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    @James Cunningham: I had seen the end of the video before (just the part where he pushes her off and she breaks up with him). Personally, I think they should have let her not do it. She didn't want to. Why did they keep pushing her? If they really needed a cute female to do it, they could have found someone else! I wonder what her response was afterwards to what happened.

    @Cat Vincent: a friend had linked me to videos and websites about Turkish oil wrestling yeaaars ago. It's still really hilarious.
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    Speaking from personal experience, I wouldn't have pushed her. (Not personal experience at a 400 foot drop, just to clarify.) On the other hand, I'm just slightly mean enough that I found it funny that he did. The drop was harmless, just scary-looking, and she had wanted to go initially. That doesn't excuse the push, of course, but that also wasn't the really funny part. It was the "I'M BREAKING UP WITH YOU!" and him cracking up over it that really made me laugh.

    Also, I know if I'd been frozen on that ledge and someone pushed me I'd have first punched them in the arm really hard and later thanked them for getting my ass in gear. Obviously, this isn't a reaction I'd expect from everyone. :)
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    just incase you where under the illusion that irish politicians where living in the same century as us

    politician talks about social media
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    @Trini - you Turkish oil wrestling hipster, you!
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    @Cat Vincent: Haha yeah.

    @James Cunningham: That part was hilarious. If someone did that to me, I'd yell at them a lot, and stay broken up with them.
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    Pop history #50.

    The Triffids were an Australian indie band who played the pub scene in the 1980's. Have a listen to them, they were bloody fantastic.

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    Sneak, just downloaded that app and it's beautiful.
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    ^isn't it? I love the 'galactic' feel to the topography
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      CommentAuthorIan Mayor
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    Beautiful. Cheers.
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    @Grease - oh, the Triffids. God I love them. Saw them at the Tiv in what, 88? 89? Such a shame about Dave. One of Australia's greatest songwriters.

    I still dream of playing with Evil Graham Lee. He's in my ideal band, along with Jim White from the Dirty Three and the marvellous Rosie Westbrook who plays double bass with Mick Harvey. Dream big, I say.
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    @Kay: yeah, they were in my top five favourite pub bands. Saw them a bunch of times down at Selena's, and once or twice at the Steyne when I worked security there.
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    @Greasemonkey - you were at the Steyne? I had an ex who used to waitress there in the early 90s. Small world.