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      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2013
    I was going through a box of old comics, like you do. Pre-Crisis DC's, 1978 or so. And I remember the Crisis, the first one, when it came out. I was fifteen, sixteen. And I remember the aftermath of the Crisis.

    I was at a comic show, not quite a convention, more just a bunch of dealers with longboxes on tables. Byrne had just rebooted Superman and two older fans were talking about it. These guys were comic fans, man - you could tell. Only comic fans could have beards like theirs.

    So they're talking about Superman and what was lost - all the crazy kryptonite, his years as Superboy, Kara (*sniff* Kara ...) Krypto (*SOB!* KRYPTO!) Beppo, Comet, Streaky. The Superman Robots. Kandor.

    And I'm eavesdropping but I butt in and we all start talking. I love the old stuff I say but I kinda like the new Superman.

    One guy looks at me and says "Kid? Forget DC Comics. They're finished. They're broken. This is only the beginning. They're just bring all that crap back but with a 'FRESH NEW SPIN!' And then they'll wipe the slate clean again and do it AGAIN. As many times as they need to. Get ready, Marvel's gonna do it too. Marvel might do it better but I doubt it. They'll just wipe the slate clean and start again. "
    "Wipe the slate clean and start again." his friend repeated, in a sing-song voice. And they both wandered away, repeating "Wipe the slate clean and start again." And laughing.
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    This made me smile. Interesting to watch things repeat themselves/ reboot.