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    I'm quite impressed. My MA dissertation only rated .23.
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    Love Freddie Wong! I know everyone is probably tired of Harlem Shake stuff by now, but this is also from Freddie Wong and I figured it had enough wtf to be seen at least once.

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    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2013
    Game music link... from the extremely daftly named 'Bravely Default Flying Fairy'. Stick with it, it seems like it's just going to loop the same theme, but when it hits the 3 minute mark it... changes.

    In a good way.

    They don't make game music like this very often anymore
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    Australia's worst Facebook troll
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2013
    Old people wearing vegetation
    Old people wearing vegetation

    100 porn stars without makeup
    I found this to be absolutely fascinating - the clash between the stereotyped, industrialized aesthetics and the real, totally normal (if not, in some cases, ravaged) faces is at some times almost unbelievable.
    pornstars before and after
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    @D. Miranda: The makeup makes for a huge change. They all look significantly different with makeup on. How much the eye makeup changes the shape of the eyes is mind boggling, actually.
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    I'm pretty sure a large percentage of those porn stars are meth addicts, too.
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    SUNDAY, by Paul Signac, 1890. Signac was a protege of Georges Seurat, and later hung out with Vincent Van Gogh.

    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2013

    1- women get acne well into their later years and even the best of us will at some point cause damage to ourselves. I say this as a person whose anxiety causes her to pick at her skin.

    2- it's a really shitty stereotype to presume women in the porn industry are doing drugs when so very many of them are not and you're basing this on their faces without makeup. way to not let porn stars be human

    3- your comment is either trolling or you're missing the point of the project but either way, you've upset me
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    @Glukakke: I apologise if I caused you offense. My comment was based on my observation of the faces of the people in the photographs (and I don't hold to any particular stereotype regarding porn actors), with that haggard look which often accompanies meth abuse.
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    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2013
    @Glu, not to turn this into a whole big thing, but the part I found depressing about the skin in those photos is that heavy, heavy make-up use like this can exacerbate existing acne problems, and cause pretty extreme ones. That said, I find that to be a shitty consequence of heavy makeup use in general, independent of the porn industry.

    Here's a funny picture of a puppy.

    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2013
    heavy make-up use like this can exacerbate existing acne problems, and cause pretty extreme ones.

    On the one hand, yes heavy makeup use clogs pores and causes acne, on the other hand, I am someone who gets acne even when I'm not wearing anything. I'm just terribly acne prone, and I'm sure a few of those girls probably just have adult acne, too. That said, I do doubt that's the case for all of them, but I did want to throw out the perspective of someone who still gets acne even with a good skin care routine and prescription topical antibiotics (which made my breakouts smaller and with less blemishes, but I still get them for sure).

    I'm so acne prone that if I eat too much dairy in a short amount of time, I break out with cystic blemishes. I also can't use the hormonal IUD because it causes me to be perpetually broken out with cystic acne. Same for my sister. And, if I'm not constantly washing my pillow cases to keep them fresh, I break out. If you see me in person you can tell my right cheek has considerably more blemish hyper-pigmentation than my left one because that's the side I sleep on. Some of us just really are terribly acne prone.

    I personally find that the only times makeup make be really break out is if I fall asleep in it, which luckily is rarely (though I did do that post-wedding due to shear exhaustion, and I broke out), or if I do heavy SFX makeup with thick creme makeup. When I was doing zombie walks frequently I was constantly broken out from those creme makeup pots. That said, it's likely these girls are using so much makeup to look flawless on camera that their experience matches my SFX makeup experience as opposed to my going out makeup look.
    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2013
    @Argos, of course. I should have clarified that I know that adult acne happens. I'm just saying the kind of makeup these ladies are applying isn't doing their skin any favors.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2013
    Oh, I definitely agree. While there are some of us who just have to deal with adult acne, I hardly think that's the case for every single one of those girls who look blemished in their no-makeup photos. Just wanted to toss out that some of them probably just have acne either way.
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    Aye, that's kind of the point the project was making. The whole prevalence of heavy makeups generally hides the problems that adult women can have with their skin & gives this unrealistic idea that adult women = clear skin always. As well as the transformation of the face through makeup application even when there are no perceived "problems" with their face.

    What I found problematic with what you said, Greasemonkey, was that when people see a regular woman with blemishes, and especially in the porn industry (because it is an ugly stereotype that they all are on drugs to handle their obvious issues that put them in that job in the first place, of course), the knee jerk reaction is usually "you're on drugs/did something to deserve your appearance" instead of "a lot of people have good and bad skin/etc problems that still all gets completely transformed with the application of makeup" and then that was fulfilled.

    When the whole point of this project is the latter. So I found your comment to be in bad taste.

    As an aside, looking at those photos: the main thing I was wondering about was the difference in light & white balance for some of the no-makeup photos vs the make up photos and wondering if the former were colour corrected, if I'd think it was that bad. Some of them are really magenta, or at least on my screen.

    In the meantime, here are some photos of capybaras cuddling things:

    Ok, the last one the capybara's more of a lord of the turtles.