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    If you've not seen it over on my blog, here's some good stuff for ya:

    “For Children Three Years Old,” from Lessons for Children by Anna Laetitia Barbauld, Philadelphia, 1818: There was a naughty boy; I do not know what his name was, but it was not Charles, nor George, nor Arthur, for those are all very pretty names: but there was a robin came in at his window one very cold morning — shiver — shiver; and its poor little heart was almost frozen to death. And he would not give it the least crumb of bread in the world, but pulled it about by the tail and hurt it sadly, and it died. Now a little while after, the naughty boy’s papa and mamma went away and left him, and then he could get no victuals at all, for you know he could not take care of himself. So he went about to every body — Pray give me something to eat, I am very hungry. And every body said, No, we shall give you none, for we do not love cruel, naughty boys. So he went about from one place to another, till at last he got into a thick wood of trees; for he did not know how to find his way any where; and then it grew dark night. So he sat down and cried sadly; and he could not get out of the wood; and I believe the bears came and ate him up in the wood, for I never heard any thing about him afterwards.
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    Wait, what? Where did the last 5 days go?

    Ok - well, that there AmeriCAN story was a possible a tale my antagonist would tell but, it not fitting with character, didn't.
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    On Wednesday, I did actually post on time...but on my blog so here it is for y'all:

    A torrent

    Foreground the chaos.
    Let the shadow of peace glimmer in the end, at the back – in the hidden.

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    Keep keep, keep thee on.

    That torrent was to be one moment of many in a look at the nature of photography and its counterpart, illustration.
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    Flogging horses, I strive on:

    Seen one o these before?
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    WELL you shoulda cos now I'm all shouty and drunk:

    This is a lover's note, foo.

    there's stuff behind it but I'll save y except to say, go here for more. [Via Letters of Note.]
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    Seeing as how I don't want to post several images this time, go here and let me know what you think here on Whitechapel.

    [No, that syntax is not confusing.]

    {ETA: I may have been drunk and lazy last night - apologies for the lack of proper content. Next time, Gadget. Next time.}
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    So the detail from that last post was actually something that got included in the first draft - fortunately, life provided me with a much larger, much more real and contemporary figure for inspiration.
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    Dandy bestiality?
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2013
    That cat is so obviously stuffed.
    It reminds me of a list I saw on one of those websites that do nothing but list things, with the most surreal photographs taken by google trucks for the street view on google maps. One of them had a lion outside a convenience store. I glanced at a couple of comments to find that people in the neighborhood could explain that one. The store just has a stuffed lion and likes to put it up from time to time to freak people out a bit.
    So I'm thinking that's just a stuffed toy the girl likes to have with her all the time, like my 4 year old niece and her stuffed horse named Pink. It's just a bit bigger than the usual toy.
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    What gave it away, THE CRAZY EYES?
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2013
    Not just the cat, the ladies too. That man is an artist.
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    Lady stuffing?

    "Good morning, sir. I'd like a pound of your finest lady stuffing."
    "I'll give your lady a stuffing."
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    Well, lady stuffing aside - that was going to be the hallucination of a man walking his leopard with plenty of questions about whether or not it is actually a hallucination.
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    Get some malibu, sit back, drink.
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    That one was intended to be a fever dream too. London drying to desert due to my protagonist's thirst - all a bit too much; there are fever dreams and there are over-used metaphors. So that one got canned.
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    Fancy a dance? With a robot?


    Yeah, the 19th Century French did too.
    • CommentAuthorScrymgeour
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2013
    aren't those the sex dolls who accompany the Golly in LOEG?
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    Interestingly, they're not [under my intention] where I found them but they're very close.

    This piece is from Un autre monde (another world), written and illustrated by Jean-Jacques Grandville in 1844 [and I found them at] whereas the figure of the Golliwog only really came around in the late 19th century - it's possible Moore cribbed these both and threw them together.

    It's been roughly 3 years since I read The Black Dossier. Thanks for highlighting the connection, good Scrymgeour.
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    I think he did.
    My main knowledge of the Golly comes from the massive one that used to adorn a factory in my home town