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    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2013
    This being a follow up on the New Year's Wishes thread it's time to see just who's willing to look their progress in the eye.

    Right, so the scariest part of making resolutions (and it doesn't fucking matter if they're made at New Year's or what, just that thought that you're going to improve yourself, whenever it comes) is eventually you have to take a good hard look at what you pulled off and see where you failed.

    Let's do that now. I'll start with abject failure:

    Ok so I can handle the paperwork end for personal discipline because I can keep sitting on my ass an not change a thing. Terrific. That improves nothing.

    Here's what I wrote on 31 Dec:
    In 2013 I'm gunning for the discipline that has eluded me for almost 5 years. That's not a small thing, nor is it one single goal. It's my whole damned life that needs to shape up. I don't want to take over the world or change people's lives (yet), I just want to get control of my life and my world.

    Get my physical workouts happening on a regular basis, conduct my every day as if I really were a voice over actor, push my Japanese practice so I quit forgetting the basics and secure new avenues for increasing my acquisition of the language. I want to read at least one book every month and write one blog post every week and submit at least one audition every day.

    And I want to go outside just a little bit more.

    Cripes almost none of that happened. Part laziness, part distraction by the play which I knew would suck up more time than I wanted to give it. But no excuses, that wasn't a tough goal and I failed. I made it to the gym about five times over the month, I've been eating everything in sight, careless with my finances and probably got in one whole hour of reading out loud and another for real Japanese study.

    Ugh. So. Every day is another chance to go for it again, yeah? Damn I hope so.

    Here's to trying again in February.

    Gym, reading & audition, Japanese practice, notes for writing. It's honestly not hard and I have nothing else going on in the day.

    How'd the rest of you do? Need to modify/evolve your resolutions?

    Note: if you missed the thread you can always jump in. Improving your life isn't just for New Year's.
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    I talked to a friend who is good at these things, and she makes small to-do lists for every day of the week, to take at least one tiny step toward her big goals every day. Her plan is not to fix things dramatically and quickly, but to take a slow, small-step-every-day approach. She got me to make a list of things I really want in my life and career, in increments of 10 years, 5 years, 1 year, 1 month, and 1 week (leaving out anything that's not in my control), and now I'm trying to build a baby-steps path to get there. She's kicking ass at her goals, so I'm trying it. It feels pretty good to take credit for small steps, instead of feeling crappy that I still have mediocre drawing skills and the heart rate of a squirrel.
    1. Get better at drawing full scenes, from various different angles.

    Well, I have a big pile of books now, and am trying to build myself something resembling a course of study out of them.

    2. Succeed at making drawn characters look the age they're supposed to be.

    I now know one of the things I was doing wrong! Children have more forehead space in their faces than adults do, it seems, as their heads are still growing. I learned this from the first book in my pile.

    3. Reach target weight (this is the one I failed at last year) and get blood pressure in control.

    I've lost about 3 pounds this month, and my blood pressure is a little bit down! There is also a bucket full of delicious toffee on my dining room table that really wants to be eaten! Oh god!

    4. Plan my website for selling prints.

    Made an etsy account connected to my work email address, have ignored it since.

    5. Learn to drive, get my driver's licence.

    Yeah, nothing there yet. I look at the learner's permit manual and start freaking out. Then I play video games instead.

    @razrangel - Is 5 workouts a month better than you were doing before? If so, that's still a win. You don't have to get it perfect, just better than before, and then better than that, etc. over time, yeah?
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2013
    Since the original thread is closed, I'll add my goals right here:

    - 2 albums out.
    - Shows in 4 countries/states.
    - 6 instruments finished.

    The first milestone starts today, with my participation in the February Album Writing Month.
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2013
    I had one resolution with three parts.

    1. Turn off all screens by 11pm
    2. 11- 12 : reading time!
    3. Bed at 12.

    It was working wonderfully the first couple of weeks - I was happier! Less stressed! Sleeping better! Living the dream!!!!

    Then things got busy busy and the last couple of weeks it's gone out the window... Please God I'll be caught up today and can start fresh again for February!
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    the last few years i made small resolution that i've been able to stick to and this year it's a slightly stupid one, against something that annoy's me.

    No giving my custom to businesses that use the font Papyrus so far so good.

    the previous two years were to stop watching broadcast TV and just download what i like, and to stop reading that free metro newspaper that people hand out on my way to work.

    there are bigger things in my life but my goals are targets i enjoy trying to hit resolutions, mentally fall into the chore category in my head.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2013 edited

    Get driver's license - Got! Literally just this past tuesday. Huzzah!

    Find a job - Not got. BUT, I did just get an email from the aquarist I was volunteering for last year to see if I can come back because she misses me. She even shuffled other volunteers around so I could get a weekday like I requested (and also cos she doesn't do weekends, that's the other aquarist). Sooo...though I'm still unemployed at least I have this for the moment, and it was a nice ego boost since I'd been feeling like no employers want me T___T

    Also, I have the job hunting completely on hold while I focus on:

    Survive wedding planning. - So far so good. I got our bartender for the date, introduced my furniture vendor to the caterer, tacked some more details down, but I am still working on decorations and centerpieces so there is still much more to survive. I have a lot to do in a month.

    Get back to working out once wedding is over. On hold.

    Pick an artistic skill and work on it. Ehhh... well I mentioned working on origami, and I have been making origami for the wedding, but it's been folding the same 6 or so patterns over and over again, so it's been feeling more like a craft than an art. Can I count repeatedly folding the same patterns as working on my fundamentals?

    The month of January overall has been okay but there have definitely been many days where I could have been doing more. I'm still in that mode where it often feels like I'm thinking about my goals more often than acting on them. I got 11 more months....

    @rough night - don't worry about the permit too much. I went in to schedule testing for a permit and also to get a CA ID, and they asked me if I wanted to take it right there, so I said sure, and ended up taking the test while only having studied as much as I could while the teller processed my paperwork. I got 4 marked wrong and first timers are allowed 6 (in California, at least), and honestly most the questions you can figure out if you just think about the situation and what would make most sense. I thought they were going to be way more specific, but they weren't. If you just give the manual a couple of read throughs you'll be fine.
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2013
    Argos, my guess is that your same six patterns over and over again have been getting increasingly more precise. So yes! You can count that!
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2013
    1. Write the Beer Appreciation book. - Still working on it, though I've hit a bit of a lag.
    2. Lose weight by April. - Down 8lbs so far!
    3. Use the slowcooker more. - On hold as my slowcooker actually broke.
    4. Make beer. - Just made my American Brown Ale with Chamomile and Lemongrass last week.
    5. Get a part time job. - Nope, but working on it. Beefing up the resume and getting bartending training.
    6. Continue to be there for certain people. - Trying best I can.
    7. When growing season hits, ROCK THAT GARDEN. - Not growing season yet, but I'll be preordering Cascade hop rhizomes soon.
    8. Buy a new "personal massager". - CHECK.
    9. Try and get out a bit more. - Some trial and error in this one, but bit by bit.
    10. Look in to what is needed to start a bar. - See #5
    11. Drinking. We're cutting that down significantly. - Doing well with that.
    12. Counselling. Get it. Sort that fucking head out. - One a waiting list to go on a waiting list. Out of my hands.
    13. Be as awesome, strong and amazing as you know you are. See yourself as others, especially POS, see you. - Yeah, not yet.
    14. Keep doing Thirsty Wench stuff. As of writing this, there are talks for a radio segment on a pretty popular station. Doooooo it. - Yes! In fact, the first radio segment aired today.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2013
    @dork - they have! ^_^

    @oldhat - looks like it's going swimmingly so far! Even though some things are on hold, it's going! :)
    • CommentAuthorDarkest
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2013
    Three things:

    1) Driver's Licence: Working towards it. Failed my theory test three times so far but I plan to keep at it. Practical should be relatively easy in comparison.

    2) Take better care of myself. Well this has been going horribly so far. Have been distracted and rushing around at work makes it even easier to slip into old habits. Solutions are being formulated.

    3) Go out and do more things/ see new places. Going surprisingly well so far have been doing things and seeing friends etc.

    All of the above have been hampered by being tight for cash recently though.
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2013 edited
    January was kind of a shitty month in terms of getting shit done for me. So I'm going to flip my calendar, eat some dinner and then go get shit done. Starting right now.
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    1) Wii Fit/Health/Weight Loss: Am using the Wii Fit every day if I am good about not crashing at my parents and using the computer for days on end. Weight has been going up and down and been really frustrating. So mostly good?

    2) Work on Website/Sell Art: I mostly made the website and did some of the prep for an etsy shop, but have yet to get the proofs from the printer and am looking for a new printer (kinda). I'd say on hold/needs more work?

    3) Consistently Clean Apartment: Hahaha no. I think I'd be happy with myself if I manage to consistently wash the dishes right now.

    4) Improve Job Situation/New Job: I did apply for that one job, and even did the weird phone interview. I probably should be looking for more jobs. Am doing a very very part time job helping people run the office side of their etsy shop. So kinda/maybe?

    5) Work on mental health/be well enough to date: Am going to my appointments, but depression is not as in control as I'd like to be. Meeting with my doctor in a couple weeks to sort stuff out.

    So, some improvement for at least 4 out of 5? Not where I want to be though.
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    1) Finish Game: Stalled. Lack of art skills (see Open Mic). Making tweaks where I can, but lost a fair amount of heart for it. Might shift to learning to code the Version 2.0 networking stuff that I was holding off on, since the V1.0 code is basically done.

    2)Get Job: Started job hunting again. So far been rejected without interview for two of the three positions I applied to at one company, not heard anything back from another company (and probably won't, since they never got back to me for any of the positions I applied for last time). On Monday will be applying for positions well below my qualifications.

    3)Spend more time with friends: Medium success levels. Hung out with Miki and her friends, hung out with Magnulus, razrangel and oddbill. Haven't seen another group of friends in too long, seen much less of the ex than I would like.

    4)Get in Shape: Job hunt sent me back into a pretty deep depression. Have taken one short walk, but haven't gone on any bike rides or running or swimming at the beach or anything else. I need to turn that around.
    • CommentAuthorrough night
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2013 edited
    @Argos - Thanks, that does make me feel a bit better! Perhaps I can at least kick the freak-out can down the road to the next step...
    I'm in my thirties, and have literally not turned the key in a vehicle since I was a teenager. Each step of the process seems scarier every year, but those driverless cars just aren't getting invented fast enough.
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2013 edited
    Neither of these were NY resolutions - I find personally the arbitrariness of deciding on Jan 1 to change a bunch of stuff to be self defeating, but I'm still not smoking after 7 or so months (apart from a couple of occasions of weakness). On the other hand I'm still finding it difficult to find time for exercise ever since I had to give up playing football because of knee-knack, ankle-argghh and general ennui about the game. Spring isn't far off tho so I will aim to strip and rebuild my bike with a view to doing a bit of riding in the lighter evenings..
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    I didn't publish mine, but here's progress

    1) Lose two stone (probably lose 3, as lose 2 was last year's and I gained one)... so far so good - half a stone down in three weeks...
    2) Play the guitar more, at least three times a week - um, nah. Not done that.
    3) Sell pictures - been seriously working on this one, so yep, so far so good
    4) Be more social. No. Not done, not at all.

    There was another one , but I've forgotten it...
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2013

    1) Cut Away the Dead Weight - I've been working steadily at automating a lot of what I've been doing for Sketchy's and am looking for replacements for some of the management of things. I love it, but at this point I either have to throw my all into it and let it become my life or step away and let it run itself until someone else wants to try to make it into a profitable world conglomerate. Frankly, I think it's good just the way it is, so auto-pilot via machines and web scripting it is. I should have the new roles redefined by spring.

    2) My Own Projects - I haven't been quite as good at staying in and working hard, but I have been coming up with a lot of projects I want to do. Right now, it's tempering my desire to do everything at once with not biting off more than I can chew. Secret Kickstarter project is nearing completion, but I'm still relying on others to pull their weight and finish their tasks on their own time, which is endlessly frustrating that they don't want to work in my own time lines. It's just one bit left! I also have grand ideas for a project to help me practice drawing more and that tackles a subject I'm very much interested, but I'm having that issue where I want to make it into this super big, lush project when I should just be using it as a spare time fun project. Will be starting on that this month.

    3) Stop Being Behind the Scenes - I have a live drawing demo on Thursday at the local Dick Blick Art Materials and I think I'm going to try to give a speech on fandom and my dealings with people who love Sketchy's. I am terrified of public speaking and am always afraid people will expose me for being a hack who lucked into things. But I'm going to do it anyways. Also trying to keep updating the blog. It's nice to see my website filling up with my own images, not just production for other people.

    4) Don't Procrastinate Spiral - I'm down to 5 emails in my inbox from 2012 that I need to handle. I've been mostly good this month about not letting things wait around too long, but I still am bumping against some tight deadlines that are bringing in rush fee charges due to my not dealing with them sooner. So, about the same, but still chugging along.

    5) Keep Traveling - I went to Reykjavik on Wednesday with favourite person Nick and got to meet our own Iceland Bob! Depending on how my finances look, I might be able to book a weekend flight to the Ostrich Races next month in Arizona. Fingers crossed! Thirdly, there are rumors that I might go to Cameroon for an extended period of time in 6 months-1 year from now. It's a fraction of a percentage of a chance and would be a big life change but I think I'm going to start learning French just in case.

    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2013
    Hit the gym today, only four days after I said I would. As for: reading & audition, Japanese practice bupkiss.

    Actual work-work still to do but I'm loaded with I don't-wannas. Procrastination, apathy, laziness. *sigh* I've been trying to kill these for years. Unbelievably stubborn bastards.

    five workouts a month is pathetic for me. Twice that is what I pull off when I'm not trying. when I had a full time job and there was a gym on campus - or even when I didn't have a job but still lived alone - I would exercise five to six times per week. That was years ago, though.

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