?
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    @davidlejeune, honestly yeah, 2 years of playing it online and for the most part it's fun, the idiots are in the minority, but present a certain amount of entertainment, like the guy singing to himself and not realising his mic was on, my girlfriend still giggles thinking back to that, it's just lately it seems to be mostly trolls editing the stats of teams to be amazing and being abusive has increased either that or i've been lucky up to this point.
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    Online gaming attracts douches. Simple as that. Anonymous communication + competition = people turn into dicks.

    Ironically, playing an MMO on consoles in Europe (DC Universe Online), the problem is a LACK of communication. Since you've got a large amount of people who don't speak the same language, AND a large amount of people who haven't invested in a keyboard or mic for their PS3, playing with random groups often involves people who simply don't give you ANY kind of feedback until they suddenly decide they're pissed off and leave. You get raids where half the people involved don't type or say a single word.

    Which is great when, for instance, you've had one single wipe in the middle of a raid, and then one of the healers leaves without a word. When I ask him what's up, he simply replies "noob group". Rather than, you know, maybe discussing what went wrong, since often it's just that one or two people are in the wrong place and/or doing the wrong thing that's messing things up.
    And then one of the other group members starts blaming the tank. "Noob tank", he starts. THEN he says that the tank is doing the wrong strategy... But the tank's not up for being yelled at, and has left by that point.
    Which makes it all the more fun when you realize that the tank WASN'T using the wrong strategy. Just a different one than the one some of the raid members were used to. Which would have been nice to discuss beforehand. But nope. Gotta move forwards and fast and everyone knows what to do or else they're noobs.

    (For those curious, this happened with the Sunstone Broodmother boss... The only boss that really requires some strategy in that raid, and thus the one most people wipe on.)

    Similarly, there's this one four-player instance where the endboss requires some cooperation: You've got three devices scattered around the boss area, and each of these devices stuns one boss, while also making it so you can't hurt the boss that's stunned. The idea, unless you're overpowered for the instance (there's a feat for doing it without stunning the bosses), is to keep two bosses at a time stunned until you've killed one of them. But it takes just a single player who doesn't understand this to mess it up. Every single time I've tried to do this one as my lower-level DPS guy, there's been someone who, no matter what you tell them, goes "there is button MUST GO PRESS", and stuns all three bosses at the same time.
    Which means that all three bosses wake up at the same time. Then they proceed to murder the group. And then they don't learn from it.
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    Well, since I have poor impulse control, enjoyed the beta well enough, and was thoroughly frustrated watching TotalBiscuit's livestream, I have done a last second pre-order for SimCity. Any other Whitechapellers going for it and maybe want to do a Whitechapel region once it's live? I'm Fafhrd42 on Origin, so feel free to friend me.
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2013
    Well, I fell off the EVE: Online bandwagon again. Shit.
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2013
    Started and finished Journey in about half an hour or so. Stunning, beautiful game that I really enjoyed. Also was awesome to have an online companion for it. Really have to seek out the soundtrack for that game...

    And now I'm back to Mass Effect, thanks to the Archer Shepard twitter account. I think I have about three more big missions and then it's off to ME2 and hopefully I'll be fully caught up to where I was on the xbox.