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    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2013
    Perhaps they found a lifetime supply of toothpaste and it weighed less than the old woman.
    Can you even die of gum disease?
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    There is a possible causal relationship between gum disease and heart attacks, strokes, type I and II diabetes, respiratory disease, and pancreatic cancer.

    Gum Disease and Other Diseases
    • CommentAuthorlastjunkie
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2013
    so Viceroy's getting chucked off of the boat, and replaced with the nurse?
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    I don't think so, Viceroy didn't have a Geoff-level revelation. Big difference between committing murder in a crime of passion after getting mugged and coming home to catch your wife, who continues on regardless of getting found out, in the act of adultery, and luring young men to your house, torturing them to death, and burying them under your dwelling. A jury might find the former not guilty due to extenuating circumstances, or the sentencing would be more lenient, whereas the latter would meet with a guilty verdict and a recommendation for capital punishment.
    • CommentAuthorlastjunkie
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2013
    yeah, but viceroy's got no uses and was unhinged prior to the crossed event. his skillset is far lower than that of the dental nurse.
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    There is a possible causal relationship between gum disease and heart attacks, strokes, type I and II diabetes, respiratory disease, and pancreatic cancer.
    Odd lack of citations on that site. Most of the behaviours that cause gum disease are also linked to those other illnesses (poor diet and bad hygiene go hand in hand with lack of exercise, and those three combined lead to heart attacks, respiratory disease and diabetes), so arguing that gum disease is the cause seems specious to me.
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    Notice I said "possible causal relationship," not "proof beyond a shadow of a doubt." This article is a bit more balanced, reporting that the purported cardiovascular benefits of proper dental care were probably overstated, but it doesn't exactly encourage readers to disregard proper dental maintenance, either.

    I don't know exactly what Viceroy's skill set is. All I know is that he was fired from a telephone sales job because he couldn't perform as well as the younger salesmen, but that doesn't mean that telephone sales comprised his entire work experience. Even if they did, it wouldn't make him completely bereft of any use to the Cava community, since we haven't seen many PhD candidates roaming the crossed wasteland, no rocket scientists nor neurosurgeons fervently working in a laboratory towards a discovery that might reverse this malignant pandemic. Just people of significantly less than prestigious stature, blue collar and even menial occupations, seem to have evaded infection or predation so far. Doctors (Amanda and Darwin, while no doubt capable med students, weren't yet actual physicians), engineers, and agricultural scientists all seem to be out, while the bookkeepers, bartenders, waitresses, oil rig workers, college students, ranchers, horse breeders, park rangers, carpenters, and plumbers appear to be in. Oh yes, and comic book writers and novelists. Can't forget them.
    • CommentAuthorfenrir07
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2013
    I figure the dental nurse was left behind for "story reasons", a tough choice Shakes had to make etc. Same as why they couldn't take ammo for Richies gun - could they really have been too heavy to bring onboard? ;-)
    Viceroy story has been told so he can be offed now. ;-)

    I don't see how Cava has any future in the long run, but I'd be very surprised if anyone on the island dies from some ordinary disese, cancer, heart-attack or some accidental discharge of military weapons they know nothing about...
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    Well, if I was told that I would die of gingivitis instead of being mutilated...
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    Interlude --

    As usual Shaky continues to surprise. Why is he so adamant in his diary that the nun is dead, when in real life he's seen her at least once (probably twice) and has been leaving messages?

    It might be that the nun is just a hallucination. It would explain why she has an X instead of an +

    Or it could be that Shaky wants to consider becoming crossed = person is dead, which he is struggling with ever since he heard of a crossed possibly reverting a little after being exposed to directed art.
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    It would be interesting if it turned out Viceroy had a fairly valuable skill set. Maybe he's a veteran. WW2. Perhaps Vietnam even. His skills might have diminished but always good to have a soldier.
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    On the dental front, it's not gingivitis you have to worry about, it's little cavities turning into big cavities, which get infected and turn into ulcers, which eat down into the bone, turn into septicemia and kill you. Toothpaste, fluoridated water, easily accessible fillings and antibiotics have caused modern society to forget just how bad tooth decay can get.

    That being said, I don't know that a single, aged dental nurse with no drugs or equipment would make much of a difference.
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    It looks like the old lady kept tools of some sort handy, with which she extracted the shell fragments from the athletic girl's leg. Also, she can teach what she knows to younger people and thus keep the useful knowledge in circulation.
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    Yep. Makes no sense to me why she wasn't taken along. Especially since Shaky admits they could've easily done so.
    • CommentAuthorProconsul
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2013
    Also in Volume 2, Chapter 7 he has doubts about her medical skills because she hasn't practiced for 15+ years.
    • CommentAuthorBadBeast
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2013 edited
    Shaky is going to make some sort of powerplay when he gets back. Now he's headed a successful mission like this, do you think he's going back to getting assigned to latrine digging, or being told what to do by that pair of old pricks? And the tactical tricking he did to get selected won't be forgotten when he gets back either. When he gets back to Cava alive, every day Rab's going to remember how Shaky sicced that crossed kid on him. You can't just keep skating around an issue like that. He's going to have to assert his top dog status with some show of dominance, or step down, and be Shaky's bitch. And Shaky's learned to be pretty fucking ruthless on this mission, he's not going back to take up his 'old' life on Cava, he's going back with a big pair of balls that he didn't have before he left.

    He wants to fuck Tabitha, that much is obvious, but he doesn't like her, he just wants to humiliate her. Which he will do, as soon as he asserts his position on the island. Boss Cocky gets his pick of the Women. That's how it goes. Unfortunately, the only Woman he actually wants, admires even, is that fucking three legged Nun. That's not going to end well.

    But he's become a total bastard. There was no logical reason to leave that old bitch behind. He doesn't give a fuck about Rab's original mission directive. What was Rab going to do about it if he came back with one extra person? Punish him? Put him on half rations? No. He left her behind because he enjoys having the power of life and death over people, and he he hasn't got an ounce of altruism left in him. (That's if he ever had any in the first place) He wants to be King of Cava. And he wants Theresa as his Queen. That's not practical. She's too dangerous to just keep around, like one of the others, and infectious as hell too. So he's going to have to capture her, and keep her tied up as a Trophy. Probably on some pretext of 'studying' one of 'them'. But she'll become his confidante. His Confessor. And eventually, his Queen.

    Or at least, that's how I'd imagine things are going to go.
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    Delores just treated the wound on Miranda's leg after the latter was shot through the car door with a shotgun at close range, so that counts as recent medical practice if nothing else.

    The kind of Shaky just described is closer to Lapham's Harold Lorre than to the guy we've been reading about for two weeks shy of a year now. The guy as depicted in the serial actually has respect for Rab and contempt for Don, though I don't think that will result in any fragging (the assassination of a dangerous higher ranking officer by the rank and file primarily for group survival and self preservation) since he seems to agree with Don when pressed.

    It still seems perfectly plausible to me that Shaky's intention to redeem himself for his betrayal of Aoileann remains the primary motivation for his desire to join the sortie, with all the manipulation that entailed. Besides, if the raging alpha male Des (whose name was actually drawn instead of Shaky's) had been the sortie's leader, then I doubt that anyone would have returned alive or uninfected, so really was Shaky doing his Cava community a favor by forcing himself into the selection and then leading the group once Jackson disappeared (not for good and still uninfected, I hope). This adolescent power fantasy of returning to Cava, declaring himself king, and then having Elisa, Tabitha, Roshan (who he still reminds himself is just fifteen years old), and Miranda inducted into his harem seems to me as likely as some collaboration of world governments in impregnable and vast underground fortresses bristling with Nobel scientists, guarded by well-disciplined elite special forces, and fully equipped with well-stocked state of the art laboratories which are being used to develop a cure (which they're on the verge of discovering) for the crossed pandemic.
    • CommentAuthorgas-plume
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2013
    Just my two pence but the cheese maker and forget the cheese - is younger and more useful all round – more able and less of a liability. He can scour and scavenge weed and dig. But alsoThe old biddy has senior sense and easily worth her weight in replacing provision.
    Shakey has earned little goodwill/loyalty. Id be worried about such low stock – same as the game keeper -they have made them selves easy to abandon in the event of misfortune befalling them. Their hold is only one cartridge thin with out friends.
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    The only things the Gamekeeper has done so far that have been inexcusable are forcing Agnes to have sex with him and triggering the alarm system (how was it still powered, anyway?) at the hospice in order to force Aoileann out of its basement, attracting crossed in the vicinity to descend upon it and sadistically murder its remaining uninfected elderly patients. Shaky hasn't quite crossed the line yet, though his using Sophia's sex stones as Cava currency was questionable (as even he admits in his diary), and he does appear to agonize at least somewhat over his responsibility to pick which of Jasper's crew must get left behind. We'll see just how involved Shaky was in whatever the Gamekeeper did to Aoileann, there is a possibility that Shaky's just experiencing survivor's guilt or is punishing himself for his cowardice, but as of now I wouldn't compare Shaky to the Gamekeeper, as there are far more contrasts than comparisons between the two.
    • CommentAuthorgas-plume
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2013
    Fair point

    This is a bit like the big brother house -not that I ever watch it but heard people talk about it - maybe we will get to vote on who eats whom

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