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    For a thing that Gillen and McKelvie do that isn't Phonogram, it's pretty good.

    I think I'm less bullish on the issue than a bunch of my friends because I saw so much of it leading up to the release. Also, impossibly high expectations, being the Phonogram team.

    But! To speak about this stuff in absolute values. I liked it a lot, it's on my pull and it will remain there short of a catastrophe in my personal finances.
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    Really enjoyed it, closest there will be to phonogram in the marvel universe, and will remain on my pull list until it gets dragged into a crossover I've no interest in.
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    I loved the art, I loved the design (the "style > substance" was great) and I loved the dialogue. The only bad thing I can possibly say about it was that seemed a bit too fast in places and I ended up with the feeling that the 2nd issue will be where everyone starts crashing together, as they form the actual team.

    Which just means I'll have to get it in TPB which is hardly a horrible thing.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2013