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    For those in the visual creative fields with older computers and no budgets, you can now* get Adobe Creative Suite 2 for... nothing. This is the 2005 release, which isn't eligible for any kind of upgrade pricing to the current version, so they figure they'll still get you at full price (eventually) when/if you give in and decide to upgrade. But it's very, very usable as is, since Adobe hasn't been able to think of a must-have feature to add to their graphics software since... 2000ish.

    The only real gotcha is compatibility. The Mac version is PPC-only, so you can't run it on OS X Lion/Mountain Lion (and you need to install Rosetta on Snow Leopard). The PC version may have some glitches on Vista/7, and I've heard conflicting reports about Win8.

    But if you've been making do with PS7 or a pirated copy of CS1... you can upgrade to something a little more up to date.

    [worthless link removed]

    *Or later, when their servers are no longer on fire from all the traffic.
    • CommentTimeJan 7th 2013
    Update: it seems that Adobe were not releasing free software after all. A message on the Adobe support forum indicates that the download page was meant for photographers who bought CS2, but needed to reactivate it. The download link has now been disabled. Here is what the Adobe forum says:

    "When trying to activate your Creative Suite 2, Acrobat 7, or Macromedia products you may receive an error that the Activation server is unavailable. As of December 15th the activation servers for these products will be shut down...

    ... To remedy this difficulty we have made available a version of these software titles that does not require activation. For additional details and specific links to the software please see..." #

    • CommentTimeJan 7th 2013
    Adobe should capitalize on it and roll with it, they've got great publicity today for releasing the outdated software free.
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    Agreed. Very few companies, however, realize the value in giving away something for nothing, even if it never would have earned them a cent in income ever again.
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    A sort-of-related note: a preview edition of Manga Studio 5 – a general-purpose comics making package – is legitimately for sale for only $80. It's "for Smith-Micro customers only" but they aren't checking serial numbers or anything. And I like it better than Photoshop for drawing. The EX version, with support for multi-page documents, will be coming this summer.
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2013
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    Adobe are on my LIST forever for a) their poxy activation system and b) their scandalous European pricing (well, at least back when the pound was worth almost two dollars). If they weren't such utter dicks I might have upgraded from CS3, but they are so I'm not.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.