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    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2013
    Jennifer Lawrence was awesome at the Oscars. The first question isn't notable, but stick with it:

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    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2013
    ... which is, of course, the point, especially since one of the points of emphasis here is to show the different mechanisms of reversing the process. But it's good to keep in mind the situations where these support systems are not present.

    And on the "why can't you just get a grip" thing that you sometimes hear (never in these parts, though, 'cause yer all awesome), the game does a great job of illustrating how those Good Options (that you _do_ know would do you good) just aren't available. "Get a grip" is the first thing that gets crossed out in red, so to speak.

    a million times yes!! I actually didn't have the entire support system when I finally accepted my depression. i was in my first serious relationship at the time, serious as in "oh this actually lasted a few months" as opposed to "I love you serious," and the guy just didn't get it. I'd explain all those "I'm useless" thoughts to him in an attempt to just work through my emotions, and he got all weird about it. :| And then pulled the "Get a grip" card on me -___-

    Needless to say I'm glad we broke up, I'm just pissed i wasn't the one to end it.
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    See also:

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    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2013
    Sarah Lawrence is my new favorite person.
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    Speaking of good expressions:

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    Glad so many people are digging Depression Quest. I've been following one of the developers for it on twitter and it's amazing hearing about someone going through depression creating a game about depression.
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    @twentythoughts: Oh wow, that is one hell of a food coma.

    And yeah, Jennifer Lawerence is really awesome. And adorable.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2013
    Depression quest has answered quite a few questions of my own. Having lived with people with depression numerous times, its really helped me understand a little better...and more importantly its helped me see a my own life a bit differently. That nihilism, ennui and lethargy.......
    @Taphead Thank you for sharing
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    More Jennifer Lawrence

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    Going through Depression Quest was interesting. I have to admit I was immediately annoyed that they expected me to listen to their music. I get why they are doing it, but I've always had a pet peeve when I go to a website and music just starts playing. Especially when I can't even just turn it off (or the option isn't easy to figure out). Again, this is one of my personal things, as I am usually watching something or listening to something while browsing, so to have music just randomly (and usually loudly) turn on is a bit disconcerting etc. I ended up turning the volume down, which I know I wasn't supposed to do, but whatever. I guess I'm a bit of a crank.

    But yeah, interesting. It certainly wasn't comfortable to go through, parts of it were very familiar and I found myself wanting to just get through it as fast as possible. It was also pretty easy to see what the "right" answers/responses were. Partially because I've been there/done that, and partially because of the way they arranged the options. I do wonder what would have happened if I made a point of picking all of the "worst" choices. The part of me that hasn't really dated in years is slightly annoyed that the person got to have a significant other, and that the lead character was male (and I couldn't choose otherwise). Again, I get why they just made the "lead" a male and just left it at that; it would be a hell of a lot more work to do more than one sex and/or gender. Part of me thinks they made the recovery too easy. The first therapist they meet with is a good fit/is actually good. The first meds they try actually works. Which probably does happen for some people, but certainly did not for me. I probably could nitpick more, probably because I am waay too familiar with this territory, and have a tendency to nitpick, especially since I was annoyed with the music to begin with. It's also a very good thing they had a disclaimer about how depression is different for different people and that their version was based on what some people went through.
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    Again, I get why they just made the "lead" a male and just left it at that; it would be a hell of a lot more work to do more than one sex and/or gender.

    I never spotted that the "lead" was male. I actually assumed she was female and just lesbian/bi or something.
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    Well, it is made by a female, if that colours your opinion one way or the other.

    Depression Quest (and Actual Sunlight) are games that I am specifically avoiding right now. I'm not sure I need that much depression fuel all in one go.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
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    It seemed odd that on the first page, they go to the trouble of calling Sam your "Significant Other" and only refer to Sam by a safely unisex name, never with any pronouns. I think they even use the gender-neutral "their" in a description. Then the next time Sam is mentioned, she's definitely a girl. I thought at first that I'd clicked a button that read "I am attracted to lady-types" and just somehow forgotten about it. Since I'm 95% sure I didn't do that, and everyone else seems to be getting the same thing, I wonder if they meant to add a feature like that in, and it just didn't make it to the final version?

    Anyway, here's Mona Lisa on a condom wrapper.

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    and....apparent meme.

    Speaking of Oscars, it may be worth noting. 2 Batmen, 2 Jokers, 2 Catwomen and one Two-Face All have Oscars now. Not to mention Luscious Fox and Alfred.
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    ^ So that's improbable

    @Trini - you know, I didn't even notice Depression Quest had music, I must have had my laptop muted at the time. Having gone through without it, I don't think it's absolutely necessary. I do agree that it was a bit too easy to see the "right" choices, though, and the scenario was too ideal. When I finally came out about my depression my boyfriend at the time was NOT being supportive. He was after we broke up and we were still friends, but while we were dating he was just too uncomfortable by it. Re: the meds, I think the character does go on other ones later on, at least he did for me because they affected his libido, but yeah, otherwise they were an almost perfect match from the start.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2013
    Dealing with Jack Nicholson like that probably put a couple of million on her asking price in addition to whatever the Oscar added.

    Best Oscar winner ever.
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    @johnjones: I suppose my assumption makes it clear that I need to be more careful about my tendency to think in gender binaries/hetero relationships etc.

    @Alan: Interestingly, in my version she was Alex, and I think the same sort of thing happened. Eh, whatever.

    @Argo: Maybe they wanted the person to seem more normal etc? I dunno, to me, bad shit is inevitable - everyone has had at least one bad thing happen to them, and to leave that out seems ... off? I mean, depression doesn't just happen usually - there's a trigger of some sort, even if it's something really mild. But it looks like they're trying to be accessible, and so perhaps what my standards are for "proper depressing shit" are a bit too much?
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    Zoe (the person behind Depression Quest) has written a response of sorts. May be of interest to those who think things were going too well for the main character.

    @trini: My depression often has no trigger, or at the very least the trigger is so minor I have no idea what thing out of recent history caused it. I think that's what pushes it from normal reaction into disease/disorder/whatever territory (of course, depression isn't exactly a binary thing. There are many varying shades).
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    I have to wonder exactly what percentage of Whitechapellers suffer from depression, Asperger syndrome and bipolar disorder.