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    • CommentAuthorOdyssey
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2013
    Hello there and Namaste FreakAngels fans :)

    I am in the process of selling most of my possessions to make way for a more spiritual life, and to support an upcoming journey to the East. Whilst I was sorting all of my things I came across a package I had never opened. It contained Volume 1 and 2 of FreakAngels, signed by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield, and on the first page of each is a sketch of Kait.

    These belong, as far as I recall, to a unique series of only 12, one with each character. I am of course aware that this is an incomplete set, as such, as I assume (though I don't know if this is correct) that similar versions were made for volumes 3-5.

    Anyway - these are up for grabs for anyone who wants them. I honestly don't know what is a fair price to ask for them (these are a couple of the few graphic novels I own, and the only collectibles - and there are no other examples of this set that I can find on sale online to compare with) - but I will be consulting with a few more knowledgeable friends on what is fair. Please PM me any offers if you are interested :)

    Namaste -

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    Small note: There's no way to PM people on here.
    • CommentAuthorOdyssey
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2013
    Ah. ehehe, thanks Warped Savant. In that case, if anyone should be interested, please send me a mail at :)