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    Busy Ben has meant a lull in posts here but a continuation over at the blog so I'll give what they were to be used for then throw a few more pics at you.

    Those dolls were to be part of a beauuuuutiful stage show that my protagonist was forced to go to that then followed him out onto the streets but it all got a bit ridiculous and an entourage woulda spoiled the Dantean two wanderers feel. So there. Nuh.

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    Jebus what a fortnight.

    Startups are time-heavy. Excuse the breaks, they may will happen.

    Those three were to be some of the books my main boy had read - I was hoping he'd be a little smarter than your average working-class immigrant but then I realized that no, there's no need to make him likable to intellectuals. It's their job to engage with the character.
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    So my cover has now been through 6 iterations and I'm now very very happy with what we have.

    The first looked like this:
    a turd of a book cover
    Not great, let's be honest.

    So I asked the publisher's designer to do a second.
    Not much better.

    So I thought, 'Fuck it. I'll get a different designer.'
    This was his first design - muuuuucch better
    I was blown away - my publisher have been too.
    But this is only the third design...
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    It's been a hell of a while since I updated this but this weekend I've got the news that you can now pre-order Purefinder!

    Here's the Amazon page.

    As you can imagine, I'm pretty excited.

    If you've not seen, I'm also writing articles for Huffington Post UK in the run up to the book's release.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2013
    OK, after fannying about, I've had a look at this. It looks rather interesting and macabre.

    I´ll check my finances, ad if so, it's a buy!
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    Cheers, Bob!

    You're a lurvely man.
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    Were I not currently ill, I'd planned an update here.


    [oh woe is, pity fleas, bla de blaa, oh I'm just a poor boy nobody loves peas]

    Brain is faltering.
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    So if you're in London on December 15th, and haven't got my emails in the last two days, i'm having a Purefinder book launch!

    Details are:

    The Old Bell Tavern, Fleet Street.
    Free admission [not a free bar, sorry]

    Me for a bit, 200 year old drinking songs, books for sale and then more signings and Christmassings.
    Then, of course, booze and decrepitude for me as I fall into a I've-been-bought-too-many-wonderful-drinks coma.

    Hope you can make it, Whitechapel.
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2013
    Bought. Congratulations on publishing, Ben :)
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    Thanks, man!

    Let me know what you think.

    [ETA: even if you think it a bit shit. All opinions welcome.]